Decapitation Attempt with Saw and Hatchet

Saw and Hatchet Used in Attempt to Decapitate Man

I don’t know much about the background to this video. It shows a decapitation attempt of a dead man with a saw. The would be lumberjack saws at the neck and saws at the neck, but it barely makes any difference, so just as the video ends, his compadre with a hatchet takes over.

I have no idea where the video is from. Could be Mexico, as over the years we’ve seen endless evidence of Mexicans lacking in the ability of effectively decapitate people. That being said, Mexico is not the only country with history of using saws in beheadings.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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103 thoughts on “Decapitation Attempt with Saw and Hatchet”

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    1. “saws AT the neck and saws at the neck” Don’t be a you know what, Mr. You know what. 😉

      All that rocking back and forth motion reminds me of a seesaw. This video must be for kids. You got anything for the adults, Mark?

  2. Shit, looks kind of brutal but just in case this backfires on me outside of BestGore again this is nothing more than a means to an end as a form of desensitization everyone here, including myself, can handle this site and some of its content, personally, I am not interested in seeing this shit outside of BestGore.

    Or maybe I am just being paranoid or as I would prefer alert because the former is too judgemental and stereotypical what do you think fellow gorians? Am I just too immersed in this website that my mother has started to worry about me over stupid shit? Or could it possibly be that this has spilled over into my actual reality as some form of consequence?

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