Storming of Base 93 in Syria – Video Released by The Islamic State

Storming of Base 93 in Syria – Video Released by The Islamic State

The Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS or ISIL) released a summary video of their attack on Base 93 in ar-Raqqa, Syria. The attack took place 2 weeks ago after which time Best Gore featured a raw video of jihadists beheading SAA soldiers slain there. This video is professionally edited and covers the whole chronology of events leading to the attack ad the aftermath of storming Brigade 93.

The attack involved the use of a suicide bomber, nighttime shelling of the area and shooting of fleeing soldiers. Toward the end of the video, two handcuffed Syrian soldier are executed with gunfire from a rifle. The video also shows a soldier about to be beheaded, however only a teaser is shown.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

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      1. It sure is. The MSM is goin nuts in the states at the mo. Lots of talk about the ‘next 9/11.’ Of course it’s gonna be bigger. They’re conditioning the people just like they did pre 9/11, so that when they perform their next false flag attack, everyone will accept the BS story. That way the people will accept the next bombing campaign, the next round of new Laws that will do nothing but deny us yet ore of our rights.

        Have you checked out The Corbett Report yet? He’s the guy that made that micro doc called ‘9/11 A Conspiracy Theory’ that’s posted on this very site. He’s been getting massive respect in the alt media for a few years now. I urge anyone, who hasn’t already, to check this guy out. He’s not gonna try to sell you bottles of pills like Alex Jones, this guys a straight player.

        1. these fuckers are created, funded and trained by the USA in order to get the sheeple to accept their wars of aggression. If they came out and said ?We?re gonna bomb the fuck out of this country because they have oil,? or ?Because they wont accept extortionate loans from the IMF.? We?d be like, ?Fuck no!?

          This is why 9/11 happened, this is why they?ve created IS and trained them in Jordan by the hundreds, only then they were called the Syrian Rebels. This is why every day the TV is telling our people that the Muslims are coming to kill us. This is terrorism. Terrorising the sheeple so that they?d be shit scared, accepting fucked up laws that take away our rights, and allowing our governments to wage illegal wars. All because o an enemy that they themselves have created.

          Don’t fall for their tricks. They want to get us, at the bottom of the pyramid, fighting amongst ourselves. That way they can get away with screwing us all over.

    1. First, does ISIS Have drones?
      The guy crying at around 5:00 minutes in is just sad.
      The other thing is, it is no wonder the Syrian military is getting murdered.
      They should have set up some forward fire sections in front of their main base. That why they would have known early on that these crazy bastards were coming.

      1. We’ve seen drones used before in ISIL videos; I was going to post a fatuous remark about ordering something from Amazon and requesting that they overfly the Brigade on their route to delivering but, that is inappropriate, given the remaining content of the video.

        From the video, it appears that ISIL are definitely capable of planning, including the use of drones, and execution of missions; their superiority was, probably, less than the Brigade in terms of numbers, firepower and armour (see the group of T-62s).

        They have also adopted Western military doctrine in launching the attack at night; that’s a big fail for the SAA as they should have had sentries on duty, and awake, with Officers and NCOs ensuring that they were. Look back at other videos and you will notice that Arab sentries favour big chairs inside and out, and sleeping on shift, until someone puts a couple of rounds through their head.

        That’s not to denigrate Arabs alone as I’ve walked into a USMC FOB where all the sentries have been asleep with their carbines carefully stacked against a table.

        Another SAA fail, don’t retreat, under fire, along the f*cking skyline.

        The co-ordination was very good with the ground attack following in, immediately, after the IED (presumed) breach.

        Not taking prisoners is also an advantage for the attacking force.

          1. having a remote controlled helicopter with a web cam mounted on it is hardly the same as having a drone. I’d like to see these performing precision assassinations with these ”drones”

          2. @arrybadboy What they are doing for an outlay of a US$500 – 1000 is fairly impressive given that most of their recruits are of the ‘spray and pray’ variety.

            Technically, it falls into the definition of a ‘drone’ as it’s an unmanned aerial vehicle..

            Out of the box you might expect a range of 500 m and an altitude of 60 m using a wi-fi system

            Add a Go-Pro camera for card recording and a mobile telephone for some ‘face time’.

            The range is determined by the power of the control transmitter, and it’s easy enough to increase this.

            ISIL has a militaristic structure; the Jihadists running the drones are not the front-line fighters.

        1. @arrybadboy

          ‘ I?d like to see these performing precision assassinations with these ?drones? ‘

          I reckon that an off the shelf ‘drone’ from Tandy would carry a load of 450 g if you tinkered about with it; coming to a trench near Ahmed, this Fall.

        1. @whtpride. You’re so dumb. you probably believe in democracy and freedom.
          USA has been pumping oil since before you were born. The price of oil per barrel will never go down. even if you destroy all the akbars. they don’t pump it for proud USA citizens. they pump it to make money. And since you have money, they will sell it to you.
          even if the oil was coming from inside the USA you would still pay top dollars.
          I live in Alberta, Canada. that’s the country above the USA, just in case you didn’t know. And we have the second highest reserves of oil. And pay more for gas then you.

    1. This seems to be a weekly program from saudi arabia or something… “ALANS SNACKABAR! : The story of the islamic state! – Stay tuned to today’s show, where we’re gonna interview a suicide bomber, meeting with the strategists behind the plan, shouting alahlalala several times for no apparent reason and crying after realising how pathetic it sounds, and beheadings to ALAH for another free snack! Will the IS survive their stupid music while shooting fireworks at the infidels, since they wasted all their ammo firing at unarmed civilians? Find out next when the sun goes up, since we cant see shit during night time… only in… ALANS SNACKBAR!”

      1. Starring
        Mustaffa Shiite, the pig infidel.
        Imran Tek Beer, the drunken commander .. he likes nothing more than a can of Miller Lite.
        Alladine Porksani , his favourite word is sausages.
        and Suicide Ali , he’s messed up too many car bomb attempts to recall.


          1. @Der Kopfsammler The Jury finds you guilty, on three counts, of causing personal injury to nasty persuasions through direct inhalation of a hot beverage whilst drinking. Take him down.

      2. i like your Allahhh snack bar!
        The guy talking for five minutes…..they use their hands, specially their index finger, while talking about Allah………what a bunch of losers. They don t even have trees. Their land is a shit hole.
        Israel has the same landscape but they have trees and fruit plants., arabs are lazy lunatics who don’t grow anything but pointing fingers.

  1. Base 93 was very well defended I must say … Not.

    Not sure whether the guy who appeared green who started bawling, was rallying the troops or pleading for his life !?.

    Dusty wasteland, mud huts for bases, what a farce.

  2. It is not singing it is Koran the holy book of Muslims. The prophet of Islam said a prophecy about these people and any other terrorists.He called them the dogs of hell. Bestgorers won’t believe this and they won’ t try to know

    1. Not everyone here is a blithering idiot with their finger pointed outward yelling SHEEPLE!

      I’ve read a good deal of the Quran and although I don’t remember the exact passage that you are talking about I do remember that Islam is not a religion of violence and that those who use violence to convert people are frowned upon most mightily.

  3. Here they are prrparing an attack against the SAA. The man crying is talking about the men and their choice to die in the sake of the cause. These people in this video are doing what they are supposed to do. Killing the savages. But when the behead journalists. They betray the cause. Whom am i talking to anyway bestgoreres live faraway and do not know. :]

        1. easy buddy. you probably have a hard time with white women. even the ones that don’t do interracial mixing.
          so don’t come here all sexually frustrated dissing females. unless you can prove a point. other wise you sound like the inbred niggers you hate.

    1. What cause ?

      Inflaming the region with sect war ? Divide and conquer ? so oil can be extracted more easily ?


      Didn’t this hollywood movie went on for 10 years, and gave the USA the excuse to invade iraq, afghanistan ? and when america REALLY comes, islamists go hide..and we -the natives- get the taste of silver bullets and white phosphorus !

      Do you think ISIS are real ? like fighting for islam ? then why do they help the israeli agenda to divide and conquer ?

      Really ? caliphate by the sword ? really ? do you think iran will shut up and let you take their land ? do you think egypt would shut up and let you take their land ? do you think all the other islamic sects -whom ISIS want to kill & murder- would let you take their land & end their lives ?

      Please wake up. You embarrass islam & yourself for believing them.

      Others believed in Bin Laden too, even though he was a very good actor, and what was the result ?

      Look at the map & casualties & see for yourself.

      Then look at america and see for yourself.

      Then look at israel and see for yourself.

      1. I can’t wait till an atomic bomb blows up in the USA and they blame terrorists for it. even if they flatten the middle east.
        maybe then, just maybe then.
        The people that live in the USA will open their eyes and revolt. and start a real revolution.
        not one where hippies occupy wallstreet. what a joke that was.

        1. It doesn’t matter what or how these sub humans came to be the important thing is that as non humans we need to be careful of them they are not like us they don’t have the ability to think for themselves they don’t speak as such they make noises and grunt like pigs. Ah pigs that’s what they are pigs with towels on their heads that’s why they like to cover their faces because they look like pigs and if see their faces it’s only an ugly mask. But at the end of the day karma will get each one of them and that’s for sure. In the mean time lets hope they all get a dose of the Ebola virus.

  4. @Ewestomper
    Lol We’re not the ones out there cutting off heads screaming Jesus Saves! I’m aware of the derelicts and their not with it. I’m American, I’m sorry, so it’s very cool to hear someone from another country, how one perceives the world.

  5. Americans, be proud of your tax dollars at work! Obama’s been busy equipping and funding his ISIS buddies and they seem to be doing well.

    So was ISIS cutting off the journalist’s head in Iraq this past week scripted, or a surprise to Obama?

    1. ***So was ISIS cutting off the journalist?s head in Iraq this past week scripted, or a surprise to Obama?

      …it’s both my friend

      For one, the U.S. has never been in a war they didn’t like. Even if they are perceived to be losers in the war.

      Our military, central banks, wall street and our corporate media, are all winners, when it comes to war.

      There are many problems with O’Bomber. (too many to mention here)

      One of his shortcomings, is the fact that he is not a military man. He, by profession, is a constitutional professor.

      …can you imagine that!!

      O’bomber, just like our corporate media, are pure puppetmasters to the military.

      Cutting through the chase, O’bomber knew the beheading was scripted. He’s simply been giving marching orders from the military. The only thing O’bomber needs to do, is o.k. these senseless killings.

      Has anyone ever noticed that our filthy media, will be more than happy to step aside during war, and let the high ranking military officials take over the news broadcast?

      …any channel, it happens instantaneously!!

      As far as it being a surprise to O’bomber…

      O’bomber doesn’t care, nor should he, based on the facts, that our military is running the show to begin with.

      This spineless coward, doesn’t represent the people that he was sworn in to protect and serve. You and me unfortunately, don’t have enough money, to serve his interest to any degree whatsoever.

      Please remember, O’bomber had Bush’s secretary of defense, during his first term in office. (Robert Gates)

      …and obviously there was a reason for that

  6. I noticed several men in the video with watches on their right hand, is this common there, or are they left handed? not to mention that the guy who beheaded foley was holding the knife with left hand, also bin laden is said to be left handed. I know it’s minimal but iit’s odd.

  7. @12:11 they asked that dude with his hands tied behind his back to say; ” Islamic state to stay.” He replied and said; ” Islamic state, we gonna destroy it.” Then they shot him, brave motherfucker

  8. It’s obvious to see that these young men that are the grunts of ISIS are simply sheeple themselves.

    Just watch how they attempt to speak with authority and strength when they’re nothing more than canon fodder that does the biding of a few clerics who are safe and secure in a protected bunker. These ISIS kids, being boys in their late teens and early twenties, have been indoctrinated into a belief system that has brainwashed them into believing they’re righteous.

    I can understand in some respects how their religion has conditioned them to believe those things unbelievable. The apparent singing of the Quran is to be expected as the Quran was originally written in a poetic form that required some vocal embellishment.

    But I continually shake my head when I see them executing prisoners of war (if it’s really even a war under the UN/Geneva Convention). They execute their opponents and sing praise to their god-thing and believe they’re being righteous. If any other opposing force captures their soldiers and holds them in a military prison where they are not executed, then those opposing forces are considered to be evil and wrong.

    Religion, the greatest hypocrisy ever to have befallen the human species, professing to love everyone irregardless unless you fail to praise their imaginary friend, then you must die.

  9. I got pretty fucking stoned tonight. All I knew for sure is that I was at home and I was’nt there alone. I had ordered a pizza cuz I had the munchies going big time but when the pizza came I was’nt hungry anymore. I just sat there buzzed out of my mind staring at the pizza and then for no reason I started chanting “allahu akbar, allahu akbar, allahu akbar…” then I heard something coming from the hallway…”allahu akbara…allahu akbara…allahu akabara…
    I then looked through the peep hole in my door and it was the pizza delivery guy who just happen to be a Muslim. At that point I realized I was still holding the pizza money in my hand, along with his 30 cent tip. I opened the door and before I could even apologise to him he told me in an angry voice that I will suffer a fate worse than death. Hmmm, my ex wife is already spoken for and both my kids have their own lives. Worse than death huh?…OMG! I’m turning Muslim! Now what the fuck did I get myself into? Help me Jesus…help me!

    1. Quick @BB, run backwards in a circle (counterclockwise) three times, then spit on the ground twice, then clap your hands once, and hold your breath for thirty seconds. This is the only way to reverse an unwanted conversion!!!

  10. You know what I just realized ?! (Yeah, a little too late..)

    I googled Islamic State…
    I am just blown away-literally.
    Under the news option, I saw report after report about the unfortunate journalist who’s being a called a “hero” (I’ll get to that…) along with an equivalent amount of reports on “America plans war in Syria and Iraq on Islamic State”, “the I.S. must be stopped”, and “Options for U.S. retailation”. I realize these men are savaging monsters, but COME ON!
    Just one video taped brutal death of a U.S. American and they are ready to send our men (and women) in?!

    Why in the F-U-C-K aren’t we already in Israel? I don’t understand. There’s tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of pictures and videos of those victims, most of them being children. And we aren’t over there giving them a double dose of their own medicine and some?! They need our help now to save the remaining living. James Foley is dead.

    I understand he died a pretty brave man and that deep humming noise he made as his neck was being sawed at will never leave my ears or mind. But he knew, most definatly better than most being a journalist and knowing first hand what the risks were and what’s possible over there. He made a very dangerous decision and the odds were already against him. But the things he said before he was murdered brutally were very bothersome. I’m sure they were staged and prepared but he knew he was going to be decapitated, I’m sure. If I knew what my outcome would be either way, I would never ever say “All in all, I wish I wasn’t American.” I’m sure many disagree but I don’t believe he should be crowned an American Hero. He knew what he was getting into when he left the US to be there.

    It opened my eyes-
    It really has. I’m very rarely at a loss for words, but this, this is extremely disturbing to me.

    1. you’re an idiot if you believe that Jim Foley vid is real….

      the executioner made 5 to 6 sawing motion cuts across his neck before the screen went to black, and NOT ONE drop of blood spilled. I’ve cut my arm, and as soon as the blade cut my skin and into my flesh, IT BLED, a lot might I add too. and Jim Foley? he gets cut in the neck and no blood comes rushing out on the first cut. you’d expect it too, since I’m sure that if anyone knew they were seconds away from dying, their blood would be coursing thru their veins pretty quickly.

      1. Wether it was real or noet, fact is that he’s dead.

        But the truth is that the US, or any other country for that matter, has no business in ME. Iran and Saoudi Arabia created this mess with their silly fueds, so why should we get involved ? I hope people now reaize that this whole mes in Iraq is created as a n indirectresult of the US invasion in Iraq nd we should learn fomr it.

    2. let us imagine you know you are going to be decapitated on tv……you are given a speech to recite…..if you refuse to say what the fuckers want., you will be decapitated anyway…..but first they will rape you or impale you, which is almost the same.
      I would definitely say whatever they want and hope to die a better way. Think about it.

  11. If the Islamic state had the balls to carry out an attack on US soil, well we know that there wouldn’t be no holla back. Those fuckers that lay down for their headshot or beheading gots nothing on the pain that you’ve got coming

  12. They talk about America being too cowardly to fight them face to face. Yet, they torture and kill innocent, helpless and unarmed men, women and children. They should get ready. Because the big stuff is yet to come falling down on them.

  13. They want us to fight over there. They stage a beheading so America will send our troops over there. They don’t have to come here. But everyone is afraid of their shadow so the NWO Rothschild Zionists always win.

  14. Interesting.

    This video was aimed at -quoting from one of them at 12:00- : “This is the answer for those saying we don’t kill Nosaireia”. Nosairee = islamic sect, the same sect of Bashar Al Assad.

    ISIS was suspected to be a SAA cell by many people, since they helped SAA in its fight with the other rebels -FSA & Nusra front-.

    This is pure propaganda. The SAA retreated very slowly, in a very bad time, as if somebody captured them and ordered them to run, so they can be shot in front of the camera while running.

    Where are the bloody torn body parts from the explosion ? why didn’t that fighter jet shoot ISIS ? where did they get drones & software for it ? at the begening -during the put of plan- they say : we will blow the command room with the did they know where the command room is -even with the drone’s help ?-.

    This is so fishy guys.. I never saw soldiers running like that -like pure retards- without even shooting a single shot ! the Islamic States loves to show how its enemies are mere chicken, because to the MSM muslim, that is the sign of victory.

    Something smells american. Something smells fishy.
    I don’t buy this shit. The video is shot like a movie !

    We know that in real battlefields, a cameraman on the front lines would probably get shot ! How did the cameraman stand so safely and shoot with all self esteem ?

    Even Taliban stopped this because it’s impossible !

    Weird..this is staged..these are captured soldiers ordered to do this under the camera..

    No wonder the cameraman stands so safely..the battle was already over when the camera started rolling in the morning..

    I smell american CIA..

  15. WOW …I Love this Video could watch it 5 more times ..The combat is really interresting .. nice attack looks like the Isis overruned them but they also lost man about 14 of them ….Those motherfuckers have balls of steel they show no mercy …Thats war kill them or they will kill you …

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