Severed Heads of Vietnamese Girls Allegedly Killed for Organs in China

Line of Cute Woman and Pile of Severed Female Heads

Severed Heads of Vietnamese Girls Allegedly Killed for Organs in China

The image above was provided by Best Gore member @mardze, who also translated the accompanying text from a Vietnamese website for context, where it is alleged that the girls were killed for organs, but the person responsible was arrested before the organs could have been harvested. I have no means to verify whether the backstory and/or pics are true:

During the disappearance of 100 Vietnamese brides in China last week, it is reported that they were all killed by a Chinese organization for their organs to be sold. The black market is still stirring up public opinion. Some other creepy images have just been revealed that make the world see the cruelty of the Chinese people.

On December 23, 2014, Cambodia’s “Looking Today” newspaper published news and pictures showing that the owner of a Chinese Hotel did not have enough money to pay salary. Staff in the last month of the year poisoned and killed 16 out of 18 female employees; then hanged the bodies of the girls and beheaded them cruelly.

It is reported that the owner of the Hotel has recruited 18 female staff with conditions – tall figure, long and charming legs, beautiful face to work in reception, restaurant. Massage. This Hotel owner lets the female staff wear white dresses as fashion shows to launch customers and take pictures to post on attracting advertising pages.

However, on the occasion of Christmas, it was time to pay the salary and the Hotel owner had no money, so all the 18 female staff members were drugged, then tied up and beheaded with a sharp knife.

A security guard returned home from shift duty, but because he forgot his personal cell phone, he returned to the hotel when he heard the screams of the two girls who had been poisoned but did not die immediately. The staff on duty called to inform the police to arrest the hotel owner to take him to the police headquarters to get testimony. The Chinese Police have not yet released the murderer’s name and the hotel’s address and name.

The Police had collected 16 heads and went to each room or tree at the back of the Hotel garden to cut the strings of the girls down. The corpses are still intact and have not yet been opened to remove organs for sale on the black market.

Thanks for the pic and the backinfo, @mardze.


Best Gore member @taoladucck provided the following update:

There is nothing to substantiate the claim that the victims were Vietnamese. Most likely they were Chinese.

The organs selling claim is at best half true. A larger network of operatives would be required for that.

The part of the story about the man not being able to pay off his employees is true. His name is Yang Huichao. He has a long history of mental health issues. He’s twice divorced and harbored hatred toward women. He liked hardcore porn torture, liked to beat up or abuse his employees, etc.

He invited the women for a drink which he laced with sleeping pills. He would then hang the girls from the ceiling to violate them, beat them and mutilate them. He would behead them after getting off.

16 out of 18 girls were reportedly killed. The two lucky survivors were found still hanging from the ceiling, drugged, hardly aware of where they were. The case dates back in 2004.

Many thanks for the backinfo and the additional pics, @taoladucck:

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162 thoughts on “Severed Heads of Vietnamese Girls Allegedly Killed for Organs in China”

      1. I’m calling fugazi on this.

        The dead don’t tend to puff out their cheeks, their eyes don’t shine, and not having a neck makes it difficult to stand all those heads upright.

        Poisoning someone in order to collect organs for transplant discounters-intuitive; chemicals tend to damage organs and, also, to hang around (to poison the organ recipient).

        Additionally, recovering an organ for harvesting requires a full surgical team; multiple bodies means multiple teams.

        Finally, why leave the eyes?

        There’s two good cornea grafts in each pretty head.

          1. Her condition was a gradual deterioration, so it wasn’t the worst case. However, it had to be done.

            And the second time around was basically to a schedule, so we were very fortunate both times. Recovery, though, is lengthy.

            Thanks for your concern. 🙂

      1. That second head from the left with super silky hair looks like she was really super cute. One in the middle with thousand cock stare seems to be thinking what the hell did I get myself into

        All of them seem to be bleeding out the nose. Doesnt appear he sedated them with anything “good”
        Sad scene.

    1. 中国人的民族性质在外国人眼中向来是不友好的,某些论点甚至加剧了此项态度,但这并不能实际说明什么。人们有必要站在客观真理的角度上看待事件,不能因为一部分人的作为就断论整个关系网,未成年人犯罪可以揪其父亲一部分原因,因为这是直属关系;但社会国家比细胞家庭更为复杂,不应以偏概全,毕竟,他们只是众多颜色里的“黑色”而已。

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            I read the wikipedia page on AP seems super confusing

  2. sounds like cnn fake news to me. None of the organs were removed from their body but some how they knew he drugged them to take their organs? More like they said they were gonna cry rape if he didn’t give them millions of dollars. So they became the next best gore victims. Just fake lefty news.

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  6. I call bollocks on this one.
    These “organ harvesting” urban legends stubbornly keep resurfacing in Asian countries, with only retards believing them. In the Western world people are usually smarter and better informed.
    Let alone that organs cannot be “harvested” like the average person thinks. It needs to be done under strict and complicated medical conditions, with sustained life support (full perfusion). And within a very short timespan to implant.

  7. … killed 16 out of 18 female employees; then hanged the bodies of the girls and beheaded them cruelly.

    Yes, most cruelly. Am reminded of the news story “The murderer then dragged the dead body over the cold ground.”

    1. I like how they keep making mention it was discovered cause the employee went back to get his phone. Guy cut off 16 heads. Seems like that is bigger clean up than a few hours but shit what do I know about crime scene clean up, well that kind of crime scene clean up 😉

  8. I think that organs is the keyword here eheh ya know what I mean Mac ;D X,D .. you would think that or it’s being said such rumor yet in reality all they wanted to do is give head xd ^_^/ …. ummm but seriously dam man fk me sideways that picture in top phew hot hot hot !! I think it’s hand ski time lmao <3 😀

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  10. There are more photos at the link below Mark.

    The site says this in google translate:

    On December 23, 2014, Cambodia’s Looking Today page reported that a hotel owner in the C.C.I.A. for not paying her wages killed 16 of the 18-year-old servicewoman by tying them up and beheadings no different from ISLAMIC extremists.

    This horror story was accidentally discovered by an employee who left his mobile phone to find and report it to the police. When police entered, two girls who were knocked unconscious, but were not able to be hung up and beheaded like the other 16, were taken to hospital for emergency treatment. this newsletter is immediately rampant on networks including Vietnam

    However, immediately the news was also dissected, reporters also investigated the fact of the news as follows.

    The Yang brothers in late 2003 opened a small hotel to do business with karaoke services and serve as beautiful girls. However, the business is not as expected to work downhill, debt for many months is not paid to employees. The hotel confronted the bankruptcy, and the female employees went on strike to demand money, 20 employees began to take excessive actions to demand money and threaten the hotel.

    Staff were worried for fear yang’s escape had pressured Yang to pay in full and promised to meet staff at the garden behind the building. And then the massacre happened when they were tricked into zooming in to get the crib locked up.

    Yang Chaoguo had a rather distressing life having to go through two broken marriages and was recounted as a hater of women, who was sick-minded and liked to deal with violence against employees.

    His purpose when opening the hotel was just to recruit female staff for the purpose of darkness to satisfy him, police found quite a lot of violent sex toys in his room.

    After locking up the female employees, Yang dragged each person upside down with ropes in many places in the house, He also used his mobile phone to take pictures of each scene, finally one by one was beheaded in a horrible way.

    The two surviving girls were lucky when police arrived, they were still unable to stay awake and hung at the coffee counter. More than ten bodies were found everywhere in 2 private rooms, a bathroom and a back garden.

    The scene documented in the dossier is terrifying to panic anyone.

    Police took the testimony of a male employee directly at the scene, named Zang, England said he was called along with three other male employees to receive wages, at which point the killer Yang could be happy to solve this debt problem, like leaving a foundation already on him.

    But by the time you get to the hotel, no one in the back garden is locked. He climbed into a chair to look out the back of the road and was horrified to find two female colleagues one hanging upside down and one lying undying in blood , Zang hastily called the police, after 10 minutes the cane was now sealed off.

    Nothing about organ harvesting.
    Taking Union busting to a whole new level though.

  11. Sorry but after thinking on this I’m gonna call it as bullshit, Look at the photo of the “heads” they don’t look dead to me, too much colour, look at they’re hair, on lots of them its immaculate not soaked in blood, matted and torn where the beheader has grabbed it to pull the head back so as to cut through the exposed throat then twisted from side to side as they try to separate the neck vertebrae to get the head off.
    It just doesn’t look right, more like a cheap horror movie set

  12. Vietnamese here, sorry for the late reply
    -3 things about this post i want to share in my perspective:
    -first off: the web claim them being vietnamese is untrue, there was never a claimed news (in both vietnamese and chinese news as i was googling) or officials for the ethnics of the victim, all we know is they can be from any country (mosly chinese)
    -second: the organs selling is (might be) half true, i was scrolling through news and got no records or claimed it’s being harvested, if there is it’s bigger than just one person and it’s a cover-up
    -third: the story about the man can’t afford to pay off his employees is true, it was one of a time they about to storm his office out of anger, but what they didn’t tell you is that dude has a long history with mental health, basically, he like hardcore porn torture, like to beat up or abuse his employees, stuff like that… so, he invited them for a drink with sleep pills on it with promise he’ll pay in full, then after the pill take on, he hang the poor girls in the celling, start to mutilate and beheaded them
    *-I got a few more pics with closer look at the scene,i’ll ask to post it later

  13. I was just talking to a relative about the subject of organ harvesters and how they take organs with no mercy or regards for the victim. Like harvesting meat from an animal and leaving the carcass for waste. They responded to me like I was some sort of conspiracy nut or outsider. Just like my relatives, Feels like sometimes half our population is asleep and the other half is considered weird or crazy. I think it sometimes the other way around.

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