Savage Execution of Teenage Boy with Machete by Venezuelan Cartel

Savage Execution of Teenage Boy with Machete by Venezuelan Cartel

An exceptionally savage video of an execution shows alleged members of a Venezuelan cartel attempting to behead a teenage boy with a machete. The dull machete inflicted a lot of agony on the boy.

According to the backinfo I got, the victim was only 16 years old. He is shown in the video gagged and with his hand tied behind his back. The machete wielder delivers a brutal chop into his throat. Despite the cruel blow, it takes the boy a moment to react. The executioners then chop into his neck from different angles, but none of the blows manages to severe the head, apparently because the machete was really dull.


The young man in the video tried to steal from a farm so gang leader Tirso Meleán ordered his henchmen to punish him, and publish the video on the internet as a message to anyone who tries to steal his property.

He says: “Esto es dedicado para todo aquel que intente robar las haciendas de Tirso Meleán, el que manda a nivel nacional y reconocido mundialmente.

Which means: “This is dedicated to everyone who tries to steal Tirson Melán’s farms, the one leading the nation and recognized internationally.”

Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the video, and @joshephineaple for the update:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. Catholic, you want to kill the boy?
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      1. I don’t think the typical BG addict goes out of his way to observe erections 24/7. It’s just a minor, amusing part of the complete execution video.

        On the other side of the token, some guys aren’t aware of or embarrassed by walking around in public with a boner, or they don’t mind if someone else is doing the same. A good smack from a police baton resolves the situation.

    1. 9 outta 10. The guy who had his face peeled and hands cut off in Mexico was a perfect 10. But this one is damn close. Kid took it like a fucking champ though. RIP, I don’t believe anyone will want to steal from that farm again though.

      1. the video of the guy in mexico who had his face peeled out and had his neck slashed with a box cutter DIDNT ACTUALLY SHOW HIM GETTING HIS FACE PEELED OFF, they starting filming that vid AFTER they had peeled the skin off his face.

    2. Hi guys
      this is my 1st post, ill keep it brief, ive been watching vids for yrs but ive only now decided to bother registering, I have one question, is there a “WORSE” video than this one on bestgore?
      I mean is there a vid on here that shows someone for eg. tied up and getting their nose cut off, eyes gouged out, tongue cut out, hands cut off, and than decapitated? is there anything ever like that one here? anyone have a link please? thanks a lot, its nice to know there are people out there with the same kind of interests like I do

    3. Oye chamo consigate un machete mas afilao cono!

      In other words, the idiot would’ve been better off choppin’ that head with the blade used to cut the ears. That shit sliced right through them like a hot knife through butta. CHACHO!

    4. Hi. I don’t qualify this as the goriest video. I think the lack of the full version of the Chechen throat slit video qualifies this as way below No. 20. I have been searching high and low for the full version of the famous Chechen throat slit video, but I can’t freaken find it. I am wondering if those who had the video were killed.

          1. Yep.Like the New Zealand Maoris did to the Nazi Germans in Greece,North Africa and Italy.

            Yep ,those Germans realised pretty quickly that they were not Ubermensch afterall.They were the super bitches of the New Zealand Maoris!

        1. I wonder why they cut off his ears when they were gonna kill him anyways. They seemed numb from having done dirty work too many times I don’t see the point, were they just trying to make him suffer more or are the ears some kind of trophies

      1. if they were extremely brutally and savage, they would have gouged his eyes out, cut off his nose, cut his lips off, cut his tongue out, hit his knee caps with a sledge hammer, and than beheaded him, so they weren’t as horrendous as they could have been, by the way if I was the victims, I wouldn’t be screaming LET ME GO, because that will never work, I would be saying CAN I JOIN YOU, I will BE YOUR SLAVE FOR LIFE, please I want to join your gang, I promise I will be 100% loyal to your gang for LIFE please don’t kill me, that’s what I would have said

  1. Young people think they are invincible and nothing can happen to them. The good thing about this website is it shows you reality. Watching this video shows you what can happen to you and reveals the wickedness of humans. Be careful out there.

    1. And this video just shows the possibilities, this is just the tip of iceberg. The death can be MUCH more painfull and slow. Life’s rules number 1, class: you are NOT hard, be humble and kind or maybe your end might be like in the video, or even worse.

      1. suffering from CANCER is worse than this, the last few days of terminal cancer is technically TORTURED TO DEATH, so in reality this was very quick, the kid suffered for what 2-5minutes at most, dying from terminal cancer is like being tortured for days and weeks where not even morphine or other pain killers help you, that’s why if I ever get diagnosed with any terminal cancer, I wont even want chemo or radio therapy, I will just ask the Dr how long do I have? if he says 3-6mths, I will sell everything I own, go on a holiday to Europe at the best hotels visit the best museums etc… and than go to Switzerland and commit suicide LEGALLy and painlessly at a DIGNITAS clinic, that’s my life plan.

      1. Yes, it’s a complete shit-hole. I don’t know Mexico, but Venezuela is a REALLY poor country ruined by socialism, they don’t even have food or toilet paper to clean up their ass. Yes, here in Brazil and Mexico there are a lot of crazy guys around, but, at least here in Brazil, if you live “correctly” (without going around stealing, killing, fooling others people, selling drugs or joining gangs) you will probably get a good life (if you work and study hard), because here in Brazil we are not complete socialists yet, though the high taxes and corruption, there is a little bit of capitalism and meritocracy here that holds things working for a while.

          1. Americans are not angels either, you kill, you rape, you mass shoot and kill your own people, you begin wars killing millions of innocent civilians and other atrocities you have done to this wolrd, and there are many others you will surely.

        1. @kstevensmorone
          It was to please an Amazonian deity who many indigenous groups refer by many names. Kukulkan, Anhangüera or Satan himself. Very primitive I might add. Each body part represents a wish, ears and tongue being preferred. The head often means that they wish monetary fortune. Them being in the drug trade should be obvious what they want. Could cleary hear them saying to be careful not to “ruin” anything under neckline.

        2. @KLS “Dedicated to all the mofos that want to rob in thyrso melian area, the one who commands in venezuela on a national level and known worldwide, all of you gonna die, so you can see, were not joking, we are not bad guys and kill the ones who are”

          Lots of slangs were used, im not a native spanish speaker, but thats the best translation i could come up with (its sort of accurate), hope it helps.

          1. Brazilian 666
            Quetzalcoat1 and An ACTUAL PERSON shut up thats not what he’s saying if you don’t know spanish don’t try to guess things. What he said while he was beheading the victim from the begining was…….. This is dedicated to all these Mfuckers who wants to steel the hacienda (estate. ranch or hotel) of Tilson Eliano the big boss nationaly in Venezuela and known worldwide, everyone is going to die Dick Suckers (mama guevo)Im doing it this way so you can see faces and we’re not chiguiri (suckers) we are sicarios and we kill who try with us. And RIP jaaa

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  2. Play with the wrong crowd then you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re made an example of if you fucked up. They went easy on him, anyone remember the poor fuck that was hung upside down and castrated? But a good start to 2018.

    1. are you fucking stupid or something, that kid made the right risk and unfortunately it did not pay off. but what the fuck do you expect from someone who is literally willing to do anything to have a little bit of food and freedom. its either you die and go no where or you take that risk and just fucking hope to got that it goes well. there I no way out for kids like him. you fucking idiot. show some compassion.

    1. Luke What he said from the begining was…….. This is dedicated to all these Mfuckers who wants to steal from my hacienda (estate, ranch) of Tilson Eliano the big boss nationaly in Venezuela and known worldwide, everyone is going to die if get caught Dick Suckers (mama guevo)Im doing it this way so you can see faces and we’re not chiguiri (suckers) we are sicarios(hired killers or hitman) and we kill who try to fuck with us ( Guetto speaking).

  3. Translation (not all)

    “This is dedicated to every son of a bitch that tries to steal from the neighborhoods of Tiso & (idk what other name)

    We are sicarios ( drug dealers, killers,ect) and we kill those whomever “

    *This shit was brutal, I always wonder what is going through the minds of the killers, they seem so damn calm while doing it , do they feel anger? Hatred or do they just do it without any emotion and just see it as “part of their job”

      1. no ones deserv to die in that way, the kid steal from them ok, but we are talking about a 3thr world countr with food lack and an economic crisis, most of this skiny kids are starving. and may I ask as an starving human what would you do in his position. work and buy food ofc but a doctor makes 7 dollars a mounth in that country so, there no much you can do about it

        1. I pointed it depends on situation. The violence we see around here is reason enough and those little monsters can brutally kill all your family only to get a slap on the wrist by the law (justice?). I never said stealing food is reason enough but a 16 y/o is not a baby.

        2. its even worse when most of the people cant even get a damn job. he took a risk to try and save his life or just prolong his death, either way his outcome could never of been good because even if he got away he could be killed the next day for his damn shoes.

  4. I’m a sick motherfucker I like how he looked at the camera. That’s what you get when stealing with skinny jeans. I’m numb to this gore nothing too special he died quicker than most.. He didn’t even get a good beating before hand. R.I.P little dude hope you didn’t die a virgin!!

  5. The most horrifying thing about this video, and others like it, is that they don’t even phase me anymore. There was a time, several years back, where a video like this would have bothered me for a while; maybe even caused trauma.

    But now? “Oh well, a guy getting chopped up by a machete. Cool. Time for bed.”

    The rapid desensitizing , and dwindling of empathy in people (including myself) due to the internet is the truly scary thing.

    1. My experience as well.
      I once saw a video of a former luciferian being interviewed about his experience. Th interviewer asked him how he could continue going to the meetings and rituals in which he was exposed to an immense amount of evil, his response was, ” after a while it just became common, you would be surprised of what the human mind can get used to”.

    2. You know why it doesn’t phase me? Because this kid killed himself. The cartel didn’t kill him. He killed himself the second he got involved with that dumb shit. Stupid kid, stupid death, one less fuck up on the planet.

    3. I watch these videos simply to better my self as a human, because of these kinds of videos I became a real hardass when it comes to anything like alcohol and drugs even weed. I became a hardass when it comes to respect and what you value, I became a hard ass when it comes to the law as you should not break the laws of morality man made laws are there to protect us from ourselves not dictate our lives. this site and these videos saved me from my self.

        1. because they bring violence with them WHEREVER they go.
          you think I just came up with this shit from reading the paper, I’ve had experience with these people. They are possessive jealous violent motherfuckers. they’re muslims/christians crossbred with indians you can’t get any more violent than that, which is why they start killing each other whenever they start having sex and drinking

  6. That gurgling is so musical, if properly cleaned, it can be used as a nice sound effect.
    I will try to use it on my music xD.
    In any case, 2018 started very well, on the end of the year, we will see man cut in pieces every hour…

  7. больные латинские ублюдки…..очень жалко пацана,еще раз доказывает что в этих банановых нищих республиках живут одни ебаные обезьяны…….

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