Severe Facial Injury After a Gunshot to the Face

Severe Facial Injury After a Gunshot to the Face

These are high resolution close up photos of an Iraqi man who was shot in the face. Doctors attend to severely injured man in the hospital, though I’m not sure how much they can reconstruct his face. Whole bottom half of his face was literally blasted off, but if that can be said – he was lucky not to catch the bullet in his brain or his eyes. He may never be able to eat the same way normal people do as his jaws are destroyed, his teeth are obviously gone and tongue sufered severe damage too, but may still be saved. Truly an unlucky day if you get a gunshot to the face like that. Very bloody, very gory and all images are available in high resolution, good quality and were taken from up close.

Doctors in Iraq must be used to seeing the most horrific injuries, I can imagine. I don’t know who this man was, it’s possible that he was just at the wrong place in the wrong time and caught a bullet in his face. He was probably conscious after he was shot. It must have been incredibly painful, but no vital organs seem to have been hit. I don’t even think the shot would have knocked him out. The agony must have been severe. Gruesome facial injury.

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9 thoughts on “Severe Facial Injury After a Gunshot to the Face”

  1. omg wow!! according to your posts Best Gore it seems like stuff like this happens everyday…cuz everyday u post something new..ok this is really sad!! i hope the doctors can do everything they can for him… idk if i can even live with myself if that happened to me…he must be in great depression right now and my heart goes out to him…oh man!! im usually not into all this gore stuff, but curiosity gets to the best of me when it comes to these things…it’s like a wake up call that your world can be suddenly turned upside down in an unexpected way

  2. That is one epic wound. He may not have felt anything as it would have happened quickly. Pain receptors can shut off with severe pain such as which would otherwise have probably been experienced here. I’m sure it hurt afterwards though :/
    Frankly, if I were in his position, I wouldn’t want to live another day. Living a life like the one he faces ahead, is not a life at all.
    Damn guns. And people. Two things this world needs less of.

  3. There are stories of similar injuries being survived during the Civil War. Check out the short story ‘Sunday Go to Meeting Jaw’, that offers a horrific look at what this sort of injury would be like to a survivor. Personally, I would use my sidearm to finish the job.

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