Severed Head of Decapitated Inmate Repeatedly Stabbed in Brazilian Prison

Severed Head of Decapitated Inmate Repeatedly Stabbed in Brazilian Prison

Looks like there’s always a party in Brazilian prisons. Except for those who find themselves on the receiving end of violence, as seen HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, or HERE (among others).

A video from Presídio Regional do Serrotão, in Campina Grande, the State of Paraíba, Brazil has surfaced, and shows a group of inmates stabbing a severed head of a decapitated inmate. The head gets a long blade knife shoved up its mouth, and an ear cut off. The headless body then gets its forearm severed so murderers have more items to play with.

Picture quality is not the greatest, but at least the author did not hold the camera vertically:

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      1. @WM

        Lol if a guy wants to use that I’m all for it…less chance of knocking someone up and then the mother ends up on welfare and we, the taxpayers, pay for her new car and fancy clothes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that shit…so infuriating.

  1. It’s really interesting to me how certain members of this site act like every stupid mistake a woman makes means that she (and very other woman) should be ridiculed and belittled for her inferiority. We cannot help having less muscle strength. When we drive, and everything else, we have other things on our minds because have a lot of shit do. We can’t help it, we are made that BUT, when men, in all there superiority, PURPOSELY hack other people to bits and then mutilate their corpses, they disassociate. One woman does something, all women are to blame.

    1. That’s a good observation @irisflower. I try to just laugh at the stereotypes because they are laughable. There are plenty of women out there who aren’t man hating feminists or gold diggers. A lot of us make our own money and pay our own bills and don’t attach ourselves to a man because of what he can do for us. We believe in a hard day’s work to earn a living and if we are with a man it’s because we enjoy his company not his wallet. Oh and most importantly, some of us can actually drive! 😀

        1. Sure, instinctually a woman is going to look for a man who can provide and take care of a family but in today’s world I just call that having your shit together. To me, it’s not about someone’s financial status but just being ambitious…are you trying to do something with your life or just waiting around for something to happen? I think when it comes to gold diggers it’s how you’re raised. I learned early on that I can’t depend on someone else to take care of me and I need to be able to do it myself.

      1. ” I try to just laugh at the stereotypes because they are laughable” “less chance of knocking someone up and then the mother ends up on welfare and we, the taxpayers, pay for her new car and fancy clothes” Confused much?

        1. @irisflower,

          i completely understand what you’re saying. but, what i’m saying is, it’s completely irrelevant to this post, & was pulled directly from your ass. please direct me towards a post (and or) posts that provoked the comment.

      1. @dagri0

        There are a lot of women here who won’t apologise for having a vagina and expressing their opinion.
        You need to learn what’ pushing feminazi bullshit ‘ is vs a woman simply stating her opinion.

        1. @TFL,

          i honestly couldn’t give two shits what sort of genitalia that you have between your legs. once again, i’ve seen nothing pertaining to what Iris is saying, it was pulled directly from her ass & doesn’t relate to this post in any way. therefore, it was unnecessary. case closed.

        1. I’ve spent 26 long days in a Brazilian prison luckily for me I wasn’t abandoned in the main open wing where the killers are I was sat in a little cell with 5 other men right next to the main entrance and the wardens desk, It was still a horrific experience.

  2. Maybe it’s because I love cats so much but I never bothered playing with anything after it’s dead. I like things to shriek, or attempt to flee or even fight against me but after the deed is done I don’t get the mutilation. I used to kill cockroaches and impale the heads on cactus thorns from my mother’s garden and decorate my tarantula’s cage with them. Looked like a scene out of Conan or something. Boy, Freud would have a field day with me.

  3. I would too if I was a Brazilan criminal that just got arrested and was heading to prison. Before the cops put me in the cruiser, I would bolt it straight towards a speeding truck and become pizza than face a big, fat sweaty man giving it to me up the arse for years.

  4. We need to send some of our Americunts over there for justice. I always hear people say that when pedos or puppy killers get to jail the prisoners will handle them yet I never see that happen over here. If jail were so bad why are there repeat offenders? I’ve worked 3 jobs at a time sometimes just to make it and these idiots get 3 hots and a cot without worrying about their power being shut off, how much water they can use and so on. The guy who beat the toddler in the store lives in my town and he got off with a slap on the wrist. No one even whipped his ass. All talk and no action..just like our presicant.

  5. The best thing for all these Brazilian prisons would be to just firebomb bomb the lot and remove these fleshy viruses from the world,who laughs like that while chopping up a corpse? There isn’t a word disgusting enough to even describe these creatures,and if they do get released one day what then? Kill,rape,lynch another human being? Because that’s how Brazil works fucking scum

  6. Un monton de negros jodiendo con una cabeza , oooh por un momento me ilusione , que lastima que esos hijos de puta no grabaron en el momento de la decapitacion . por favor quien va querer ver una cabeza sin agonia ni nada , es mas bien como para jugar como asen los maricas esos…saludos

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