Sinaloa Cartel Uses Car to Execute Rival on Public Street

Sinaloa Cartel Uses Car to Execute Rival on Public Street

Sinaloa Cartel Uses Car to Execute Rival on Public Street

On a public street somewhere in Mexico, sicarios said to be of the Sinaloa cartel carried out an apparent execution of a rival with a car.

As other vehicles went on about their daily business, the presumed sicarios dropped the rival off on the road, and took a round with their vehicle in order to pick up speed and rammed him hard with it.

Props to Best Gore member @ramiroromo for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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72 thoughts on “Sinaloa Cartel Uses Car to Execute Rival on Public Street”

  1. “The Fast & The Fucked.”

    Seriously that is shit camera handling. Too far to see anything but a slightly dark batch of pixels get run over by a somewhat larger batch of pixels.

    And how shitty is your Ford POS when at high speed a single body on the ground nearly forces you off road into a roll? What a waste of good unleaded.

      1. No.. No… He’s sayin that the Spic was tryin to cross the street to get a better view of the illegal street race.. He was race enthusiast.. When you combine the two words, you come up with RACIST… That’s describes alot of NAssCAR fans… Am I right..?

  2. I don’t think the sicarios meant to drop him off you can see the boot opening just as the car leaves the shot the guy must have opened it and jumped out but he had to be quicker getting to his heels he just sat there waiting for the impact to happen.

  3. Wow, a shame this asshole managed to escape being locked in the narcos trunk, just to flail around like a faggot in the street while loudly calling for help. Of course the narcos expedited his execution Grand Theft Auto 2 style.

    Which, let’s be honest, we’d all pick the fucking car, if pressed to it. I doubt they would be willing to give a victim a dignified and quick death wherever they were planning to take him.

  4. The guy filming gonna get his ass in trouble. His apartment can be easily identified by these cartels. If I live in Mexico, Sinaloa in particular, the best thing to do is to fuckoff from the cartel issues and mind my own business.

  5. this is NOT cartel related video.
    This video yes IS from mexico, the real reason this guy was killed is because he killed a family member of one of the mustang, he was drunk(hit and run while drunk)so as a punishment for the killing they “pay him back ” with the same kind of death, and the the guys filming the video have nothing to do with it, they are just bystanders that happens to be in the spot and try to record the video as quick as possible, while try to hide as much as they could, because being a witness can cost you your life too.

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