Savage FSA Rebels Behead Old Man with Big but Dull Knife

Savage FSA Rebels Behead Old Man with Big but Dull Knife

This beheading by savage FSA rebels whom the likes of Johnny Boy McCain call the Freedom Fighters happened on March 17, 2013. The victim is an old man who’s only sin was that he was a Shia Muslim. FSA terrorists are Sunnis whose sole purpose in Syria is to exterminate all non Sunnis and turn Syria from a secular state it’s been under the rule of President Bashar al Assad into an Islamic nation with Sharia Law.

Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf provided translation of dialogue in the video:

0:01: And now there will be a punishment by Allah’s law on the rafida (rafida is a pejorative appellation, used by Sunni Muslims to refer to Shia ones)

1:39: the crowd is yelling “we are at your service Aicha, we are at your service Aicha!” (they are saying that because the victim is Shi’ite, and Shias are known for being critical of Aicha, a wife of Prophet Muhammad)

When the video starts, the victim is vastly unresponsive. There is no doubt these the FSA savages beat him up to near death. To carry the beheading out, they turned the man on his back and as one of the savages pulled on his chin to tilt his head backwards, another one, brandishing a large knife, sawed into his neck.

As soon as the sawing began it became obvious that the knife is big, but it’s as dull as a table knife. The mercenary pushed and pushed but it barely went down an inch. Seeing that this dull blade won’t even make it to the spine, rebels quickly turned to a rusty, long blade machete. The machete wasn’t all that sharp either as not even after a number of chops was the head severed. The video ended with both blades being used at the same time to try to finalize the decapitation, but not succeeding.

Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that British Zio puppets eventually succeeded in forcing the European Union to end its arms embargo on Syria to lay the ground for arming terrorists:

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151 thoughts on “Savage FSA Rebels Behead Old Man with Big but Dull Knife”

      1. I know it is not related but:

        @MARK: this was committed by BELGIAN (as if) terrorists, they are muslim immigrant who grew up in Belgium and then went to Syria to fight. Do you see now what immigration and religion is doing to the european countries? I would personally kick him and all his family over the border if I could.

  1. There is a kid too who spectated the beheading, when I heard him yelling at 2:20 I lol’d.

    These muslims always remind me of primitive tribes praising fire and dancing around it when they do their snackbars.

      1. I was raised muslim in a muslim family/society.
        My country is a very moderate one if you compare it to middle eastern ones, most of its people claim to be muslims but does not follow the quran word by word.
        It’s only after the revolution that I started worrying, because many people became suddenly extremely religious and started calling for sharia.. we even had a cop decapitated 3 weeks ago

        1. @ der Steppenwolf, i was raised to an agnostic even in Afghanistan. we escaped because my father was and is against the Regime in Afghanistan. and iam / we are very critical about any muslim goverment, because the dont follow the moderate and peaceful meaning of the koran. therefore even with a muslim Background iam very afraid of this socalled muslim, and it doesnt wonder me that People start to hate muslims

        2. Good for you not absorbing the totalitarian propaganda of Islam, instilled upon you from birth. Isn’t Tunisia where a large portion of snackbars raided the American embassy and killed everyone? It would appear even moderate Tunisians are quite the violent type when it comes to dealing with kafars.

          but congrats on living in former Carthage.

      1. he must be one of this germans, which some puppets claims “the fcking bad nazi folk”

        I will kick them to death till the end, so they ill stop jelling to me that my folk are nazis, so just like me, or others to ( steppenwolf ) ?

    1. @DerSteppenwolf,

      Since you were raised a Muslim in a Muslim country how do you consider your position as a relaxed Muslim?, in western Christianity there are those who follow the religious dogma and rules without question and there are those who have a relaxed approach to the rules and because Christianity has a much smaller power base than it used to both these Christians are allowed to exist.

      However from what I can see from Muslim countries, particularly those countries where the hardliners live, such a relaxed approach is not tolerated, you are either a true Muslim, ie, one that follows all the rules, or you are a non believer, or a stray that needs to be brought back into the fold by way of force.

      From your own position then it must get confusing, you are a relaxed Muslim but not an acceptable Muslim to the hardliners and the hardliners are growing in strength and number and claiming more territory, via help from our corrupt western leaders I might add.

      So the question is how do you cope and still identify yourself as a Muslim among a people split down the middle between those who want the hardliners in power and those who do not because both sides it would seem view each other as corrupted souls, when you cannot see your enemy because everybody seems the same it must be frightening.

      From the Muslim hardliners position it is you who is the non believer because you doubt the words of the Koran, you choose the parts you agree with and discard rest, they will no doubt view you as a false Muslim and you cannot reason with people like that because they do not operate on logic.

      The future is becoming dangerous for everyone it would seem.

      1. First of all, I’m not even a relaxed muslim, I’m an atheist.

        And I myself do not consider those “relaxed muslims” as true followers of islam because when you believe that a particular book is a divine one, you’re supposed to follow all its instructions and not chose what suites you.

        Tunisia has always been a peacefull moderate muslim country, a big majority doesn’t even pray, and we even have our national beer.. Tunisian people are just schizophrenic, they believe that alcohol is “haram” but a big part of them drink it (most of the time secretly)..

        A big part of our female citizens doesn’t wear the hijab , they say that they are not convinced yet.. and in the same time they claim to be muslim

        The tunisian society is a tolerate one when it comes to all these subjects, you just have to say that you’re a muslim but not convinced about certain things and things will be okay.

        But in my case, if I say that I’m an atheist, I will be discriminated just by saying that.. And if I start criticizing Islam I can be physically hurt..

        Now after the revolution, things are getting worse, the number of “true” muslim people is growing very fast, and they are calling for sharia.. people who are “moderate” are now called “sinners” and started to feel the pression..

        And of course, things will obviously be worse for me..because I’m an apostate.. I’m kind of a treator for true muslims

        1. @DerSteppenwolf,

          Thanks for the reply, I assume, from your answer, that since those who do not follow all of the Korans teaching are not real Muslims that means a good majority of Tunisians are atheists too, or at least non Muslims, and therefore only identify themselves as Muslims in order to survive without prosecution and to maintain the status quo.

          1. No, they are not atheists, they do really think that the quran is divine and they can turn violent if they hear someone making fun or critisizing it, that’s why I told you we have a schizophrenic society.. they are just deluded and have their own hippie version of Islam but they can easily turn violent when the sacred Muhammad is critisized..

            But I must admit that there is a certain minority that refers to closet non muslims.. I myselft discovered last year that my cousin is an atheist although she still wears the hijab.. she was religious but when she became atheist she didn’t find a way to convince her salafist father why she took off the scarf without telling him she left islam..

          2. @DerSteppenwolf,

            Thanks for all the info, I hope you don’t mind all of these questions it’s just that you have a very good knowledge and understanding of the Muslim religion and culture whereas my knowledge is second hand hearsay.

            You’re a good source of information.

        2. @DerSteppenwolf , thank-you for all your important contributions to this site. All your knowledge of Muslim affairs & such is very important for our B-G brothers &sisters to understand including myself. Again Thanks 🙂

        1. And You’re from Afghanistan? I think this avatar is more of a hopeful farce than a depiction of your features. Nice try, only it was a very poor attempt at an internet alter ego.. so not really a nice try at all.

          If you’d said Turkey or Iran I could believe you, ignoring of course the low grade, bollywood nature of the image but Afghans hun.. they’re just not applicable for gender specific distinction. That is, the men and women look the same.

          1. nah, sorry. i do not need the Internet for any fake identity. you have absolutly no idea about Afghans nor how they look like. therefor iam not going to argue with you about it. or my Picture. my friend, belive what you want.

          2. @ferestha don’t worry bout skin ticket. He’s just mad about his lot in life that he feels the need to put everyone else down. But I, like you, use my real picture. And I, like you, change my haircolor often. 🙂 Funny cause I just went from brunette to blond this week. I think you look good and a little exotic. =Dxo

      1. Not the disbelievers as in atheists! Its a deeper conclusion.. its about the qufars from bany umayaha is a sole example! They killed the prophet Muhammed by poisoning and killed his family. The ones that today is wahabis. As these killing the shia. These are the qufars that muslims should delete from the face of earth!

        1. You don’t have any idea about what you’re saying, a disbeliever in the quran is simply anyone who do not believe in Allah or in the prophecy of Muhammad, here is a different verse:

          “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.”

          Surah at tawbah – verse 29

          read your quran, don’t forget that I was raised muslim.

          1. Muhammad was just a dirt farmer who used religion to unite the Arab clans. A good leader… maybe, but definitely NOT enlightened.

        2. Good morning. I do believe I am in the presence of sir captain of the retards.

          Notable features include:

          senseless ramblings, of profits imaginary friends and illegitimate religious manifestations. Not to mention, every sentence is ended with exclamation marks as if to signify a divine epiphany.

          Treatments available – swift kick in the temple
          ethnic cleansing

  2. thanks DerSteppenwolf. maybe these guys should invest in chainsaw? 😉
    but hmm…he was executed just because he didn’t believe what the majority believe? hmmm. kinda like how in the last week I’ve been called a “sheep” twice and a Zionist puppet once because I didn’t “boo-hoo” about things that the majority of the BG herd felt I should “boo-hoo” about. apparently i’m only allowed to be heartless towards certain kinds of dead people. if I voice my uncaring attitude about a dead child or an “innocent” pedestrian I am called a “sheep”.
    interesting considering that that is not the definition of a sheep. baah! baah!

    1. Some mainstream rivers are hard to cross. Is your intent to express your free mind or to convince the others to change

      I?ll never force someone into my opinion or let somebody do the same to me.

      We are all at different stages of societal consensus, which partly origins in the evolution like protecting our breed or to seperate the unfit from the herd.
      Some parts have to be bend and some not, its question of functionality.

      But blah blah, thou shalt do what thou wilt.

      1. of course I don’t try to change people’s minds. that’s a bit counterproductive. so I don’t like being attack for saying my own opinion… but I like the cut of your jib, sir Debellatio. . “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” Aleister Crowley…..fuck yeah.

    1. @mentmc o.o after I am done sharpening my pocket knife or any other knife I always test how sharp it is on the palm of my hands. me how I usually do it is I lightly move the knife across my palm if it leaves a nice deep cut its good to go but if it doesn’t and I need to cut again back to sharpening it and repeating the process all over again.-.- Goddamn how I love sharp knives < 3 ^_^

  3. They were chanting with such gusto that I thought I was watching a football game.

    Come on team Akbar, Come on team Akbar, Go Akbar go.

    And this folks is why multiculturalism does not work, you cannot have groups that exist on a different evolutionary scale, at different points in development living in the same place at the same time, pure madness.

      1. Hi Obliterator,

        I meant that these people should not be allowed to live in our countries because they are unable to change themselves, they will not amalgamate and therefore should fuck off, in my humble opinion anyway.

  4. omg i can understand what they are saying. they are speaking dutch.those fuckers are from belguim.
    there are lots off young muslims going to battle in syrya.i see they are adapting wel

  5. the admin is adressing this perfectly right! Aisha the bitch was hated by even the prophet for spreading falsehood about him and making him suffer! They are representing islam of bany umayah the bloodshedding clan. That killed the prophets family and making Islam like a bloodshedding religion!

  6. This is what happens on a Friday night when your whole life is dictated by a holy book. Muslims really need to be re-educated in the way of entertainment. Alcohol, drugs, and each other. Straight up nasty ass raunchy sex with each other. Men & women, gay sex, whatever.

  7. To me, it looks like they don’t even know how to use the knife. If you look at the part where they’re making the first cuts, it looks like they’ve never actually used the knife, but they’ve oversharpened it in anticipation of being able to use it and therefore rendered it useless. Shame, it was a nice looking knife, too.

    1. Holy shit ! you’re right! actually it was “comme ?a c’est bon” not “beau”, he meant “it’s good like this” he was talking about the position.

      What the fuck.. the first time I saw it before I send it to Mark I heard other languages different than syrian but I didn’t notice the french part (although french is my second language) ..

      It seems like there were different nationalities among the rebels, and the french guy had an accent of a scum, not really frenchie.

      1. You are so impressive Dersteppenwolf, you know a lot of languages it seems like. And you’re always supplying us with these vids. It’s almost like…you were there at all these atrocities. You were there weren’t you? the beheading videographer haha

  8. This is almost what I been waiting for. Seems to be a lack of good beheadings recently. I like when they hack at the neck while the victim is still alive, after the dull knife fail. I been hearing rumors of an awfuly nasty video, a Lunatics/Luke type video that leaked a few days ago. Hoping it’s just not a rumor.

  9. why the government that “represents” me wants to sponsor these fucking animals is beyond me. Hopefully the Russians will stand by there promises and supply Mr Assad with top class hardware to both whipe the floor with these cunts and even out the miss match in military power the Jews seem to like using on civilians in Syria. The propoganda British media media spin is pissing me off too (I live in the UK), I’m sure both sides have employed less than savoury tactics on each other, but I’d rather back the heavy handed moderate government than the Akbur touting hardline sand niggers.

  10. Why is such negativity, all races & religions do fucked up shit. An no other place proves this like bestgore humans are violent an it’s been that way an more than likely will continue to be. Just like I’m gonna continue to watch all these fools kill each other & keep my favorite gore site going

  11. I just watcht it and i hear some Dutch shouting
    The beast are screaming somthing like “houd hem goed vast” or ” houd zijn voet vast” it means hold him tightly or hold his feet together. Its arround 57 sec.
    And in the end they shout ” we breken je huis af ” or somthing like that it means we are going to break down your house.

    1. I saw it on the news just a minute ago, and I thought to myself: well, I’ve seen that video and I already thought I heard them speaking Dutch/Belgian. It turns out I was right all along lol. I guess many people from Holland are going to join (or hate), because the news showed the video (not the beheading-part) and BestGore’s link was in the video. Fijne dag verder trouwens, mede-Nederlander! 🙂

  12. They are speaking Dutch/Belgian. I hear them say: “Draai hem om, draai hem om!” what means: ”Turn him around, turn him around”. And near the end: ”We breken je huis af!” and that means: ”We’ll break your house down”. DerSteppenwolf, thank you for this video, I thought I heard Dutch, but when I heard it on the news a couple minutes ago and now I’m sure. 😀

    1. You should have told us instantly that you heard your language, or that “Yeeeeee? Yeeeeeeeh.” kid made you laugh so hard to forget about it haha

      Don’t hesitate to do it next time 🙂 I personally when I translated the video, I heard some foreign languages and I said to myself they’re maybe some pakistani or chechen muslims.

    1. I really don’t think they were screaming “we breken je huis af” though.
      That one is probably a mama appelsap and they were just jelling something in arabic.
      Who goes around screaming “we breken je huis af” when someone is being beheaded? that sounds even more stupid than the snackbaring.

      1. Hahaha, the fact that you mention ”mama appelsap” made me laugh. Yeah, I actually think so too, but they were saying that on the news. We breken je huis af is really not a thing they would be saying after a beheading that is for sure haha.

  13. I just read a news site from around here, and it had the audio of this clip attached.
    Now that I see this the second time I can clearly here some of them speaking dutch. So those are folk from around here who went there to fight.
    they say things like
    “turn him around” and “somebody grab his foot”

    I hope they stay there and die instead of coming back to Belgium

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