Severed Head on Backseat in Car Accident Aftermath from Azerbaijan

Severed Head on Backseat in Car Accident Aftermath from Azerbaijan

Severed Head on Backseat in Car Accident Aftermath from Azerbaijan

The video shows the aftermath of a fatal road accident in Azerbaijan. According to the backinfo I got, it happened on the Ganja-Samukh highway, and was caused by the car slamming into a heavy machinery (a bulldozer like vehicle, according to the submitter).

In the passenger vehicle, there is a body with destroyed head hanging out the passenger door, and a severed head on the back seat. I would think they belonged to two different people, but I can’t seem to see the second body.

Props to Best Gore member @davey12 for the video:

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      1. I’m complete dismayed by how short and lacking in detail this video is. If you are going to take out your phone and record, the least you could do is get in there and reveal the details……..

    1. The “missing body” most likely flew out after smashing through the windshield. It probably landed in or near the bulldozer that the car struck. I imagine that the head was ripped off somehow as the body was being ejected from the car.

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  2. How does this even happen? The back of his car isn’t smashed so it is not as though someone forced him up into machinery. He just accelerated straight into it? It was stopped on road and he wasn’t paying attention? Pretty brutal way to learn lesson

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  4. Can’t believe nobody opened the back door to get a better look at the head.
    It’s really not a big deal, I mean so what if it falls out while opening the door, the CSI crew isn’t gonna care too much about that. I hope.

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