Seven Year Old Indian Boy Beheaded and Disemboweled in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh

Seven Year Old Indian Boy Beheaded and Disemboweled in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh

In Quraishiyan locality in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, India, a seven year old boy named Moonis was brutally decapitated and disemboweled. 26 year old Najeem is suspected of killing the child.

Boy’s uncle Moeen claims he stumbled upon Najeem beheading Moonis, but when he tried to intervene, Najeem attacked him too. With the help of other villagers, they overpowered and detained the killer.

Props to Best Gore member @carborandom for the pics and the video from his hometown:

Couple of pics:

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          1. have to agree i think that half the keyboard warriors that post what they think are humorous jokes on here have never seen a dead child let alone a murdered child, i have seen several in real life not on a computer screen from brazil, and whilst i enjoy the reality of bestgore and have done for a long time i think some of the dudes that laugh and scoff about dead kids either dont have them or have never actually seen areal one in the flesh

        1. Unfortunately, the inverse is also true. Since we don’t know this person, we won’t actually be better with him, either. For all we know, he sexually-abused a puppy and the guilt of committing such an atrocious act is eating at his conscience.

      1. Whatever your circumstances may be, I hope you have thought long and hard on them. Giving up is easy. We do not know what lies on the other side. I’m going to guess there is no Best Gore waiting, in all it’s putrid glory. If need be, make BG you’re new reason to live. Whatcha got to lose? It’s worth a shot?

          1. @SheCat

            No, looking at gore is not ‘normal’.

            Normal people (i.e., Sheeple) are ignorant, foolish and when presented with the realities of this world (such as that little boys get hacked to bits) they shove their pinkies in their ears and scream that anyone who would investigate such happenings are freaks/abnormal/sickos.

            My advice, tell your friend or whomever said that to you to fuck off. They can wear their colored sunglasses their whole life if they want, but you should not be admonished for refusing to limit your streams of entertainment to Good Morning America and Chrisley Knows Best.

    1. Horrible, disgusting people. Acting like they’re on the moral high ground. Yes Allah, No Allah. If these are the actions of the few the many should be the first to clean up the messes these radical leave around. They should be ashamed of themselves, letting this pass as justice in any twisted way at all. They will reap what they sow, the sooner the better. Don’t come crying to us when it happens.

  1. Once upon a time, I would have said “terrible terrible”, but nowadays, I’m becoming more and more convinced that there are a lot of people who exist only because their parents either couldn’t afford, didn’t know about, or didn’t feel like using, a condom. I’ve seen a mother rabbit chew her own young to pieces; what’s a human, but an overgrown, more “intelligent” version of a rabbit?

    1. Rabbits don’t eat their young of evil, perhaps they don’t even have such concept in their minds. Usually only if they are stressed and think they cannot rais their babies, only then they eat them. Similarly do most other small mammals. Then by eating them take some of the expended energy back and continue their life. Humans are wasteful, why mothers don’t eat abortions and stillborns?

      1. Culturally speaking, we just don’t do that. Back in the days of the Great Conquests, cannibalism was seen as something only savages would partake in, not civilized people.

        Spiritually and religiously speaking…actually, I don’t think the Bible forbids cannibalism. Sure, one of the commandments says “thou shalt not kill”, but no commandment says “thou shalt not partake in the eating of human flesh”. Thus, you COULD eat parts of a person and keep them alive, or you COULD simply eat the flesh of someone who has already died, but…even though I’m an agnostic, I still feel that eating a person, you DO absorb their essence, even if it is only at a chemical level, and not the spiritual level that savages pretended to consume when they ate their fallen rivals. The idea of eating one’s own young must be doubly repulsive to a parent, but Albert Fish (interesting fellow) sang praises to the meat of children he managed to capture and eat.

        Medically speaking, cannibalism can actually kill you. The whole mad cow disease fiasco began when cows were being fed the remains of other cows (fat, ground-up bone and such) in an attempt to find a use for these throw away items and cut costs. A similar disease, which I think is called kuru, has been observed in cultures that still practice cannibalism.

    2. I don’t get this thinking… because someone is less intelligent and can’t find his way in the world it makes it okay to murder them? They say prejudice births malcontents and when I witness social inequalities like this it makes me understand the columbine massacre and how people get pushed into killing others in striking back. They’re not psychologic or weirdos, simply pushed into an insurpressable rage.

      1. Why are you trying to decipher the mind of a Madman? does it really matter what this guy was thinking before he slaughtered and innocent child?… and if it was some insuppressible rage then maybe it was because he finally got tired of this smart mouth little fucking Bratz who would not shut the fuck up or behave in any kind of way… this fine upstanding young man finally lost his ever-loving mind and just snapped that’s why there is a look of satisfaction On this man’s face the evil little devil is finally dead saith the psychotic break

        1. He could be saying over and over again I don’t care I don’t care !! The little fucking bastard will finally behave now !! Will he not??? …… yes just a little bit crazy… pay attention now for this is what happens to little fucking entitled brats who think they don’t have to listen to anyone… oh no wait a minute … this is what you do to little cats who hate people but keep coming around and hanging out but won’t let you pet them… Hmmmmmmmm nope it still doesn’t work I guess you have to be a little bit crazy to do something like this

          1. He’ll be two years old when Father’s Day comes around…
            I keep telling my son… “My grandson’s big enough that he needs to go out and get a job…” ๐Ÿ˜€
            Thanks for asking… brother…

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          He is so stupid, that he thinks everyone in first world countries die in their sleep lol
          What a dumb ass.
          Just ask that tool @gnat how easy it would be to have a lathe rip your arm off if you’re not paying attention. And it has happened. I live in Canada. It happened To a white male. Too stupid to tie his sleeve and well…he only has one arm now.

      1. Villages are worse than urban areas in India, especially the ones in UP, and this happened in western part of the state which is full of illiterate and poor savages. It’s the worst state when it comes to gang rape, mutilation, honor killing, female foeticide, religious/ethnic/casteist hatred, even 9 month old babies get raped and its full of fucking Muslims. There are places in U.P. which are 80% Muslim, you feel like you have entered Pakistan. I hail from west UP, myself. Thank God, I didn’t have to grow up there.

    1. No you didnt. This was the work of scorpion from mortal kombat x performing his special fatality after beating najeem in a flawless victory. Scorpion and najeem go way back from when before shao khan opened the portal to outworld. Get your facts right @suraj-adh aka curry puncher

    1. Hell yes dude, demons. These fuckers on bestgore like to constantly make jokes of the deceased in almost every article on this site and they fail to realize that they’re is a much darker force involving some of these horrendous murders we see on here. Why else would a 26 year old man skin, dismember, mutilate and decapitate a young boy? Demonic possesion plays a big role in this case of brutal cold-blooded murder. (Since India is shit poor and full of people practicing black magic and what not)

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  2. My god. What a horror scene. It looks like he was going to cut him up like an animal and eat him. 7 years old? What could poor child have done to deserve this? Hope he found his death quickly.
    But the article says that someone stumbled upon the beheading, went for help to overmaster the killer. Then he either did a really long time searching for help or either the stripping began before the beheading.

  3. Funny because “muni”, pronounced “mooni” in greek means cunt. Does it have anything to do with the reason of the killing?
    I think he has being lynched and beaten into a pulp afterwards. Extrajudicial justice is very common in India, particularly in more remote places with the traditional extended family system intact and small police presence. Whatever he got, he deserved it 100%. Burn him in a pit.

  4. That sick fucker is a piece of shit waste of life, hope he suffers and suffers more pain and torture than he can imagine before his rightful death. Poor helpless kid, his parents and family must be in agony.

  5. India… smh

    and this is a country that has nuclear weapons..

    shitty toilet system, caste system where beggars starve to death but cows are fed, beheading and mutilation but yes… they have nuclear weapon.

    Fucked up priority anyone?

      1. Seems like we have a dothead over here at bestgore LMAO.

        Caste system is what is keeping India down.

        India is the worst when it comes to discrimination based on familial class. If you are born to a lower (untouchable) then you will always be considered the lowest (nothing; no amount of academic achievement can change that). This is why Indians will always be known as backward, barbaric savages.

        You guys rather feed cows and rats than homeless people in India and you guys shit everywhere. I smell the stinky, pungent curry at your immigration shop here in my country and it stinks the whole place. At least take a shower dude.

        1. There is reservation system in India, a form of affirmative action to help the lower castes. People don’t give money to beggars because they are trafficked children who work in collaboration with thugs. They share the money they get from begging among themselves. If you give them food or clothes then they will reject it. They take the money and waste it on cigarette or alcohol so its not our problem. They are responsible for their own misery. Once a kid was pestering me for money, so I took out a coin of Rs. 1 that I had in my pocket, he rejected it saying he wants at least Rs. 2. So, I told him to fuck off. If someone’s giving you something for free then you should be grateful about it. This is why no one here cares for beggars or poor. There’s nothing you can do about them. The way some people throw around the word “caste” everywhere makes me cringe. Yeah, it does exist but everything is not related to it.

  6. It’s disheartening to see these types of killers. A one and done sort of deal. They don’t really try and hide the body, or try and not get caught. I don’t hear enough about killers who fool the police, and keep killing for many weeks, months even! I’m not going to justify my thoughts. But serial killers are just so uncommon nowadays. I guess with the security advnacements with cameras and all that it’s hard to get away with it. But goddamn it could be worked around. I wait patiently for someone who can really get a murder done properly with excellent craftsmanship. Until then. These idiots will have to do.

  7. A day later and he is still dead. It’s an unusual concept of how the world goes on.
    Seeing it revolves around yourself.
    But I guess it’s like sleeping.
    Just experience what you can.
    I don’t mean take drugs, and have reckless sex.
    Those are nice things but what I mean is be mindful.
    Be aware of how you take your next step and your whole body is rushing ahead of you to go in reality..- nowhere.
    Be mindful of how you suck in one breath, and push it out.
    How your feelings of calmness, uncertainty, joy and anger swell up inside.
    Take note of the intricate designs on the leaves of a weed you so causally crush underneath your foot.
    Feel the blistering cold sting your skin, and the sun kissing your arms.
    Because we might not experience anything else forever.

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