Severed Head and Dismembered Limbs Found in Rubbish Pile

Severed Head and Dismembered Limbs Found in Rubbish Pile

Severed Head and Dismembered Limbs Found in Rubbish Pile

According to the backinfo I got, this was filmed in Moscow, Russia. The video shows a severed head and dismembered remains of a man that were found in a rubbish pile.

I also got the info that the remains are of a football fan. Whereas the world cup is currently being hosted in Russia, it seems like a convenient thing to claim, but there’s nothing in the video that could suggest that true. Could very well be your average Mexican narco square up.

Props to Best Gore member @mentalimage for the video:

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      1. Supreme Leader, our Daewonsu and People´s Beloved Commander,
        Last time i was in miami the burmese pythons were very hungry because no one gets disposed of “butchers waste” in the swamps anymore. A sad story, the US team is going to shit, though its true they have gone through some kind of a revival this year – still nothing like the good old 70ties.
        A note aside I like your new hairstyle. Your face shows qualities every man envies for.

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      1. I knew germany would get a last minute goal against sweden i’ve seen them do that about a 100 times and england they have given themselves the kiss of death, 6-1 and they’re all fired up, now just watch them crash and burn

          1. Because they know it’s all staged. That little boy who was pictured drowned at the beach was probably murdered by his oen people and the body was obviously staged for the photo. These people are animals

    1. Hey Brother @bubbaray
      It has been awhile my man, and it’s nice to see you again, even though we have differing views on some topics.
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      1. Thanks, @thedre.
        You’ve been cool with me since day one.
        We definitely disagree on some topics, but that’s a good thing.
        If you ever find yourself surrounded by people that agree with everything you say, you’re in the company of liars.
        Cheers, brother.

        1. Well said, And So 100% TRUE as always bud!

          I have made the fatal mistake of doing “Exactly That” in the not so distant past. And although my intentions were good, cause i was trying to agree with what people said as to not make them feel left-out, or hurt their feelings, i only ended-up hurting myself, and my reputation, as people began to call me fake, and two-faced because of it!

          But some good veteran members “As Yourself” got to know me over the years, and knew that i only trying to be thoughtful, and genuine when trying only to be nice, and kind to others.

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  1. There’s no mention of the World Cup or of football. Apparently these guys are an ambulance crew who, much to their chagrin, are tasked with recovering the remains. The guy narrating says “Holy fuck, what a morning. Good morning! Here we are, picking up trash.” Then one of the other guys suggest that they get a box and asks for his phone back. The narrator condones getting a box, but politely refuses to surrender his subordinate’s phone, and suggests that the rest of the corpse is still at the apartment.

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  2. Yes, I can confirm that this is Barry the Bastard, he is a Butcher from a village in North West England called Heaton Moor in the borough of Stockport.
    He had a run in with 2 Russian guys at his shop in March of this year when they complained he hadn’t put sufficient minted lamb coating on their lamb steaks they purchased.
    Obviously the guys didn’t let it go as Barry the Bastard was a big footy fan and was telling every fucker who came into his shop that he was really looking forward to be going to the World Cup in June.

    The result of his big mouth we can clearly see. RIP Barry lad, I will miss your Ham Shank and big Pork Sausage lad.

  3. Pieces still look fresh , not even skin discoloration, how did the find them so fast? Guy is less than 24h dead.

    Toss em into the lost and found pile, might get a bite from someone.
    Too many bald fucks to narrow it down.

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