Snitch Decapitated, Severed Fingers Put in His Mouth in Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico

Snitch Decapitated, Severed Fingers Put in His Mouth in Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico

46 year old Refugio Nestor Vasquez Lugo was a butcher by profession, but Narco sicarios learned that he was also a snitch who collected money for information passed on to the authorities and that can’t be a good thing. Not in Mexico anyway, especially not in a state like Sinaloa which is a main Narco state in Mexico, out of which the most powerful drug cartel in the world operates.

According to snitch’s neighbor, a group of sicarios stormed the house of Refugio Nestor Vasquez Lugo, wounded him with shots from firearms and a moment later the man was being lead away by the gangsters. It was a fast and effective abduction Mexico style.

His decapitated, half naked body with severed fingers inside his mouth was dropped off on the intersection of Juan S. Millan boulevard and La Carretera Internacional in Guasave, state of Sinaloa. Warning banner (narcomensaje) left next to the corpse read (English translation from Spanish):

This is going to happen to all who spread rumors and give information to Chombi Chemo Garcia Lemo Nunes and the corrupt military police in exchange for money. We will go after every other snitch who thinks they are protected. Message to Viejon – traitor punks who continue with their bad manners in La Trinidad, this is going to happen to Los Lemos Nunes Chemo Garcia Rulis and to all Los Chombis.

I already know that “Dedos” means “Snitch” even though it translates as “Fingers” thanks to our Mexican friends who filled us on the page with the infamous chainsaw beheading video. And because he was a snitch, the sicarios cut of Refugio Nestor Vasquez Lugo’s fingers and put them inside his severed head’s mouth. I wonder if they used baseball bat to his skull to beat out his brain. Must have been one brutal death. Needless to say, Narcos don’t like snitches very much.

Here’s a video of the report on the decapitation by a Mexican TV:

And a couple of pictures:

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94 thoughts on “Snitch Decapitated, Severed Fingers Put in His Mouth in Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico”

    1. Looks like someone punched him through the back of his Head!
      Remind of a brawl I had with one of those border jumpers back in Edjamacation skool in Socal. He swung like a maniac, but I caught him so hard it spun him around like he was doing a fuckin salsa dance.

  1. The video sucked. Not much that you can really see. But at least Mark had a couple of decent photos to go along with the rest of the story.
    Being a snitch in any country is bad. But in Mexico you’ll lose your head over it. Kinda ironic in this case, the butcher who gets butchered.

    1. See, This is why you just got to love bestgore – You learn something new here everyday! I mean, I always knew that Mexicans love fiestas and holding big dinner parties, But I always thought that when they said bring your own “Finger Foods” that it meant a covered dish, not a headless Snitch? See What I mean?

        1. Your just to modest “Rotten” As you are the true king of clever sayings and comedy around here … all I can say is I’ve learned from the best, here at bestgore! You taught me well !!

    1. Most of the time you probably do not have to notify them of it, many of them already knew it was going to happen even before they (The victim) did, as they were the ones who turned in the snitch family member in exchange for some blow, or a couple of thousand peco’s … Hey, after all, a birds got to eat, a fish has to swim, and a Mexican has to snitch on the snitch !!

        1. Righto righto.

          @Tiger, I can’t beleive you of all people are asking this.

          I have this issue if I don’t wear decent form fitting underwear that hold my bits where I want them to stay. Otherwise it’s just damn uncomfy.

          There bitches, I said it.

          I can’t help it if I’m hung like a moose.

          Stay tuned to this one kids 😉

    1. No you don’t You want to go to Lake Tahoe where it’s beautiful, has a vast majority of white people who speak what you do and isn’t very deadly……smel;ls good too and the water won’t give you the life long rotten-ass liquid poopies

        1. i went to Cancun in the nineties, but a lot of things had changed in MEXICO since then…back then, the so called WAR ON DRUGS still hadn`t fucked up colombian cartels bad enough to force them to give up control of drug traffic operations to the US to the Hijos de la Chingada…

      1. in fact, narcos are cool with tourists: when some important narco walks in a restaurant, nightclub, etceterea, they have the custom of paying the bill for all people inside, you can drink and eat anything you want and it goes to EL CHAPO GUZMAN account

  2. I was thinking there really hasnt been any news from Mexico on best gore but sure enough Mexico didnt fail me. The cops are just taking pictures of the rat. Its so easy for the cartels to know who is snitching beause they have everybody working for the cartels. Money will get you everything. Snitches deserve to end up like this

  3. Dude’s skull is caved in and his eyes now resemble assholes…it’s satisfying like no other to see a dead spic’s severed head sporting his shit-covered fingers stuffed in his greasy piehole.

  4. Dedos does not mean snitch it in fact does mean fingers. I’m a fan of this site and the articles posted relating to the cartel crimes. With that said no disrespect but you really suck at Spanish

  5. The people who try to do the right thing end up like this and evil still reigns. I wish the world would declare open season on cartels and the people who buy and distribute from them. After watching all the Drugs Inc. episodes, these people royally piss me off. I hate the shit-stain that that cartels and addicts who keep them in business leave on society almost (but not quite) a much as I do the radical Islamists who kill in the name of their imaginary god.

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