Stabbing Ends Fight Between Two Men in Bilbao, Spain

Stabbing Ends Fight Between Two Men in Bilbao, Spain

CCTV cameras in Bilbao, Spain caught a fight between two men that kept spilling from one end of an empty strip mall to another. The men fought and fought and fought, then when you thought the fight was over, one of them returned with a knife in his hand and stabbed the opponent, putting a victorious, but cowardly end to the scuffle.

The whole place where the fight took place seems rather abandoned, but it appears to have happened during daytime hours as there’s daylight shining through from the outside. After the stabbing, the victim was found by a dog walker who called for help. Paramedics appear to take the victim away, so I presume that despite sustaining stab wounds to the chest, the victim survived.

Other than occasional bullfighter gore, we don’t see many videos from Spain.

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        1. It seems the dog walker was watching the whole thing from the beginning and didn’t just stumble upon the stabbed dude. In the first part of the video you can see his white dog watching on from the stairs on the right hand side. At first I couldn’t tell what the white dog was, and thought it looked like an albino panther getting ready to pounce.

          1. They are mate , the days of a good old fisty cuffs , are long gone .
            To reach for a knife when it gets a little too heavy , is a true cowards way out . The guy in white proved only one thing , that he’s a total and utter, yellow bellied , craven bastard .

          1. Shit bro you got negroes!!??! Whatever you do don’t feed them you’ll never get rid of them.

        1. Hurry Fred its got my head haha. That was funny shit hearing it. Thx for the link bro. I’m off to amazon in search of that spray now. I’ll test it on the wife when she yells at me for pissing on the toilet seat.

          1. Apparently , 50 Cent has come to his rescue and said he isn’t a bigot but a young naive guy . All ground breaking stuff going on in the showbiz world !

  1. Fuck where Is that audio coming from? SMS like they can pick up your conversation just walking down the street these days? That’s a worry!! And as for the guy….. He had time to get away and he tried to be a hero. Got fucked up lol unlucky mate

  2. Unfortunately, plain fisticuffs and a good ass kicking are a thing of the past. Pussies nowadays just pull a knife or gun or some other weapon because they’re too faggotted to fight like a man.

    Someone brought up bear spray. It would have worked in this situation because they’re Spaniards. You can’t use that shit on messican beaners though, it just turns them on and they’ll steal the spray to put on their next meal.

    1. rofl And I can tell you being a small woman, you run up on me and want something, lol fine take my purse, you lash back and it’s going to be a bullet so you can take that macho 18th century bullshit right back to the ghetto. It’s called the smart and the dead you dumb shit. Times change and so do protection of one’s self. Let me guess you rode the short bus as a child?

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