Second Lebanese Soldier Beheaded by Islamic State

Second Lebanese Soldier Beheaded by Islamic State

The Islamic State has now beheaded it’s second of the nineteen hostages taken during the brief occupation of the North Lebanon border town of Arsal. IS demanded the release of their own prisoners or they would murder the hostages and they drove their point home with the execution of Ali Al-Sayyid; and by the time his body had been received by Lebanese authorities, IS was already making it’s second threat. Which they have now delivered on.

The Lebanese soldier murdered this time was Madalj Abbas (عباس مدلج), a member of the Lebanese Security Forces. What we are presented with here is another demonstration by the proxy terror army Islamic State (formerly ISIS) that they are not fucking around and will murder all of these men if their demands are not met. As stated earlier, the Islamic State is demanding the release of commander Imad Jomaa (Emad Gomaa) along with other imprisoned terrorists. Jomaa had switch his affiliation from al-Nusra Front to Islamic State and those of al-Nusra still loyal to him are working in tandem with IS to achieve the same goal of freeing their comrade. Al-Nusra had taken their own hostages after the battles in Arsal but have since released several. IS is not going to release these men. I fear IS will kill every one of these men even if they do get what they want…Because when you are dealing with a group of psychopaths whose only purpose is to kill, there is no such thing as negotiation.

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    1. ***Damn?IS gives great head eh?

      I’m afraid you’ll have to ask President O’bomber on that one.

      However I’m sure, there’s never been a military kneepad he’s disliked!!

      …I’m wondering if he’s ever been fitted with a hemp necklace?

  1. The Islamic State is not a State, but a bunch of hairy and violent apes. A state does not murder its citizens. This can’t be a state but a terrorist group funded by the same countries who support the death penalty. I am disgusted that this is happening.

    1. Wrong!.. A state does murder it’s citizens..Ever heard of the death penalty in the United “States” of’s third world neighbor Estados (states) Unidos Mexicanos did away with the death penalty in 2005 since they had not used it in any civil case since 1937. All states murder citizens at one point or another. The reality is that the U.S. of A has been a terrorist nation since it’s creation.

    2. ***The Islamic State is not a State, but a bunch of hairy and violent apes. A state does not murder its citizens.

      ..indeed, the Islamic State is NOT a state.

      However, organized religion is a state of mind, capable of murdering anyone it damn well pleases.

      The Gulf of Tonken
      The Bay of Pigs
      Lack of Healthcare
      Corporate media


  2. Great quality pics but sad to see a capable young man who served his nation proudly die.
    Message for IS : your ‘shocking’ beheadings are getting boring real fast, the world is no longer shocked I suggest, so what’s your next trick and why are you smelly cunts masked?

  3. As if you couldn’t guess they were psycho by their actions, look at the terrorists eyes.
    As far as them filming beheadings, they’ve done so many it’s probably pass? or they’re backlogged. “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.” Just snap a few pics and bring the next prisoner forward.

  4. Yeah sure I get it that you want to behead your enemies. With your train of thought it comes as no surprise. However, it takes a real dickhead to want to behead someone who was quite literally just doing their job. They were soldiers in a neighbouring country with their friends keeping their people safe. Not only did they attack them and take them hostage, but they had to decapitate them just like any other rebel scum? This is how you can tell who is a savage and who ain’t. A savage only aims to kill, he don’t give a fuck about reasoning or common sense.
    I hope I get to behead a Wahabbi cunt one day. Burn their body as well as the ultimate disrespect. Don’t deserve a proper Muslim burial.

  5. The Lebanese army while physically they are well trained, they are extremely ill-equipped and poorly trained to engage in combat, they can not fight or defeat groups like Jabhat Al nusra or the Islamic state.

    The politicking with these soldiers lives needs to end right now.

  6. You know, it isn’t like being in Lebanon, and Syria for that matter, is like standing in front of 10 Downing Street. Maybe these countries should start executing IS prisoners using a kinda eye-for-an-eye method? They wanna take shit back to ole school then so be it.

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