Severed Heads of Three Decapitated People Being Tossed Around

Severed Heads of Three Decapitated People Being Tossed Around

Even though I didn’t get that bit of backinfo, the video stinks of Brazil again.

It shows the aftermath of three person decapitation. The filmed killer picks up three severed heads to show them off for the camera, and tosses them around the headless bodies for an added effect.

Pretty soggy environment. Not sure where the rest of the video is. I presume we’ll see it soon.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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93 thoughts on “Severed Heads of Three Decapitated People Being Tossed Around”

  1. I do not get offended when the Americans call us monkeys, or we live in a shithole, I really understand deeply, I’m a Brazilian from a descendant of Arabe, Dutch and Portuguese. Brazil really became one of the worst countries of the 21st century, I remember as a child in the 90s, before socialism ruined my country, it was really calmer, we had possession of a weapon, law was a little more rigid, we did not have the rights human beings to disrupt the laws of my country, I hope for better years, we are at war, remember america, we are brothers in arms for more than the racism that I UNDERSTAND perfectly, I give reason most of the time.

    1. Not many would have said that… I don’t defend my country integrity, cause we don’t have any! But I must say that I did learn a thing or two not by watching the content, but reading what other people have to say. Also you write great English for a Brazilian!

      1. 42ridick, my country in Regime Military, or Military regime are not dictatorship this to big bullshit tell for you, Brazil in 1964 suffered so many terrorists atacks from the communists all this generated a total pademonium, and all workers stop to work. and the a Great Brazilian Army save Brazil from chaos and comm to communism dictatorship. i repeat i dont care Brazil are america puppet all countries have u time to be imperialism, all empires fall and rise. this is history. My country growht with never see in the history, after a republic all this fallen. in regime militar we votted have a democracy. today is a all true you guys speak. shithole, toushand imigrants come to my country, culture destroyed by socialism.

  2. Brasil is really an extreme place, which also means its extremely good as well as extremely dangerous…. but ive only been there for 4 months in total. My dad lived there for 10 years

      1. definitely worth visiting, touristas are pretty safe if youre not a stupid gringo.

        they generally see white people as people with money though, so dont be wearing jewellery and expensive clothes or you’ll get kidnapped.


    1. Sandies also kill women though, but now that you mention it, they don’t often behead them… I guess they’re too thirsty to kill women like that. Sandniggers still want to fuck a woman after she’s dead, and if you chop her head off, it just looks disgusting.

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  4. He should have got the female head to French-kiss the male one.
    Or try to do pretend conversations (with funny voices) between the two heads.

    Come on. You’re going to hell for this crime, might as well have a bit of fun.

  5. Is there some kind of virus to wash the black/brown RNA & DNA out of the world? Seems the only way to save us.
    Saw an old X-files where a dude tries to wipe out the jews with some RNA virus. Of course they killed the guy with extreme prejudice.

  6. Yes, it happened in Brazil. And I would put my money that it happened in my city, Fortaleza, because of their accent and also their affiliation to GdE – Guardiões do Estado (guardians of the state), who operates only here.

    Also, the environment they are is called “mangue”, which only exists in the meeting of a river with the ocean.

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