Savage Execution of Teenage Boy with Machete by Venezuelan Cartel

Savage Execution of Teenage Boy with Machete by Venezuelan Cartel

An exceptionally savage video of an execution shows alleged members of a Venezuelan cartel attempting to behead a teenage boy with a machete. The dull machete inflicted a lot of agony on the boy.

According to the backinfo I got, the victim was only 16 years old. He is shown in the video gagged and with his hand tied behind his back. The machete wielder delivers a brutal chop into his throat. Despite the cruel blow, it takes the boy a moment to react. The executioners then chop into his neck from different angles, but none of the blows manages to severe the head, apparently because the machete was really dull.


The young man in the video tried to steal from a farm so gang leader Tirso Meleán ordered his henchmen to punish him, and publish the video on the internet as a message to anyone who tries to steal his property.

He says: “Esto es dedicado para todo aquel que intente robar las haciendas de Tirso Meleán, el que manda a nivel nacional y reconocido mundialmente.

Which means: “This is dedicated to everyone who tries to steal Tirson Melán’s farms, the one leading the nation and recognized internationally.”

Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the video, and @joshephineaple for the update:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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347 thoughts on “Savage Execution of Teenage Boy with Machete by Venezuelan Cartel”

  1. My believe is he was fooled into this! At 00:45 he starts saying: “Si quieres comer te me, asi suelta me”… meaning: “if you wanna eat me you’ll have to get me loose”
    He was probably promised money for sex and then he ended up in a cheap snuff video….. Sad indeed…

  2. That is all the shit that is invading my country (Chile) at this moment, thanks Maduro, thanks Chavez because of you this country is filling up with “professionals” from the most corrupt country in the world.. they have no education (because they pay for graduation) and the Haitians who are arriving en masse full of diseases and parasites They do not even know how to add! fuck this shit and of course in this fucking country they prefer to bring people from other countries (experts in drug trafficking and corruption) and rather than increase vacancies in universities thanks michelle bachelet and piraña and all the fucking corrupt politicians

  3. The kid is drowning in his own blood as he tries to bleed. Brutal way to go, at least they rolled him over hopefully once his spine was severed he passed without much more pain. Amazing this seems to be fairly common practice in Latin American countries. They do have a historical track record for human sacrifice dating back to Aztec/Incan Empire as an appeasement for their gods, this just seems to be an intimidation attempt. Don’t steal from my coca farms!!!

  4. Nothing about this video was “exceptionally savage”. If you can’t handle a boring video like this you should get the fuck off best gore n go back to watching cat videos on JewTube

    1. It was pretty savage, not the execution part, but how slowly, shitty, painful, and ultimately meaningless it was.

      I don’t squick at beheadings, but shitty, dull-as-my-dick machete ones, involving a terrified and starved to death teen, whose grandiose last crime was stealing some fucking bananas to eat? Absolutely.

      Fucking mexicans sharpen their knives better than these useless faggots. Fuck, even arabs tend to just go for one hand to punish thieves, not the whole animal.

      1. Meh I still don’t think it’s that bad. Obviously it would suck but there’s a lot worse ways to go. N it doesn’t matter what he stole. It’s the principal. He takes 1 banana n someone else take 2, then 3 n so on. He probably didn’t even feel it that much cuz of adreline n shock. Besides it not like he’d be able wallow in the pain afterwards since he died relatively quick compared to spending months in a hospital\taking years to waste away.

  5. This just haunts me. The boy, yes a boy, staring into the camera, terrified, will stay with me for a long time. I can’t get this out of my head. What kind of psychos would do this?? They’re not human. Worse than animals.

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