Seven Decapitated Bodies Found in Jojutla, Morelos, Mexico

Three Severed Heads of Young Men on a Narcomensaje in Jojutla, Morelos

Remains of seven headless bodies were discovered at around 5pm on Thursday, July 12, 2012 in a Nissan pickup truck with the State of Guerrero licence plates. The truck was parked next to an Apatlaco gas station on Boulevard 17 Abril, within a community named “Los Pilares” in a municipality of Jojutla, state of Morelos, Mexico.

Three of the heads belonging with the bodies were found weighting down a narcomensaje in Puente de Ixtla, in a community of Norte, on Avenida México 20 “A”, outside a kindergarten called “Fanny Anitua” (what the fuck kind of name for a kindergarten is that?).

Three other heads were found in a community of Tehuixtla, on Calle Ricardo Sanchez, weighting down another narcomensaje a few meters from Boulevard Benito Juarez, near the Posada Tehuixtla Hotel. No word on the seventh head.

In terms of geography, one set of heads was deposited 20km away from the bodies, the other set 30km away. Narcomensaje bore the following test:

Germán y Nico: aquí es territorio FM. No importa que el Ejército esté contigo, tenemos ubicadas sus casas y laboratorios. Te doy tres días para que nos busques y nos arreglemos o de lo contrario entraremos a volar y destazar todo. ATTE: FM

English translation (thanks ragcia):

Herman and Nico: This is the territory of FM. We don’t care if you work with the army. We know where your house and labratories are. You have three days for us to either meet and fix our problems or we can just come in and butcher you all. ATTE: FM

FM obviously refers to “La Familia Michoacana“.

Mexican police later arrested Omar Irám Guzmán Ortiz, aka El Nueve (The Nine) and four of his accomplices on suspicion that they were behind the killings (as well as countless other kidnappings and executions of rival cartel members). 29 year old EL Nueve was a businessman in Tlaltizapán, Morelos where he operated an insurance company under a name of Morelos Seguro. He was alleged to have been a head of La Familia Michoacana in the area and used his business to launder the cartel’s dirty money.

El Nueve’s accomplices were identified as 24 year old Edgar Ortega Arenas Adiel aka El Tribi (The Tribi) from Zacatepec, 59 year old Clemente Gonzalez Valencia aka El Clavo (The Nail) from Tlaquiltenango, 26 year old Jesus Valencia Corner aka El Chuchín (The Chuchín), and 28 year old Obed Gomez Ramos, aka La Oveja (The Sheep – my favorite nickname of the bunch) both from Jojutla.

Three of the victims were identified as high school students, one as a driver of a public transit minibus, one as a street merchant and one was unemployed.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. translation.Herman and Nico: this is the territory of FM. We dont care if you work with the army . We know where your house and labratories are. You have three days for us to either meet and fix our problems or we can just come in and butcher you all atte fm

    1. Dude, shits kickin off in every country even our own good ole USA… fuck, airplanes crashin through buildings and deranged phsychos thinkn that their the Joker take’n out innocent people at movie theaters. I’ll vacation in the US where I can carry my 45 …at least I can try to protect myself and friends.

  1. What a fucking pathetic place to have to live, it’s no wonder they will do anything to get out of that country, I sure as hell would too. No need to declare war on that type of place, shit, they are committing their own genocide, and will wipe themselves off the planet within the next twenty five years or so, I assess.

          1. Thank you for the compliment, you are very sweet! 🙂 I’ve gotta keep posting here, lol, it’s beginning to make me feel 15 years younger, really uplifts my spirits!!

          2. Sorry to tell you this sweety, but the birth rate is about 100 times higher then then the murder rate, or something like that.

    1. I agree, I used to love partying up in Alcapulco but now I prefer Sandiego even though we have our own crazy shit going on here to worry about…I carry more my 45 every where I go to protect my friends and myself.

  2. It’s good to see that one section of the population is dedicated to reducing the numbers of another section of the population. The cartels are performing a public service. I love the cartels! Less beaners is a good thing.

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          1. Oh yes, I fully understand, When I was taking amphetamines for what they thought was ADHD, my appetite was gone, Once I was taken off I began binge eating, But I began drinking yerba mate tea and it brought up my metabolism slowly enough to regain regular metabolism. It’s an off topic discussion but its valuable insight…I guess..

        2. @baked, carry on, I don’t think anything is going to change, do NOT apologize for any off topic comments again! On the original HTP post, I’m sure Mark said things will probably just carry on the same, it’ll be too hard for him to ‘police’ it and determine what is far or close to the topic?

          1. Yeah, it was an idea but upon further thought, I don’t think it would be technically implementable. Though as an idea I think it had a point, but in practice it would be very impractical so it’s best to keep the things the way they were. I may however created pages dedicated to some topics which are unrelated, but repeatedly occur.

          2. I’m keeping my off topic comments to a low, It throws off the original vibe of the gore.
            y’know, Unless someone needs my expertise.. hehe

  4. Looks like Google Translate did well this time! Let me take my shot:

    Germ?n and Nico: this is FM territory. No matter the Army is with you, we have located your homes and laboratories. I give you three days to come find us and make us a deal, or else we will begin to fly and ravage everything. ATTE: FM

    Hope that helps.

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          1. @Phatman- I have an appointment set up but the soonest they can pencil me in is early next month.

            I am also seeing a counselor as this is induced from a psychological issue. (nightmares/terrors)

            I probably get, on average, 30-60 hours of sleep per month. Since I am up all night and most of the day I just pass the time by submitting content to BG.

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            Thanks for the advice. I feel like I am going insane already.

          2. I’ve been there, I was almost put in a hospital cause I only slept for two to three hours every other day for almost six months, people have told me things I did and said, though I cant remember much, I still have insomnia when I run out of pills.

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          4. Trazodone does not make you think of suicide more, if anything it can make you feel a little hung over, I am nowhere near as suicidal as I was before I started taking it.

          5. @Baked- The only problem with Cannabis is that it is illegal. I toke up if I visit my friends in Virginia, or if I visit one of my good friends down here in Alabama but I will never go out of my way to buy it and I will not have anyone drop anything off at my house.

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            Though during my wake and bake days my life just seemed easier. I slept normally.

            @Phatman- Hopefully with whatever they put me on, it won’t cause me to have suicidal tendencies. I hate to admit, but I have had a great deal of suicidal tendencies because I just want to sleep. I want to shut my eyes, and not wake up..

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          6. @heliopsis- I exercise a lot, finger the snapple, but self acupuncture I have not tried. I wouldn’t know how or what the consequences would be.

          7. @nikki, I thought that said “when you visit your friends vagina”
            Yes, my mind is in the gutter,but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  5. “Three of the victims were identified as high school students, one as a driver of a public transit minibus, one as a street merchant and one was unemployed” – not your stereotypical cartel members then, probably low level street dealers, the students were probably selling some green to other students and this is the price they paid – tough life.

    Drugs are bad (also good,sometimes, but mainly bad).

    1. Yeah what the farkle? Obviously they were trying to send a message, but to who? If the info about the victims is true, then what now? Should all the other students be afraid to go to el schoolo from now on? No more bus drivers? Should people stop selling hand-made speedy gonzales panchos and peyote baskets? Either these FMs are wasting their time on innocents or the victims liked the smell of “powdered sugar”, if ya know what I be sezzin

  6. I have 2 cousins in veracruz and they told me they rarely ever see any violence..
    I think people in mexico have been desensitized with all the shredded up mexicans they have seen.

  7. What a dump! Is it just me, or do these posts from Brazil, Mexico, etc not seem like were looking at people? I feel like I am reading an animal documentary!

    Great post, though I’m not knockin’ it. Places like Mexico just seem to be on repeat with the killings.

    Upon entering Mexico, the sign should read this…

    “Mexico, up a head.”

  8. Still lacks creativity. Just imagine, a little super glue, a few paper clips, and some needle and thread and they coulda put some dope expressions on their faces. I can see them now all lined up: Bashful, Doc, Sneazy, Grumpy………

  9. To be totally honest.

    As much as I enjoy the sheer volume of Gore and filth coming out of these nations.

    I couldn’t give a toss about the politics.

    As long as it doesn’t have a knock on effect on my Nations… They can do what they want. Hell. I will even sell them the weapons.

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          Hey what about having a fun/bizarre fact section on BG? It seems there are plenty of people here that like to learn something new every day. Stupid idea? Yeah, probably.

          1. Ohhh.. I thought you were calling me a Turkey… haha!

            I should have known that bowling fact considering I go mini bowling with friends a couple times a month (but it’s a drinking environment with loud music ..and no turkeys 🙁

            I think a fun/bizarre fact section would be a good idea considering I just learned something ! 😀

  10. Some countries just get themselves over populated . Some country de-populate others because they can . Some countries keep population controled by fighting among themselves . . . . a good substitute for family control measures .

  11. Glad to see that kindergarteners are getting and education in human anatomy in Mexico these days. They are sure to advance to the head of the class, that is if they can make the cut. Too bad guts and other internal organs weren’t there as well. However, I don’t know how the Mexican school year goes, so maybe the place was closed that day.

  12. What people searched for to land here:

    Mexican drug gang castration video without music

    Ha! Blood and gore is fine, just censor that fuckin music. Personally, I think it’s a nice touch. Hannibal Lecter has his violins and pianos, mexicans have groovin’ tubas and accordions.

  13. Thing is, us Americans fuel this business. We’re keeping these assholes in business. Mexico doesn’t have a drug problem, USA does.

    I also find it hilarious that Guzman thanked the drug policies of Bush (both Poppy and Dubya) and the CIA for making him a billionaire.

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