Severed Head Sliding Out of Wreckage

Severed Head Sliding Out of Wreckage

Apparently this is an old gore classic, and upon viewing it, I can see why. It’s not been featured here before so there are others, like myself, who have not seen it.

What we have here is a massive wreck that destroyed at least one occupant. His head ripped and just barely hanging on when we we suddenly see gravity do it’s things and the head goes slip-sliding out of the car. Some sick shit right here, boys and gores. Short and to the point. Enjoy.

Thanks to MrsPink.

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        1. Yes.
          He used to hang with Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger and all the beautiful people at Studio 51. He was quite flamboyant and set a new standard in fruity gay scarf apparel.
          Glad someone else recognized him, I was seriously wondering about my mental health for a second there…

  1. the worst of shotgun/gunshot wounds, the falls from the highest of buildings, the depravity of psychopathic serial killers, the latest idea for a shocking death that isis/isil/daesh bastards come up with…….. but nothing, i repeat, NOTHING – comes close to the total and unimaginable brutal destruction of the human form caused by vehicle wrecks.

    when my day of reckoning comes, and i stand before satan – i would bet my soul that HE is sat inside or astride a car or motorbike?

          1. Yes my subconscious made up alot of faces. The reason i know it was bg members is becauseit involved an immense amount of cutting and bleeding. Anyways, wish i could find someone like that in real life. Nothing better than sex and blood. Imo.. I know, i got a twisted mind. Haha

          2. @blayvier
            Now your talking.
            I would love it if my significant other would look at BG with me, but he is quite disgusted with my addiction to gore. If he even gets a little scratch, he whines. If he ever saw this post I think he’d pass out. Really, no joke. He has worked on a fishing boat his whole life, so he’s not wimpy, just really wigged out by blood.

        1. I don’t dream about other members but I do have this recurring dream where I find myself butt naked on a crowded train on the subway. When I look downstairs I’m @hung like a mouse. The worst part is I can never find a seat and have to stand there holding one of those handle things with all of my shame on grand display. : (

          1. Lmao that sounds like a terrible dream but at least you woke up. I’ve never had a dream where I’m naked in public only dreams where I’m driving and pulling up to a red light but my car won’t stop so I have to go through the red light. I guess that’s my DWF kicking in…

  2. “Head Sliding Out”

    This happened to me a long time ago when I was shagging my girlfriend on the beach…
    Well… When that happened… I accidentally rammed my dick into the sand…
    Still having sand on my dick… I resumed said shagging…
    Then she started hollering… “Wooo weee!… That cuts like a new file!…”

  3. I understand the want and in some cases need to see gore, but for everyone saying they love it? I’m thinking that’s kinda fucked up! I’m pretty sure you don’t love it. Sick bastards lol

  4. This actually happened to my wifes youngest daughter at age 16.
    Four kids in the car, driver talking to someone in the back seat turned to look them in the face and upon returning eyes forward was faced with on coming truck grill.
    Rather brutal and sad. All were decapitated so identifying them was tough.
    My wife was devastated. They actually used spoons to remove body debris. So sad

  5. I think he was just camera shy…he was embarrassed on how he looked so he tried to slide out of that situation ;).

    Btw just registered on BG and im glad I did 😀
    Been watching for too long not saying shit.

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