Stabbing Spree on Taipei Metro Leaves Four Dead

Stabbing Spree on Taipei Metro Leaves Four Dead

On May 21, 2014, a young man boarded the west-bound train traveling from Longshan Temple Station to Jiangzicui Station in New Taipei City, Taiwan. During the ride, the man pulled out a knife and began stabbing random passengers without as much as saying a word. He left four dead and two dozen injured before finally being overpowered by police with the assistance of passengers.

He told the police later that doing it had “felt nice” and that he had planned on doing “something big” his entire life. He also stated that if his own parents had been on the train that day, he’d have killed them, too. He goes on in interrogation to beg for the death penalty. His parents condemn his actions and ask that he is given a swift death.

Sign of the times, eh? Random students these days just seem to snap at some point and go on a rampage, believing that they have the right to kill others solely for their own misfortunes. Nobody has the right to take another life. What makes them do this? Is it simple things building up over a period of time, or a single event that pushes one over the edge? You’re afraid to go anywhere anymore because everyone is so hostile. Makes me glad to be the hermit that I am.

The suspect was a 21 year old environmental engineering student at Tunghai University in Taichung (Taiwan’s third largest city) identified as Cheng Chieh. The stabbing was the first case of murder on Taiwan’s metro.

Video from inside the train shows people using umbrellas to ward off the attacker:

Here’s a gallery of a few photos:

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    1. It really does mama. I was thinking the very same thing! Another excellent post Obli. As for the hermit statement, i also keep mostly to myself these days. It,s hard to trust too many people now a days!

  1. What the fuck is wrong with people these days?

    Instead of taking your anger out on innocent civilians can’t they have some sense and nail bomb a government building?

    All their doing is giving the Jews exactly what they want. Turn on the power not the people fighting it.

    1. I don’t understand that either. In every city you have an asshole who ruins other people’s likes, but nobody can touch him cause he’s got power or someone with power protects him.

      If you’re gonna go out with a bang, take out one of those, not working class people who have it hard as it is. If you can’t think of anyone specific, then settle with politicians or cops. There are more likely to be crooks among them than among anyone on a subway.

  2. The suits are the ones that should parish from this world! these insane motherfuckers need to step up and hit the “business” people hard! there is no 1% we the common civilization are the 0% these suits along with their pawn cops and whoever bandwagons with them just to get a dollar are the power and these are the ones that need to parish! not common people on subways how is that big! this site has shown me the darkness of life and no am not complaining i believe this site is a 1% because it shows what pawns wont show! I thank mark for having the balls to show the truth and making us laugh sometimes when we read what happen to the lost lives!its sad but we gotta have joy too! to current uploaders keep what doing..showing us that you guys or ladies don’t take shit from no one!! fuck the police and fuck these dictators & free the homie mark he ain’t do shit!! have a nice day!!

  3. I know there’s fucked up people everywhere, but they get a good share of them over in Asia. They’ve a style all their own. What this little cunt needs is to be held in a room with medical staff who keep him from dying as he gets the bollox knocked out of him on a daily basis for a few weeks, proper beatings. Then he’ll know pain. A death penalty suggestion for him would be death by winding his intestines out of his stomach onto a spool.

  4. Life isn’t safe anymore. Whether it’s on a subway, in a mall, or running a marathon insanity is everywhere.
    I don’t understand the world anymore, and I don’t think I want to.
    It’s only people like you guys here on Best Gore that keep my hope in humanity alive.
    I know a lot of you here state how much you hate blacks, jews and such, but I’m willing to bet that if you saw an innocent person of any color being attacked, you’d be the first ones to jump in and try to save them.
    Why do I say that? Because you all have a code of decency, morals and values.
    And you have something few people today seem to have-the courage it takes to be a hero/heroine.
    Please, don’t ever change…

  5. @Obli, What makes them do this?

    Psychosis. Psychosis used to be mostly related to long term drug abuse and/or mental illness but these days its becoming more and more related to modern society and all it’s perversities.

    Students and young people in general are more at risk from psychosis because they still see the world as a nice, kind place where everybody has a chance to succeed and naturally when that false image starts to unravel they become emotionally hardened or they snap.

    A recent report that I read in a medical journal showed an interesting connection between mental illness and long term unemployment in first world countries. This is because long term unemployment disallows a person the means to take part in society, no money equates into no social life, no friends, no long term partner, no prospects and no future, therefore loneliness equals despair and despair creates mental illness if left unchecked.

    Due to long term unemployment and other social injustices being rather consistent in modern first world countries these days I expect that we will see a lot more of these random acts of violence happening in the near future.

  6. this week was similar situation where some asians suddenly attacked peoples with axe in some restaurant, because someone told them its only way to get in heaven.
    Im suprised that hasnt mentioned in here, yet

    1. Hmm…Rodger is a narcissist who committed his crimes simply because his ego wasnt being pampered the way he thought it should be.

      I liken Cheng more to the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs because he committed his crime just for the sake of doing something horrific.

      Also, a coward like Rodger would plead for his life if it were about to be taken from him. Cheng doesnt give a fuck about dying and thats what makes him unpredictable and dangerous. They say the most dangerous man is the one with nothing to lose.

      And who fits that better than a man who wants to die and doesnt give a fuck about even his own family?

    1. Indeed @bobcat. What to do ? , a brolly might come in handy or maybe a fire extinguisher . Other than that , if everyone rolled up their papers , they could use them as batons . It works , I got clobbered by a newspaper wielding old lady who was in the early stages of dementia ! , I know , sounds crazy but , it happened and it did hurt .

      I’d known the lady all my life too , said good morning to her and walked on , then , out of the blue …. whack on back of my head !!

      Poor old lass totally lost her marbles .

        1. Haha , cheeky . It was crazy how one minute she said ” good morning love ” , and the next she was whacking me !! .
          Tell you what mama , if I get dementia , I want to be taken to Switzerland pronto .

          1. lol erm , I think we may have to have a quick rethink about that pact ! .
            I’ll take in the scenery while you get the low down on the clinic 😉

          1. haha Ob’s it not cheating were just making plans for a suicide clinic in Switerland when we get old and feeble mindinded. Your welcome to come .

  7. Well, i dont blame him, sometimes i feel like doing the same… very often actually. This is a fucking shitty and unfair world anyways, if you fail to give it as part of the solution, better join them and be part of the problem… And when youre as misanthropic as i am, its not the part that people doesnt care that is key, but the part that YOU dont trust them that makes it problematic. People ends up losing their value when they fail to prove their worth as living creatures, stress builds up, everything and everyone makes your blood to boil, and if theres no way to vent it, it just snaps, bypassing the common sense that prevents from doing shit like this in your skull. The only reasons why i havent snapped like this poor sucker is that i have my ways to vent stress, and im pragmatic, which supports my own common sense, so i think of every consequence before making a certain decision, no matter how stress inbued it is.

    My advise, since keep your head away from thinking too much, find ways to venting it, by blogging for example, play some games, write music, etc, and keep your Common Sense program in your brain upgraded at all times.

      1. # 1The fleshy virus lumps that are sitting within inches or pressed against us. Seriously Ob’s what I really notice is the people in that car dressed pretty much working class, the murderer wore red the only standout color but the lack of egg shell, pastel , lime green and bright yellow choice of colors in clothing lead me to believe the Chinks on Taiwan have evolved from their fashion roots in China but have lost their kung-fu along the way somewhere as well.

  8. I understand how he feels,sometimes I just want to grab a katana and behead everyone in my way I just don’t care if they’re my parents that would make me feel free,but I fear the mental institutions or jail and well I don’t have a katana,he should do it in the train station so he could stab and run and he could achieve more victims it’s sad they were just four 🙁

      1. I can’t live in my own I hate to say it but I need my parents I could hurt my self I need someone to take care of me but damn I can’t stop hating them they aren’t the best parents and nobody else of my family wants to take care of me,I don’t know what I’m going to do when they “die”,I used to go to my tree house but now I no longer fit in 🙁

        1. Haha , sorry for chuckling , but the thought of you squeezing into your tree house just cracked me up 😛 .
          Oh well , stick around then I suppose . Why are there two avi pics now ? I didn’t know that was possible !?

          1. Really I didn’t know it too,but I only see my Jane the killer cosplay 🙁 and don’t worry That’s what I meant when I say the tree house thing,but it was true I try it 🙁 btw when I use a sad emoticon doesn’t mean I’m sad or it’s sad it’s just for fun 😆

    1. I can relate to the attacker. Studying is stressful, you are alone most of the time and don’t really have time for hobbies to let go of frustration. Frustration, aggression and hatred builds up over time. With no way of letting go of it, it will either lead to self destructive behaviour or assaults like this.

      1. Hey man , maybe we should wind back twenty odd years to the second summer of love , all pop an E and get along . I know it to be fact that in that period here in the UK , crime , especially violent crime , took a huge nosedive . And I can vouch that violence was the last thing on peoples minds , even the police who used to attend / patrol , the gatherings , used to laugh at how chilled everyone was .
        I’d go back in a heartbeat if it was possible . 😀

  9. Why?! i try too explain that. (see many Videos and have start thoughts about that, ITS not my experience!!)
    can be:
    1. Humans all bad, and grow up with TV to make them be good and live like “good slaves” in ouer fucking world in ouer System.
    2. it gives “the bad” when it Comes over you by see bad Things, Play bad games, read bad (or good^^) books like Edward Lee. and yes.. the Feeling good, they feel fun.
    But ..they stupid…this “run Amok shit” -it makes no fun, when he is now catched by Police.
    it can be.. you let the bad Energie into you.. you are be bad.

    Maybe.. they can Change to be good, when you do good things. like pray about God.
    It`s the “Energie” and your choice. Whats more fun? 😉

    sry ma english..

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