Stabbing Attack at Central Bus Station in Jerusalem Caught on CCTV

Stabbing Attack at Central Bus Station in Jerusalem Caught on CCTV

Stabbing attack that took place at the central bus station in Jerusalem, Palestine was caught on CCTV and it looks pretty bad ass. The video shows a guy buying time by messing around with his jacket until an opportunity presented itself to deliver a stab. And when it did, he delivered and didn’t disappoint.

The security guard was reportedly seriously wounded in the attack. I didn’t get specific backinfo, but I presume the stabbed was an occupying invader and the stabber a freedom fighter. There is no such thing as Israel country. Countries have defined borders. Israel is a terrorist organization.

Props to Best Gore member @a-sick-mind for the video:

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  1. Great act of a true freedom fighter. I hope the occupier suffers a lot. I don’t care for Israelis getting stabbed. Everyday they kill and wound Palestinians since 1948! Women, children and even red cross activists. Unbelievable terrorist state. I tell you, if there would be no israel, there would be no conflict with the Arab world.

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