Shia Muslims Decapitated, Dismembered and Burned by Taliban in Afghanistan

Shia Muslims Decapitated, Dismembered and Burned by Taliban in Afghanistan

On June 19, 2008, a convoy of Shia Muslims from the Turi tribe was ambushed near Pir Qauom and Sadda in Afghanistan by the Taliban headed by Cornal Majeed and Atta-ur-Rahman. The abducted Shias were beheaded, their bodies dismembered and burned.

Taliban, of course are Sunni Muslims. Sunnis are extremists who have done nothing since their inception but wage wars on everyone who’s not a Sunni.

Photos in the gallery below, despite being from Afghanistan, have a very Narco Mexico feel to them. It’s usually the Mexican Drug Cartels that leave their victims cut up and decapitated. Violence is interchangeable. Narcos now crucify people, trait previously only typical of the Middle East and Muslims dismember their victims, trait previously typical of Mexico.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I don’t know if Mark saw this or not but they are now starting to incorporate Muslim prayer rooms in Catholic schools in Canada. I read an article in the Sun that some teacher in Toronto now has one developed for their school. I figure if they are allowed to pray in our own fucking schools, at least give us back our damn Christmas Tree and “Merry Christmas!” for our holidays. We allow these fucking ragheads into our own country and then they start changing laws? Fuck that! A good example are the snackbars trying to get into the RCMP but wont wear the uniform hat cause it’s against their religion. Too fucking bad, ya want to become a federal cop, wear the uniform or get the fuck out.

  2. Ugh, these Muslims… Any excuse to kill other people, and dress up like hobo ninjas. All they need to make their image complete is a shopping cart that’s FAR away from the store it belongs to, and for it to be filled with broken found-in-the-dumpster ninja weapons.

  3. This neatly arrayed and cleaned up body parts looks like some Post Labor Day Sale from The Crazy Haji Store:

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  4. IDK? The pic of all those heads reminds me of that sat. morning ABC claymation commercial that had the white guy and 2 girls that swapped heads at the end. After these messages…………… We’ll be right back!

  5. Yep nothing new there! These Taliban are the fucks that uncle sam in his infinite wisdom supported against the Russians and the Bushes even invited to dinner in their towel- headedness!

    Isnt it funny that zioyanquistan always talks about democracy and freedom yet supports the cruelest tyrants every single time!

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