Six Youths Tied to Frame and Executed, One Man Beheaded by ISIS in Syria

Six Youths Tied to Frame and Executed, One Man Beheaded by ISIS in Syria

A video newly released by Mossad shows the execution of seven men in Raqqa, Syria by ISIS. Six are youths, who were cuffed to a frame by one hand and were shot dead firing squad style, while the seventh was a man who was beheaded.

According to the information I got, the video is titled “God Vsikveckhm 3” (not sure what that word means), and came with a description stating: “Issuing visible operations of the Islamic State and the liquidation of the elements of the Awakening commando revolution of America in the Syrian desert.” Instead of calling it Raqqa, ISIS calls the location for the video “The State of the Euphrates“.

With the city of Aleppo recently liberated from years of ISIS occupation, Raqqa remains one of the last remaining ISIS strongholds in Syria. Because the Syrian and Russian armies keep closing in on the mujaheddin, soldiers under the command of Israel Firster Donald Trump used white phosphorus on the civilians of Raqqa, and apparently also provided cover for an ISIS convoy so they could safely relocate. That this took place was confirmed by a European diplomat, who claims the operation to rescue the remaining ISIS commanders from Raqqa was sanctioned by Donald Trump.

Since then, the US Army shot down a Syrian army jet, prompting Russia to state that it would shoot down unauthorized flying objects in Syria.

Partisan Girl claimed on Twitter that the leaked photos she shared show US soldiers who entered southern Syria from Jordan to train terrorists. The original source of the pictures appears to be this Twitter account, which claims the pics were taken at US coalition garrison, and cited The Step Agency as the source of the pictures.

The “God Vsikveckhm 3″ video is below. Props to Best Gore members @sagar_jungrana72 and @13lunt420media for this one:

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  1. These videos are always way too long. Hard to find the actual content and when you find it there’s no sound but music and chants over the top and way too much editing to see the nitty gritty bits.

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    1. Yes…now Iraq, Iran, USA is on their asses…how long can they last?
      It was a bad move for the Armies to abolish “flame throwers”….this would be the best weapon….set the fuckers on fire.

    1. I’m reliably informed that it is de rigueur for ISiL to wear pink women’s panties and bras into battle.

      Most ISiL suicide bombers prefer a thong rather than a g-string.

      On a first date, it’s considered acceptable for the male cousin of an ISiL warrior to go home with a skid mark in his pants.

  3. As a mongolian i wish in 13th century our ancestors should have wiped out muslim race.. not struggling with china and become chinese bitch. in many history briefs we tried to destroy the golden age of muslims burning their libraries and their culture, In our eyes it was pretty dumb that people becoming slave of gods. Once upon a time Chinggis sent their 100 traders to khwarizm after few months muslims slaughtered our good will merchants beheading them and sent them back and Chinggis asked give us the murderer so war will not start and they denied then we started a war against middle of asia. the end. Chinggis did lost his over 100k troops on this war against muslim btw we won war against china, 200k against 600k it was pretty epic. and now we are bitches of russia and this video

    1. ending of video tried to illustrate that we become ambassodors or some high rank muslim.. it’s totally false golden horde was fallen down by timur khan and become turkish idk. and turkish idiots thinks that mongol was part of turkey and so china so fuck both of them.

    2. Do not be fooled by these videos. These videos are works of Jews masquerading as Muslims.

      Muslims are pesky and dangerous but Jews are on whole new level.

      For example, in Talmud, Jewish holy book, they are instructed to lie, cheat and scam the goyims (Non-Jews) and even permit the Jews to kill a non-Jew.

  4. The muslimz have struck back:
    “Paris attack: Champs-Elysees driver had explosives and rifle, was flagged for extremism”.
    Large explosion and shots fired on Champs Elysee #Paris looks like on person on ground.. everyone told to run..
    Suspect Dies After Car Carrying Explosives Rams Police Van In Paris
    7:09 AM – 19 Jun 2017

  5. Yo…. is it just me.. Or is the American Soilder that is teaching one of these fucks in the very beginning of the video JAMES FRANCO!? Im Dead Serious.. He looks AND sounds just fuckin like him!…. I must be Trippin..

  6. I’ve only seen a few ISIS vids, but I think the excellent production values lessen the shock they’re hoping for. They look so much like a product of Hollywood, it’s hard to accept the killings are real (though, of course, I know they are).

  7. People, we all need to stand up to not only isis, but the Muslim immigrants that silently lie in wait in the mosques, and the cities in our countries that they have taken over. This is what they want to do to all of us. And they just wait for the chance. Rambling I suppose…..but…it’s happened in almost every country of every person that enjoys this site.

  8. Hmm, a bunch of isis guys with AR-15’s. Wonder how they got those? Nice little editing and quality too, almost seems like a nice fund from the good ol US. It’s too obvious by now who’s really supplying those freaks. Those AR’s are just like my 80% rifle. Only made here in the US

  9. I have seen the worst of the worst.
    I know now where the evil in this world comes from.
    I hope some day we will no longer kill brother, sister, mother, or father, friend or foe.
    Perhaps we will come to the realization that we are fighting these wars for the rich and doing their dirty deeds for them.
    I pray that we can all join together, and unite against the evil money changers.
    Let them cower and seek refuge…we can piss and shit down their air holes as they hide in their bunkers.
    Brothers killing brothers…
    We are killing the wrong people
    Let us gather them up and enslave them, use their riches to feed our hungry, give medicine to our sick, and build a world we we can roam and be hunter gatherers like we were intended to be…nobody owns us.
    Total Independance
    I`ve seen it all…Finally.

    1. you know a fart about the worst.
      you have seen too much tv and you have read too much paranoia-propaganda too.
      you are blind.
      you only glimpse a tiny peace of the shadow of the truth.
      you are human.
      you are the problem.

  10. Isis days are numbered. Satan is doing his happy dance knowing these crazed murderers will be his for eternity. Burning and pleading for the pain to stop – that’s not how hell works Isis. Somebody told you and you ignorantly believe you’re going to heaven for these acts and suicide bombing suspect?! Wow a gullible lot. The Quran does not promote murser, killing – better learn to read and read it for yourself. Change your ways or prepare to live in eternity in the weeping and gnashing of teeth with the devil.

  11. So call me dumb but that guy speaking English in the beginning was an American soldier training terrorists? Or was it solely the twitter post that showed that? Who exactly was that guy in the beginning? An english speaking ISIS member?

  12. this is why islam must be eradicated
    they are willing to do this sick shit to their own children
    i served in the marines for nearly 13 years ive seen kids caned with iron rebar just for reading a comic book in Iraq and Afghanistan

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