Severed Heads Stabbed, Shot and Eye Balls Ripped Out in Deir ez-Zor, Syria

Severed Heads Stabbed, Shot and Eye Balls Ripped Out in Deir ez-Zor, Syria

Warriors of the Syrian Arab Army, supported by the Russian military, achieved a significant victory when they lifted a 3 year long ISIS siege on the city of Deir ez-Zor. This is one of the most notable developments in the Syrian civil war lately, a huge victory for the Syria-Russia alliance, and a major setback for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), yet there is hardly any mention of it in the mainstream press.

What the above means, is that ISIS is getting their asses beat despite an apparent open season on Syrian troops to “pave the way” for Islamic State militants by the fags from Denmark, Australia, Britain USA (thank you for your service) and other countries.

But then again, the Syrian government is promoted to the Western sheeple as a dictatorship set on exterminating its own people. Giving their success in defeating ISIS and liberating Deir Ez-zor exposure in Zionist press could open the people’s eyes and make them see the Syrian government as contributors for the war on terror. If the sheeple knew the Syrian government directly contributes to neutralizing terrorists more than their own government, who wastes billions of their tax money on said war on terror, that might present a challenge in mobilizing the sheeple for acceptance of Eretz Israel.

Video below, reportedly filmed after the liberation of Deir ez-Zor, shows unidentified soldiers stabbing, shooting and ripping out eyeballs from severed head. I’m not sure who is who in the video. Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the hook up:

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    1. Am I the only one who thinks most Muslims are illogical. What is the purpose of gorging out eyes from a dead copse? I mean the person is already dead, so projecting your anger and frustration to a dead body is a complete waste of time and energy because the copse will not be able to see or hear your anger!!

    1. I would have gouged out the eyeballs and clubbed out the teeth, and taken it to the local bowling alley. A few games would have been a lot of fun and the skull wouldn’t be any worse for the wear unless it got hung up in the ball return.

      Minor cultural differences. Fun all around.

  1. Watching these vids only enforces the fact I live in a perfect country. Pathetic 3rd world humans celebrate the very thing we strive not to do…. die. They live in pathetic slums, follow demented leaders, rape, kill and torture with celebrations. They have nothing of value what-so-ever in their lives. The only thing is of value is oil and “Uncle Sam” will eventually take that leaving these desert rats with nothing, ABSOLUTELY nothing! Im not just talking about ISIS I mean the entire middle east as a whole. Best of luck you degenerates.

    1. @GrimDeath,,, Although many Middle Eastern Countries were, and some still are, ruled by ruthless dictators, Syria is, and for the most part very different than many others. I am not saying that it is, and was, perfect by far before the Jews invaded it with their False Flag Mossad Operation that many of you still believe really is I.S.I.S. But what i want to elaborate on is the fact that Pre War Syria was one of the Safest, Race, & Religion Friendly, Countries that would put many, if not most ZOG, or Western Countries to shame. And the fact that they were a wealthy, economically independent, for the most part of Jew money, or IMF loans and such, and was a very stable Country as compared to most. Muslims, Catholics, regular Non-Zionist Jews, all lived side by side in perfect harmony with each other with little to no violence towards each other, ever. Mosques next to Catholic Churches were a normalcy, in this most beautiful historic Country. But Israel never liked the fact that it’s population had great paying jobs and businesses, which in turn they enjoyed a healthy, and happy overall population. Now throw in the great rapport that Syria shares with Russia in regards to major trade in oil, natural gas, and state of the art weaponry that Mother Russia continues to supply them, in order to help protect their friend and business partner, and there you have it,,, pure hatred from ze-Jews towards anything Assad, or Syria. And next thing you know Assad comes out on the Jew-Owned Mainstream Media, as a pure, and Evil Monster that must be ousted, or destroyed at all cost, cause Jews cannot have a No Man, but only YES, YES, YES, Puppets need apply, lol.

      1. What do you know about Syria I’m Syrian born and raised, its true people lived in harmony before the war and there was no race war at all, but that don’t make Assad an angel, it was a dictatorship right from his father ruling for 30years and then simply altering the law so his son can rule after him, and what highly paying jobs you talking about? People was hardly making a living, Syria was corrupted you need to pay to get a job you need to pay to even get a small letter from a mayor. Please dont just say things you ain’t no clear about, finally yes it’s all politics war now from Israel and all europe and of course America but the matter of fact is there was an honest revolution starting by the syrian people back in Mar 2011 agaisnt a dictatorship but unfortunatly that was changed by politics and other countries interest

      1. I wouldnt ever order severed head. however last thing I ordered about a year ago came in bright orange box with yellow tissue paper! really made me smile! was so happy and bright, really released my inner girl! great marketing however ineffective as I never made another order

      1. I have hated it ever since I can remember! I don’t know if I had bad experience with it as child or what but I despise it. the noise of it is debilitating I swear I can here it rubbing against itself blocks away , ok that is exaggeration but I do hate styrofoam and well before I even knew how environmentally awful it is

    1. And he will at one point. Once the first nuclear bomb goes off in North Korea you better believe that it will be followed by another one, and then another one and so on….
      However it is my belief that the United States of America will suffer a nuclear blast before the middle east does.
      Israel will be the last to be nuked but it also will be the most powerful and spectacular blast. It’s too bad no human will be alive to witness it.

  2. This is why I tell my kids to keep the fucking noise down. As soon as one of them starts to get loud, the others join in and turns my place into a shit hole. These bastards did the same thing with that head. Lost control and fucked up the football


  3. Another clip attributed to Syria while in fact it’s from Iraq, you could see the iraq flag for a second at 2:17 As well as at the chest and arms of some soldiera, this is shiaa seen obviously from the green ribbons on some soldiers arms and wrests hands. Finally the accent is from IRAQ,

  4. Fatality rally no Mercy back and forth vengeance good shit syrian army only thing is I’m still against the fact if its true or not but if it is I’m against opinion on us federal reserve using taxes to arm Isis

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