Speeding Motorcyclist Overshoots Corner and Kills Himself Hitting Wall

Speeding Motorcyclist Overshoots Corner and Kills Himself Hitting Wall

In Brazil, a speeding motorcyclist killed himself by running into a wall because he could not negotiate a corner due to the excessive speed.

The CCTV footage shows him come out of the bend with way too much momentum. The road is pretty much empty and there is essentially no traffic, so he had the whole damned thing for himself, but having no vehicles to dodge doesn’t mean the stationary objects don’t pose a threat.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  3. I blame myself for watching the whole video thinking something else was going to happen other than the first 10 sec of wall slamming.

    I would have a nice video of somebody where i live that got run over by a car and got impaled on the windshield but by the time i got there they were already performing cpr, kinda useless, hardly any blood on the pavement guy must had severe internal bleeding. And the CPR was for the onlookers.

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  6. Not knowing how to ride a motorcycle can be fatal. It took me a whole season to learn the physics before i had the confidence of taking sharp turns and such. Not wearing a helmet is just plain stupid.

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