Second Video of Alton Sterling’s Murder by Baton Rouge Police

Second Video of Alton Sterlings Murder by Baton Rouge Police

A different angle video of Alton Sterling’s murder has leaked, and this one leaves no doubt that the victim did not have any gun in his hands. I like how the cop screams for the camera “Get on the ground” – the guy’s been pinned on the ground the whole time, and when the cop made the theatrical scream, he had also been shot.

Baton Rouge cops murdered Alton Sterling in cold blood. No question about it. The killers were identified as officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake.

The video below was filmed by Abdullah Muflahti, who was in the Triple S Food Mart when he noticed that the cops got aggressive with Alton Sterling. That prompted him to walk out and start video recording. According to Abdullah Muflahti, there was no altercation until the cops tasered and tackled Alton Sterling. Abdullah Muflahti also said Alton Sterling never threatened anyone with a gun, contrary to the phone report the police allegedly received.

The Baton Rouge Police Department spokesperson said officers Salamoni and Lake were placed on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated (ie – they’re on paid vacation). During the press conference held today, the PD was asked to confirm if Alton Sterling even had a gun on him, but their response was to refuse to comment on that.

District Attorney Hillar C. Moore III said in a press conference that: “The officers feel they were completely justified“. No shit? When was the last time citizen killers felt remorse for mass murdering citizens?

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          1. Though I do not like the police, I can see why the police reacted the way they did. The cop on top of the suspect is trying to hold down the black dude’s right arm. The b.dude (make it easier to identify, nothing to take offense by) continues to reach towards his pocket, where his gun is, and you can shoot upward from the hip even when gripping the gun from outside the pocket. When the top cop realizes the b.dude has a gun, he understood why the b.dude was reaching towards it. The b.dude had a long rap sheet (one of which was illegal possession of firearm) and knew he was going to go “up the road” on that blue bird if he got cuffed. He made a choice to fight and was rewarded for it.

          2. The shit’s been breaking loose since the local news aired the story. I live in new orleans, and they’re protesting in the french quarter, too… I don’t mind a protest, but all these “protesters” are doing is backing up already congested traffic by blocking streets and intersections (cuz apparently they WANT you to hit them so they can get disability or sue you), and chimping out in general, all races involved. Fucking laughable.

    1. well if you listen to the cops nothing will happen, but alot of blacks, just want be like i am god, and in the end the are send to god.

      blacks and there bad education gets them killed, time and time again

    2. You mean the hands up don’t shoot that never took place. Do mean Mike Brown who’s dumb ass charged a cop and got a Mellon full of lead? Do you mean that Ferguson? The lie the press tried to persuade everyone to think that the cop in mo. Was racist? Just trying to clarify which one? Lol I would have shot the big gorilla also. Just saying.

    3. Are you fucking kidding me?! All he had to do was COMPLY! Besides he was a convicted felon and a sex offender so he had no legal right to carry a firearm. and as far as the footage he was grabbing for his gun and then grabbing for the officers gun, don’t be fooled people he knew he was going to jail so he died trying not to. Its his fault he’s dead and all these black lives matter sensitive PC’s need to get a fucking life.

  1. He was trying to dance at the end. If you notice his arm movement. Black people have rhythm even in death. On the serious …I hope these faggot pigs get put in prison for a long time… but that’s a fantasy in the blue wall of silence world.

        1. @BornToRun .lol
          Both little faggots got their own little toy guns
          Both little faggots they’re dragonaire

          one verdict ………. that was a cold blooded murder of someone who worked had to make ends meet and both the faggots in blue namely ,Salamoni and Lake deserve to be tied up gagged , to stakes and with one bullet each from their guns to their hairy chests. ……..and later on left bulldozed

          1. Hey @blucon bro Ha-ha Nice, that’s a good start for the corruption squad over there. Well, they got some time off work, with pay no doubt. The Minnesota video with they guy getting a load of taxpayer lead in front of the wife and kid while broadcasting live on FB was a heartbreaker. Now the piglets gotta watch out, can’t just confiscate a phone and delete the video. It’s on the Cloud shitheads!

      1. I am a very open minded person who supports the gay community (well except those few extreme idiots) .I also am a drag queen fan …by the way they use the term faggot all the time . Anyways I think you were being sarcastic …Duh.

    1. They should bring back public executions on the courthouse lawn be it a member of law enforcement found guilty of murder or a criminal who kills some one For money or drugs ect make enough examples and it will slow down considerably but even im a realist and realize it will never stop completely that’s what our phony God put us hear for (look for the sarcasm in that last comment lol) so we could just kill ourselves off just like we’ve been doing for thousands of years smh fuck today’s society imma stay in side my little cocoon were the wax and booze is plentiful and the guns are Loaded for the firts to cross my threshold it an attempt to harm me and mine or take my stolen guns will be dealt with swiftly and just. I leave you with the words of a true poet in my generation “FUCK DA POLICE”

    2. They should bring back public executions on the courthouse lawn be it a member of law enforcement found guilty of murder or a criminal who kills some one For money or drugs ect make enough examples and it will slow down considerably but even in a realist and realize it will never stop completely that’s what our phony God put us hear for (look for the sarcasm in that last comment lol) so we could just kill ourselves off just like we’ve been doing for thousands of years smh fuck today’s society imma stay in side my little cocoon were the wax and booze is plentiful and the guns are listed for the fort to cross my threshold it an attempt to harm me and mine or take my stolen guns!!!!

  2. I cant be completely certain but it looks like he was trying to get at his right pocket. The problem is the damn car bumper is in the line of sight. But clearly and quite possibly a weapon or an object of some sort being removed from that pocket he may have been going for. Seems like more is coming to light about this.

    1. You seems to be right, in the second video I noticed them pull what looks like a pistol out of his right pocket also. You can not tell much in these videos. definitely can’t see enough to tell if the cops were in the wrong

      1. Very true. Completely unconclusive at best. I’m taking a nonbiased stance at the moment being the facts are a very blurry video. I can’t say for certain either that it was a weapon that was removed from said pocket. Only probability remains. And of course probability is not fact. Many many questions to be answered by the facts. This could very well snowball at any time.

      1. I destroyed @gnat haha… can’t handle the heat,stay your ass out of the kitchen you snow chimpanzee. And get a job,stop living off my tax dollars. White ,welfare recipient… Your fellow closeted racists buddies should disown you… kick your bitch ass out of the 3 Stooges. I nuked your ass mutherfucker!

        Your God

  3. fuckin blacks dont have the brain to get themselfs out of a situation,yes sir no sir,i just want to go home sir,but no,its like trying to get cuffs on a wild animal,they dont think past the moment they are in.stupid.

    1. Actually @fightingirish16, take a look at the Falcon Heights shooting that went down just a couple days ago. Guy had a clean arrest record and a conceal carry license in good standing. Was pulled over by police for a bad tail light. Told the officer about his license, and when the cop told him to produce it, the cop shot him. Its still a bit early, but from what I can see so far, the cop was in the wrong. Dude was complying and not combative in any way. Also, check out the Levar Edward Jones shooting. Cop shot him in about the same situation. Only the guy in the latter example actually had no weapon, and the cop had no reason to suspect he did. Cop asked the guy to get out his driver license and shot him multiple times. That cop actually went to jail for it. There is a video on the shooting as well.

  4. Well, if they do riot, the police might want to start taking those water cannons out of mothballs because it’s very hot down there this time of the year and who wants to be around a bunch of smelly street-ticks anyway?

  5. Fucking US cops are murdering more and more people these days. It’e either their tactics or they just don’t give a fuck if they murder a citizen. I suppose if you wanted to assassinate someone, all you have to do is call 911 and report that the person you want killed has a gun or a knife and you get a free assassination.
    Retarded people, crippled people in wheelchairs, deaf people who can’t hear the cops, old people, little girls, people with alzheimers, people who need help, etc., etc., etc., get the slam, the tazer and the torture of not being able to breathe, then they get shot multiple times… It happens over and over and over. Maybe the second amendment should be to protect ourselves from cops. Shoot them before they murder you? Almost 100% of the time, they walk away from it without any charges against them. It is getting old. The police lost their balls years ago. Now they’re all afraid.
    If your car breaks down on the side of the road or something where a cop might come to “help”, just run and hide. And never call them for any reason because the chances of your being shot aren’t worth it.

      1. Sounds like it’s a slam dunk. And next thing you know, it’s like when you see the ‘two guys on a motorcycle’ in brazil. The cops pull up and the guy is dead. I really believe the two guys on a motorcycle are some off duty cops pulling some extra cash in for taking out the trash down there.

    1. Is that like hitting a barn door with my eyes closed? Nice to see you broke. It’s been awhile. My absence since late 2013 I’m sure didn’t make much of a hill of beans, (back then I was Rude Monger) but yet I’m back to share with those at BG. I see some are missing I knew around here. You and one other survive.

        1. Yea I got that vibe early on when I returned. Not all of it good. It’ll take sometime to get my status back up around here. Good to someone familiar at least. In the mean time time I’ll be around. Glad to see you’ve recovered for the most part your injury.

    2. @Brokeback He won’t get any Hip Hop artist respecting him because he was jackin their shit. If Kanye West or Beyonce found out he was selling their shit for a buck a piece, they would have had him whacked themselves. There is a new Police/black shooting that is all over Facebook and will be here soon I am sure. The girlfriend records herself, with the cop aiming the gun in the window, the boyfriend after 4 shots from the side into his arm, is fading away, and the girlfriend is all calm ssaying, “Please don’t tell me my boyfriend just died, Please don’t tell me you just shot him 4 times for reaching for his ID, and now he’s dead” Unlike the guy in this video who had a gun, when he wasn’t supposed to have one, the guy in the car had a permit. There is already protest starting.

    1. I think a good portion of the movement is from getting tazed. There will be a ton of involuntary muscle movement, though I can’t be sure. Adrenaline would be a factor as well. Best thing to do, just avoid cops and don’t do anything to warrant one to come near you. But we all know that really won’t save you 100% of the time.

  6. This was senseless. *If* they had to shoot him, they could have shot his arm or whatever. I mean, they were right on top of the guy.

    He was probably afraid they might shoot him because of preconceived notions, so he panicked and struggled – almost instinctually. Fight or flight?

  7. The only difference between this and a hundred other cop shootings that happened today is that this one is on video.

    This is what happens when you make cops out of combat vets from Iraq or A-stan, arm them like they are still in the military with no real accountability.

  8. The Devils is already here. Full of hate, he comes through us silenced, lower then a whisper in the ear. You are not the same, you are in his control. Just as fast as a snap of the fingers. These cops killed this man. And they enjoyed it. The devil was within. No doubt about it.

    1. You and your devil need a vacation. Why don’t you and your imaginary friend, the devil, go out on a nice cruise. Get to know each other over a couple of drinks in the bar. Later, take devil in to your cabin and make Whoopi all night. In the morning you’ll get your bitch ass up and make waffles for your little buddy. There, that should make you feel better.

  9. I live in BATON ROUGE LA. Yes people are protesting but it’s not nearly as bad as Ferguson. They are actually being very civilized. Except for playing Boosie’s Fuck the police song. Anyway, Louisiana is an open carry state and Alton had HIS LICENSE.. The cop clearly did not ask for it. He was pinned by 2 cops, one kneeling on his arms yet told “Dont move or ill shoot.” And they shoot anyway. Police brutality on blacks is REAL. I am from BR I see this shit all the time and know people personally affected. BRP is corrupt anyway.

      1. I do know my state is open carry. A lot of people are saying he was a convicted felon so no, you cant have a gun bc my dad is a felon. But it’s not like they immediately searched his record and arrested him for that did they? No.

        1. Ummm…you need to learn your state laws, youngster…

          “Who is prohibited from openly carrying weapons?
          Anyone who is prohibited from owning weapons. In general, this means drug addicts, felons, those convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, and those under eighteen years of age. Louisiana does have some laws prohibiting possession of firearms, but Federal laws are more strict, so if you are OK by Federal law, you are likely OK by LA law.”

        2. I too live in Louisiana. And considering his “history”, he was committing another felony by having a weapon on him. Like I said before, it was in his pocket and appeared he didn’t reach for it. I’m not a lawyer or any public defender, I still believe he was murdered.

  10. “When was the last time citizen killers felt remorse for mass murdering citizens?”

    fuck you…niggers should learn how to follow instruction…and people who post shit should not try to start false naratives like all the other times…hand up dont shoot is fake…just like most shit involving niggers…

  11. i forget how hard it is to post anything in the comment sections without scrolling and seeing racist ass remarks. this may be the last time i post on here but all of you racist fucks on this site will NEVER know how it feels to be black. i am black!!! and it hurts to see this level of brutality on MY PEOPLE!! sometimes they do do it to themselves, but in this case, this man was INNOCENT! just like many other lives taken by police this year. 500+ murders this year from police. that number is ridiculous and majority are black people. No one will ever know the struggle. You will NEVER understand as long as you are white and getting everything handed to you. a lot of people are getting mad over the black lives matter movement too, saying black people are being racist. YES all lives matter but the judicial system doesnt give a FUCK about us and that’s FACTS.

    1. I watched both videos, and I agree. They didn’t have to murder him. I honestly did not see him reach for a gun. The only time I saw his left hand was in an instant like a reaction. I couldn’t see his right though….

      I’m white/native American. I never once had anything handed to me. I worked hard for what I have.

          1. how bout you shut the fuck up you racist piece of shit. kill yourself so i can see your dead body make this page!

    2. @undercoverlover . Hi Bree. You’re right in a lot of what you say, but this Government is racist under Obama and everyone is getting screwed over. He’s a fuckin’ Muslim lover and doesn’t give a shit about anyone except his home boys in the Brotherhood. We’re all just “niggers and crackers and trash” to him and his cronies. He’s a racist as well himself but I think he’s a bigger anti American than anything. Him and Hillary want to drag us all into the shit and get rich off of it while doing so. Traitors and sell outs to get rich.

    3. What makes you think that we want to understand?
      I don’t mind things being handed to me. What’s wrong with that? Oh, it’s because it’s not being handed out to you, that you have a problem.

      What about the Food Stamps, un-employmen checks every two weeks, countless liquor stores within a doorstep from your subdivision apartments, weed on every corner. What about those handouts?

      You want to live in your master’s house? Do what Michael Jackson did, turn yourself WHITE!

      1. This is why black people hate white people. Shut the fuck up with your closeted racist ass! There is no doubt youre a fucking bigot. THERE ARE MORE WHITE PEOPLE ON WELFARE THAN BLACK. if you didnt know that dumbfuck. If i ever saw you in person i’d spit on you. Youre saying white people dont want to understand, then why are yall crying on social media “well if it was a white person no one would care :(” fuck you !!! I DONT WANT ANYTHING HANDED OUT TO ME !! I live very comfortably thank you very much. I dont have my hand out for shit. I work two jobs and work hard for every single thing I have all while being in college. And as long as im breathing I DAMN SURE WONT ASK A WHITE MAN FOR SHIT!

        1. @bree bitch you’re not black! This “innocent”(felon in possession of an illegal gun) nigger killed himself by pointing his gun at people and resisting arrest. Everyone knows that more whites are killed by cops than blacks, stupid! No one cares about your “struggle” boo-boo. Your people are targeted because they commit more rape, murder, and violent crime than all the other races put together. As far as not posting anymore, bye B, you won’t be missed! Muah


          1. I’ll make sure to comment on EVERYTHING you say from now on…
            You don’t run shit around here…

            Stupid bitch…

  12. I find it interesting that not one comment here has even touched on why the police were there in the first place.

    I’ll save you some time….numerous people called 911 to report a male waving a firearm around. One mentioned him actually pointing the firearm at them.

    I would be going in with the attitude of its him or me too.

      1. “he was selling CDs which is illegal but he had permission.”
        What’s next? “He was carrying a gun illegally, but he had permission”
        While I’ll agree selling CDs shouldn’t be a crime to pay for with your life, you must see that illegal is illegal. Period. Who’d he get the permission from? Also as someone else said, if he is a convicted felon, there is NO permit that allows a felon to carry. I would imagine the victim had a record of carrying. I am by no means defending the cops actions. They look like they’re scared shitless and brainless.

        1. He had permission from the store owner who he was friends with for 6 years. He started carrying a gun because his friend got ROBBED at the same store. Baton Rouge is a reckless city. Numerous people have guns because people will rob and kill you with the quickness and they have A LOT of unsolved crimes in my city. My cousin was just shot 8 times at a corner store July 6th. I updated below saying both cops had 5 excessive force reports and one had also shot one in 2014. I am updating as I continue to watch the news.

  13. As someone who lives in the south i can say this happens alot and odds are it was racialy motivated. But also it seems like every cop south of the dixie line is a power hungry corupt asshole. (Knowing this from personal experience) and i know BG doesnt exactly love the black folk but videos like this should scare yall. This happens to PLENTY of white folk down heer too. I guess this is the best way to put it:

    You got niggers, crackers, and spicks(any/all latinos or chicos). Then you got white people. See white people doesnt refer to race anymore. Its more of a social ladder type deal, like white color. White people are your folk in the nicer neighborhoods making 100k a year with there brandnew chevey SUV and kids at college, etc. Not the “1%” but pretty much just across that line where they can say “im better then you,” and open thier bank account to prove it.

    Then just accross town is everybody else. (Niggers, crackers, chicos, whatever) we all get grouped into the same bubble. Socialy, economicaly, educationaly. Now your thinking how the fuck am i in the same bubble with that nigger who sells drugs and makes less then 20k a year?? Well my friend are you an affluent person whoms skill generates large somes of money?? No?? Then the goverment doesnt give two shits about you. Your nothing but a worker devoting your life to the greater good. (Thier greater good) your purpose is to grease the wallets of the “white people,” to dedicate your life helping elivate society. Becuase without you whos going to work construction? Build our cars? Fight our wars?? UNCLE SAM NEEDS YOU! Lower middle class americans and lower! Who benifits from our hard work? When a siciety elivates, who truly gains the most?? The same people just accross that invisible line.

    Now if you live in america you have probaly noticed (maybe not though) that your local law enforcement is recieving a lot less in goverment funding. BUT has recieved donations of military weapons and vehicles. Now of course your local PD has its own way of raising a few bucks heer and there but their work is expensive. Things like taking down methlabs drain millions from them. The cops pay this out of pocket. Its not like they get gas, guns, n ammo for free. So with so little money how are they still functioning?? Our friends across the line of course! Who do you think sends in all of those nice juicey donations?? Why do the affluent never see bars? Race doesnt matter if you have money! Why do men like OJ go free? Why could micheal bang young boys? Black men get away too! Why because they had/have money! That goes for every human in every country.

    With the rich paying the police whos realy protecting us?? We are so worried about fighting the people around us that we lose sight of the big picture. I mean if you think about it where does racisim originate from? Ancient, ancient, very ancient, slavery and societies. It stems from the rich paying groups of armed people to control another group to to thier bidding. They knew that race didnt matter. But if they kept that idea strong they could hold control. Who presses the race issue the hardest? Media, hollywood, and goverment. All are controlled by that same group of people.

    Conclusion to my long not so well organized rant? Race isnt real. The police are an invisible force to control us. And untill we unite as one hole we are all going to die meaningless deaths working for the people that oppress us. And we dont even know it.

    1. Quality rant, you’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s all about division, a divided people are a impotent and more easily controlled people. Simple. Rich, poor, black, white, Hispanic, etc . It’s all about division.
      If we’re fighting amoung ourselves then we are doing the bidding for the 1% wealthy elite. We can’t/won’t rise up and question them while we’re killing each other.

    2. @stonedrocks

      The vast majority of white people do not make anywhere near 100k a year and statistically speaking they belong to the lower financial/social strata as well. The white middle to upper classes only comprise of the top 40% of their racial demographic in most areas and countries.

      The reason why their neighbourhoods are much nicer then as nothing to do with earning potential and everything to do with collective behaviour as there are plenty of poorer white areas with low crime levels. The poorer white folk just tend to work hard in shitty jobs with low pay so that they can save up and give their kids a better education and life opportunities than they themselves got which in turn increases social mobility.

      Niggers on the other hand are obsessed with the “get rich quick” mentality and this is why so many of them end up behind bars.

      To your next point then,

      “I mean if you think about it where does racisim originate from? Ancient, ancient, very ancient, slavery and societies”.

      Racism is a reactionary position and stems from the observed differences between groups of people in relation to their genetic profiles and the more those people find those differences to be a negative factor the more that racism will grow.

      Americans used to be racist to the Japanese for example but not so much any more because the differences between these groups is no longer viewed to be a negative factor. Equally then the Japanese and Chinese are still racist to each other despite both, genetically speaking, being much the same because their differences are still considered to be negative.

      My conclusion, race is very much real because genetic profiles and their visible differences, coupled with their geographical origins exist as a result of evolutionary cycle and racism is the reactionary result of those perceived differences when those differences are seen to be negative.

      Do governments use these differences to get people to fight each other?, of course they do because a population divided is a population weakened however there exists enough problems between whites and blacks that the government rarely needs to do anything to promote the fighting in the first place. I mean just look at the rape statistics, hundreds of thousands of white women get raped by niggers every year whereas the number of black women raped by white men is extremely low, these issues exist without the governments hand at play.

    3. Stoned rocks… I agree with you 100 percent here and all of us have to get united and kick these motherfuckers out. Including the racist, Muslim Obama and Clinton and all them assholes in the Congress and Senate who are only there for their kick backs and their futures in some high paying easy, money grubbing jobs when they get unelected.
      When did everyone start getting mad at everyone else in in our Country?… When Obama and all his assholes in his administration started pitting everyone against the other. And who isn’t subject to the laws any longer? The Clintons, Obama, and all his crony assholes who are above all the rest of us. They send us all to prison for shit and they don’t have to answer for anything and don’t give a fuck if anybody knows because they got the power. Well, fuck them.

      1. I agree with you. My wife and I both say that things are worse ever since Obama became president. In most of our life times, that is. And for Hillary. I just KNEW she would be “innocent” of those emails. This country is fukt.

    4. Hey Stoned rocks. I agree with a lot of what you say, but don’t put all of us regular citizens in one big “hole”. Perhaps one big “whole” would be a better place to be. Lol. After the FBI gave Hillary Cliton the big “free Pass” get out of jail card because she’s an ‘Elite’ Bitch and better than the rest of us, we all know that the same laws don’t apply to these “entitled, insiders and rich, connected people” as they do to the rest of us “citizens” of the USA. This was what our Country was based on… The Declaration of Independence and our Constitution were because we all fought for our freedom from tyranny to be equal under the laws and to not be subject to the rules of some assholes having power over us without equality, equal rights, someone, like Hillary Cliton being above the law and not subject to the same rules as the rest of us are. The murder of this man also shows how far their enforcers will go to make sure the rest of us little people follow their laws and rules… Death to you if you don’t comply, but Hillary and her cronies just walk on past, above it all, even with all the laws she broke that would’ve sent us regular people to prison for 20 to 30 years. Now that the law doesn’t matter any longer because they don’t apply equally, the Government and the laws have no standing any more and why should any citizen be obligated to follow the law if it’s not equal and doesn’t apply to everyone. Fuck this rigged system and its corruption.

  14. This was a good shoot. You resist arrest while armed and attempt to reach for your gun, then you DESERVE to get shot.

    This fucking piece of shit nigger had no business playing the race card. He did not cooperate with police (somehow that is in fashion lately – and niggers can’t learn from the last nigger that got shot for the same thing) and reached for a firearm instead. The officers shot this punk-thug in lawful self defense. If he had cooperated, we would be reading a different story.

    1. The cop says “Dont fucking move or ill shoot.” Can you move when two cops are kneeing on your fucking arms? Really? Show me where he is reaching for the gun. YOU CANT SEE BECAUSE THERE IS NO VIDEO FROM THAT ANGLE! WE WILL NEVER KNOW THE TRUE FULL STORY. NO ONE IS PLAYING THE RACE CARD BUT WHITE PEOPLE. And he’s a punk-thug? He lived in a fucking shelter and sold CD’s to make a living. He had 5 kids to support and he was a very peaceful person. His family said there was no way he would reach for his gun when he is SCARED OF THE POLICE. JUST QUIT FUCKING POSTING YOU DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT THE CASE!!!!

      1. @bree, do you know this guy personally?
        He is a sex offender, he knocked up a 14 yo girl.
        Let’s see you defend that.
        Sounds like a peaceful, loving person to me. A second Martin Luther King even.
        All pedophiles should die, he may have deserved what he got.

      2. @bree sounds like you just got shutdown!! You are the one that’s really playing the race card, because you’re defending this POS just because he’s black! He was moving his right arm around, didn’t u see that from the video or were u blinded by the color of his skin??? You’re are racist just like everyone else in this world just admit it

        1. By the way bitches, in 2010 he was charged with carnal knowledge of a juvenile. THE WOMAN HE “RAPED” IS ONE OF THE MOTHERS OF HIS CHILDREN !!! SHE WAS NOT RAPED. THAT WAS HIS GIRL FRIEND THEY HAVE A CHILD TOGETHER.

          1. Sounds just like a typical nig to me, knocking up a 14yr old child. You keep banging on about ‘it was on the news, so it must be true’, since when does MSM tell the truth about anything ever ??

          2. Hahaha “one of the mothers of his children” yep, another poor niglet just trying to support his kids by selling illegal music, all the while his baby mama’s are all drawing welfare.
            Just wondering @undercoverlover, do you think men don’t rape their significant others? Doesn’t matter that they have a child together..or that he had permission to sell his CDs, or that he was scared enough to illegally carry a gun. By the way, he already had a record for illegal carrying, so I have to imagine the cops knew exactly who they were dealing with before they got there. Own it.

  15. Fucking brutal that cop shot him 6 times point blank range in the chest most likely a .40 cal hollow point+p load. Ill bet they even had the decency to slap a pair of hand cuffs on that boy when the video cut out. Well look at it as just another day for white cops in a black neighbor hood I’m sure he will even receive a few months off while collecting paid time off for his heroic actions.

  16. after watching 2nd video the cops murderd that guy bunch of chicken shits any idiot knew there lifes were not threatend wow that pisses me off they took gun out as he s asperating. the thing is he was fatally shot and cop fires 3 more then they remove gun from his pants pocket hell i didnt see the but of pistol at all shooting was murder period plus they tazed him with 2 people killers on him thats some shit aint it? shame on you justice or vengence or what murder.

  17. His arm was still moving around even after that pig shot him in the chest multiple times at point blank range yet no immediate medical attention was requested by that racist murdering pig. He only stated to his radio that shots were fired. Yes they were fired. By you for no fucking reason you stupid fucking pig. Sterlings never went for his gun. That story about him having a gun and that’s why they were called is bullshit. In this situation, as in any other situation of similar circumstances, there was no need to kill this man. He was pinned to the ground not resisting with one gun already pointed at his heart when that second pig jumped on top of him firing as if he was having some form of murderous body seizure. Fucking pig couldn’t even get up off the ground and look that man in the-eyes while he shot him dead. No honor in that. Those pig supporters and racists will say that he was just another “Black Nigger” and whatever the fuck else bullshit-they’ll spit out and regugitate like vomit spewing from their ignorant consciousness. Wake the fuck up. This man was human and so were you. There’s no different between any of us except all the ones they try to make us-see that don’t actually exist. You should feel a way about one of your fellow human beings getting murdered by police in your own country. Even if you’re not Black. This could’ve been you. This could’ve been someone you know. This man had family and people who knew him. Now he’s a fucking memory and some people are laughing about it watching the video from their computer screens. What hope does this world have.

    1. You want “Hope”? Go see the orangutan king Obama. He’ll give you all the hope you’ll need. In the mean time, stop raining on my demonic parade.

      Also, learn how to use an editor. You’ve misspelled a lot of words and some of your sentences are poorly written. My guess is that you are black?

      1. Vulvaeater!! Shut the fuck up. I wish so bad it was you, or one of your family members that were shot and killed, for no reason! Get a grip! What a cold, nasty person you must be! Some cops are murderers, serial killers, and its possible you will be next, then what? This man did nothing wrong to deserve being shot in the chest! These cops should be executed themselves, assholes. Dont put the blame on the victim!! You may be the next victom of these vicious killers, for maybe a broken tail light, or less than that!!

        1. So you believe vulva, or his family members deserve to die because of something he said? Really? What a fucking retard. That makes you a fucking hypocrite.
          They should’ve butt fucked him too, so he knows how the 14 yo girl he molested felt.

  18. Guy was reported to be pointing a firearm as far as I know? cops reacted, he resisted arrest and then reached for his pocket. got what he was looking for… its very simple cops say stop you stop, you dont.. you get shot. I see nothing wrong here.

  19. Damn your cops are some nasty mtfkers..

    In sweden you could wrestle 3 cops while sticking your thumb up the cheifs ass and you still would not get dealth with like that.

    You might get the baton up your dirty spot behind closed doors at the station but you’ll be alive to finger Another cop the next day..

  20. In this time of crisis I can only think of one thing that will unite us all, jokes:

    What would Martin Luther King Be If He Was White……….ALIVE!

    Yhea i looked that up…..

    What’s pink and screams and screams and screams.
    A skinned black baby in a bucket of salt.

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  21. UPDATE:
    WBRZ (the news station in BR) just did a news report this morning about the case. BOTH COPS had 5 excessive force complaints issued against them. One of them also shot someone in 2014.

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  22. So let’s see if I got this right. They got him pinned to the ground after tasing him, slight struggle but clearly the cops had the upper hand. Then one cop leans back..3 shots ring out, cop yells “Get on the ground!”, then camera fades back to dude with a pool of blood on his chest.

    He was pinned “On the ground”, Cop. What are ya, fuckin retarded? Nice reach for an excuse though. 1 point for at least trying to cover it up.

    I used to think cops were alright. They have an important job. But now, when I see a cop I get the same feeling I get when I see a fucking shitskin.

    Pure unadulterated hate.

    1. Don’t let them aggravate you luv… They truly aren’t worth your energy. To be rational and sensible,is not their desire. They only want to antagonize and instigate… Spew their closeted,racist views from behind their computer screens…lol… cowards,to say the LEAST

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    1. No. Look at the moment before he is shot. You can see the officer holding down his right arm. He is literally grabbing his right arm the arm he supposedly “grabbed the gun” with.

  23. Having watched and read a couple of things, I have changed my mind on police brutality like this. To be fair this type of killing is wrong and these police officers should be punished. The other side of this is the fact that police officers are people too. They are afraid of dying just like the rest of us and respond like people afraid for their lives. I used to be of the opinion that cops are trained like we train our military but this is untrue. Many of these guys and girls only fire their gun during training and when have never faced a life threatening situation. That is why i tell my friends and family to deal with cops like they are dealing with a crazy person. Act as through they will shoot you at any time, move slowly, etc.

    1. It’s not right to think a cop’s life is worth more than a citizen’s life. Why is the fault always found in the people? Shouldn’t it be that the cops realize that the citizens are people just like themselves and like the rest of them, respond like people afraid for their lives? Why is it that the citizen is expected to see that in cops, but cops are not expected to see that in the citizen?

      1. Why’s everyone always crying about cops killing the 6% of the population(black males 16-27 I think) that are responsible for nearly half of the murder rate?? They put themselves in these situations not the police!!

    2. Disagree. Dude had a gun and he was fighting with the police. They are human beings that wanted to go back to their families at the end of the day, and when they found themselves in a violent struggle with an armed man, they (reasonably in my opinion), decided to use lethal force. You can tell how the cop reacts afterwards that it wasnt how he wanted it to go down, but the dead guy precipitated this situation, not the police.

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