Struggling Man with Peeled Face and Hands Cut Off Is Brutally Beheaded with Flimsy Blade

Struggling Man with Peeled Face and Hands Cut Off Is Brutally Beheaded with Flimsy Blade

Exceptionally brutal video shows a struggling man with peeled face and no hands being brutally beheaded with flimsy blades.

The floor is covered with blood from his face having been peeled off and his hands cut off, but the victim is clearly still alive, experiencing the indescribable agony with consciousness.

After the beheading attempt with a curved gardening tool fails, the killers put a box cutter to his neck – presumably the same box cutter that was used to peel his face off. A machete is showed deep into his mouth to help keep his head in place. This is as brutal as brutality gets.

Props to Best Gore member @troutkast for the video.

Originally Published on: Sep 27, 2016 @ 16:53
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Thank you very much, @belladona for sending in the video:

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887 thoughts on “Struggling Man with Peeled Face and Hands Cut Off Is Brutally Beheaded with Flimsy Blade”

      1. Anyone know how I can download this, convert it to GIF so that I may use it as my motion avatar on all the sites? Especially the part where he tries to utilize his nubs for the first time. That just makes me rock fucking hard. PS, all you pussies… im not your friend.

          1. I kinda dig it… I mean, if I knew for a fact this guy raped and killed a child, or tortured a homeless man (like those famous russian teenagers), or crushed a kitten… I would also get an immense hard on and pleasure observing his well deserved punishment, which cannot be too cruel for such a creature.

            If he did something ligh, however (for example insulted gang leader or something), I would like to see his torturers in his place to get my fix of metaphorical erection.

          2. Bro, what the fuck is Wrong with You, with everyone, I mean yeah I probably have some issues if i’m on this page but seeing the comments is just fucked up

          1. Ya you. All you do KLS is bitch about other people. Fucking privileged bitch. Welcome to the real world. Hard to see and hear the truth huh? Some people have seen these tyles of things first hand but yet you feel the need to talk shit from the safety of your home behind a computer

          2. Exactly who have I bitched about faggot? I have posted only truth to a select few. You don’t know shit but you complain of others talking shit, hence what you just did. Fuck off twit.

    1. Watch real close, you can see the whites of his eyes make contact with gold watch guy as he starts sawing his neck with that dull machete. These sick cunts need to invest in some 4k capable recording devices. It’s like wanking over a wet, discarded porn mag when you have a plethora of filth on the Web. Have to say this left me unaffected, the video whereby some guy gets his head impaled with a steal pipe is FAR more brutal. That wince, still hear it today.

      1. AGREED. many gore videos have been ruined because dirty south americans / n*ggers don’t have proper cameras. This video would be so amazing in 4k oh my god i want to see the meat squirming and blood coming out, i want it so bad. Im sick of these 3rd world fucks using shit cameras.

      1. Id do this to you too. Start chopping at your feminent fingers being very careful not to hit any major arteries, id eat the skin from your face while you try to remove my chomping teeth with the stumps you used to call hands fk ur life. Thrash

          1. I do enjoy reading these comments. People of like minded psycoipathic ideas gives me a hard on. I feel we should make a cult to just let loose and kill as we please. Anybody else?

    2. I understand shock value and terror, horror. Making your enemies weak. Suffering begets suffering is the only excuse I can find in my stupid brain to explain this. This is humanity. This is what we do; when we can get away with it.

          1. @skullrose 100% agree with you. I absolutely hate my curiosity. Ive been checking this site out for years and always say im not going to watch aymore videos but here i am again. Although this site is one of the main reasons i stopped believing in the catholic bullshit i was raised on and opened my eyes to what actually goes on in this world outside our cozy North America bubble .

    3. Is that molten plastic? I thought they sliced off the poor sod´s entire skin to look like a skull with muscles still attached.

      This is one hell of a brutal and drawn out death to go through.

    4. Why are so many of the “new” videos just reposts of old gore. This was posted a couple years ago.
      And for those of you talking about Trump (I am not a fan either), I am pretty sure this was during Obama’s ‘bin Laden’ reign!

      1. I want to clarify. I am not complaining because the videos are not available in a lot of the old posts. I just want to know. There are a few I would like to see reposted like some of the old beheading videos.

          1. Definitely! Do you remember the narco beheading video that had like 4 kills in it with the one thick-necked guy on the grass that took forever to die and kept breathing through his exposed trachea? Brutal! Some others I’d like to see include the ISIS video with the guy who pukes up copious amounts of blood after a huge stone is drpppednon his head, and the video of the red shirt protester shot in the head with all the blood pouring out of his nose. I am just as sick as the rest of us! Been on here since almost the beginning! I remember the first beheading videos on this site! I also remember when there were only a few pages of gore! Bring back the Dagestan (sp?) beheadings video please!!

      1. Doesn’t happen in every country.. We tend to just get drunk and fight it out in Australia, then offer the other guy a drink.
        We don’t cut people’s hands off, peel their face off and then try behead them with a box cutter.

        I couldn’t listen to the sound (at work), so I can’t really see what country, maybe Thailand/Philippines?

          1. Im trying to make sense of your statement… “we dont use box cutter here in the Philippines when beheading.. that so lazy ‘lol’..”. So using a tool (box cutter) that takes forever to chop off a head, is somehow lazy? “Lol”. I think it is your brain, that is the lazy one.

            And yes, a machete is much more effective.

          1. What ever it was, he pissed off the wrong priest!
            You notice that to maximize the agony they put on tourniquet on each hand after they cut them off so he wouldn’t pass out from too much blood loss.
            When you peel off the skin of a living person in this manner, and you want the eyes to come with the rest of the skin (for a trophy), you have to cut the optic nerves at the same time for maximum horribleness.
            Mission accomplished.
            I agree he was young, older would have died sooner. Did you notice he kept up the good fight by biting and holding on knife blade and stick in his mouth and trying to make a fist?
            Just to help with your nightmare tonight, we never did actually seen him die.
            Jus sayn’

          2. It is Mexico, one guy is telling the others how to do it right, how to inflict more pain, he was telling the guy with the machete to stick it on the chest al the way to the floor to pin the guy down so he wouldn’t move. Mexico has always been like this, but without cellphone cameras.

          3. It’s Mexico. I recognize them by the accent. But the word “verga” is used in most latinoamerican countries. It’s not exclusive to mexicans (I’m from Colombia).

          4. Actually “verga” is used in Mexico and all Central America,from what the killers were saying it looks like this was a Cartel killing a member from a rival group….The killers were just having fun and laughing killing this poor bastard “No dude,cut him this way…so he dies much quicker hehe” and when one of them put a blade into his mouth this is what he said….”Come on…come on….dont bite and let go” what is more fucked up is that it looks like this guy was just in his late teens…..horrible death.

          5. This god damn guy was a champion survivor, well maybe not now cuz he dead but holy crap the fight this guy put up kind of gave me the tip that whatever he did to piss off these people took some major fucking balls.

          1. Yeah @imnyourgirl247 – and to think those pieces of shit were once the sweet child(ren) of someone. Wouldn’t the folks be proud? Sorry – don’t think this one’s going to be Emmy nominated.Most of the sheeple would run out of the theatre screaming if told this was shot irl, documentary style. Now…if they’d only get it together & learn to shoot horizontally.

          1. Damn, dude. The video you are referencing is so fucking hardcore awful. Guy was just riding his bike, enjoying the latter years of his life. Until he ran into some of worst people in the world.

        1. Well than Australia is full of pussies, you included. Mexicans dont play, we are children if the mayas and aztecas. This is in our blood and dna.criminals deal with other criminals. Humanity in that world does not exist. Kill or be killed.better him than you que no?

          1. All I know they all going to hell… trust me in the end you will of regret not believe save yourself before is to late is hard to believe their is a god but is that one risk your willing to take be my guess.

          2. I know the guy being kill probably did this to someone else before cause all cartels do that when they trap their rivals I wish these people would just stop killing each other stop this nonsense over drugs… Can we call these people people at all they seem more like monsters to me they told him he pick the wrong side but sometimes they are force to join when they are young if they don’t join they would be kill or their family so most join sad for them most end up like this guy we see here….

          3. Everyone wants to be a gangster or the baddest motha fucka out there. But can you handle the price ? This is the price for living by sword.

          4. Dominic you fuckin human scum animals are mucb better than humans and only humans do think like this on this movie not animals and for insulting animals you deserve for face peeling like this

          5. @ skitzo tha 90k Stfu. “We”? Lol something tells me you’re American. Only claims to be Mexican because you’re hispanic. “We”??? Lol only thing you’ve killed is the babies you shoot out your dick in the shower.

        2. Thats what a real man should do, they should give the guy a chance to fight, but this happens over either drugs, money or territory, one guy tells him (you choose the wrong side you son of bitch whore of a mother) so im guessing it was a rival cartel. And it does happen in all countries you just wont hear about it in your local news.

          1. Yeah but we dont fucking pollute the U.S with our filthy wet back scum. We prefer our own country. Suppose Mexico is a shit hole full of lazy beans and cheese eaters. Why does mexican food all look like vomit?

      2. That doesn’t happen in every country. I have seen every post on BG and i gotta say only a slim few vids make me not want to have contact with other humans in fear of people having the will to do that to another but this vid takes the cake! That was just brutal as it comes. (Side note why didnt they rec before the hand amputations n face peel).

        1. i don’t think videos on bestgore are a representation of what countries are more brutal. people in different countries may be more likely to videotape and upload them on the net.but i do agree that certain racial or ethnic groups are more prone to violence especially brutal violence like this. things like this can happen in any country though. it’s like saying murder or exists in certain countries. that would be false it just occurs more in certain areas.

          1. The chances of this occurring in England would be slim to none, as the likelihood of being caught and caged would be almost a racing fucking certainty. I’m not saying law enforcement here is perfect but it would take an impressive fucking clean-up to remove the evidence from this crime scene. Plus the video evidence. You’d get caught for sure as the police would use every resource available to catch these murdering shit bags. I believe the reason it happens more often in South America and parts of Asia is purely due to the fact that the law enforcement are shit, inept and massively corrupt. Simply put, it’s just too easy to get away with it in some countries

          2. Way to get super technical @persian but unfortunately your argument is the same argument the niggers use here in the states. “Well what about dylan roof?” Its just a stupid argument. These savage wetbacks should ALL be slaughtered because they are savage animals. Blacks in the states arent at this point yet nor will we ever let them be.

        2. Agreed – I laugh at 1/2 the videos, and get genuinely creeped out by only 1/100. The Venezuela prison plastic torture was another.

          And to think I had just said I wanted to see a GOT style flaying, (aftermath) now I’m not sure I want too anymore…

        1. I guess i’m a faggot because this is one video i will not watch and i’ve been with this site for like two years now this is beyond the beyond amazing how brutal we are as a species but i lost all faith in humanity years ago so it shouldn’t be that surprising

          1. Aw, don’t lose faith in humanity. These are just a couple of guys….out of BILLIONS. Sure, there are a lot of bad apples out there, but there are many more people who prefer not to live in fear 24 / 7 and just live normal everyday lives.

      3. Yeah I see people with face peeled off regularly, in fact, im bout to go to my buddies house to participate in a face peel now, then we’re gonna hang him by the hands waist deep in a tank of Pirhanna’s, later guys

    1. Maybe he was a child rapist.. If he raped a child then he clearly deserved it.. or maybe more brutal death. However, if it was some honest man getting tortured, then seriously these people have disabled right supramarginal gyrus.

        1. Its not funny, small eyes twat, muslims will behead child rapist, in country practising Islamic law. your ignorance to others faith such as Islam make me sick to read your stupid comments,
          Please do research before you post your brainless statement.
          Muslim Extremist and terrorist have nothing to do with muslim who just live their life.
          Genocide by Buddha in Myanmar to minorities , mass killing by Hindu in India, mass murder Christians committing since no gun powder age.
          Why you and the other fuckers silence on them . Fuck off Xizang

          1. Mass killing by hindu in India ? what are you smoking m8 ? you are clearly a pakistani piece of shit trying to spread bullshit…. and all you motherfuckers deserve death.

          2. You sound just like every other muslim apologist. Get your fucking religion in check @tuahantizion. If the Muslims and Jews weren’t around maybe we could keep a more watchful eye on these wetbacks slicing each other up but instead we need to focus on keeping your shit religion in check over in that sandbox shithole known as the middle east. Fuck Islam.

      1. It requires a profound level of antisocial sociopathic behavior to be able to do such a thing to a human being so I’m going to put such people in the same category (maybe worse as this involves death) as child rapists. Therefore I cannot justify this behavior anymore than I can child rape. It’s all sickening and requires sick fucked up humans. Humans who I wish weren’t breathing and taking up space on the planet. Your comment reminds me of when people justify raping inmates in prison who are guilty of raping. Are there ‘special’ rapists who get to rape and its ok? It’s all sickening, depraved and unfortunately a reality on this planet. Maybe most humans suck and these people especially suck.

      1. Omfg! This some the most hardcore shit iv ever seen. What the FUCK did this person DO to deserve that?? May be lil baked right now but…. This is soooo crazy! Stuff of nightmares. Did cell phone/cameras just make the world a much more savage place?….or were we all this fuckin savage all the long?

      2. One of the guys tells the victim this what happens when you on the wrong side(cartel) you sob. When the guy starts screaming one them says jam the damn blade in his mouth. When the guy starts moving around a lot one of the says “negro/black” come help me hold him down.He is a large guy.

      3. apperently the victim was a member of an opposing faction. One of the guys said” esto te pasa por estar en el mal lado” translates to this happened to you for being on the wrong side. When the guy started screaming one of them said” metela la Navaja/machete en la nova”. Which translates to jam the blade into his mouth. Later on he kept moving a lot and the guy doing the cutting said”negro ayudo a pisar lo es un wey muy grande”. Translates to guy with nickname black help me hold him down this guy is big in size.

      4. This is not my translation. “the box cutter!! the box cutter!! use the box cutter!! – Help me to step on it because he is too large – the box cutter does not cut – what? the cutter box cut!! try opening it more… (first scream of pain) – Put the stick in his mouth so do not shout (they put the knife in the mouth) – fuck, he bit the cutter box, he wanted to cut his tongue – stop biting!! stop biting!! make him scream for him to stop biting – Put the stick in his mouth now – you got the wrong side mother fucker!!! – let it bleed to death”

      5. Not a poor man he also a cartel member and they tell him he chose the wrong side.He probably did this to other people as for translation nothing much they just go back and forth telling each other DO IT DO IT .YOU CHOSE THE WROBG SIDE MOTHERFUCKER AND ONE GUY GIVING DIRECTIONS HOW TO DO IT .FOR SURE THIS IS THE NOST BRUTAL VIDEO ON BESTGORE .STUFF OF NIGHTMARES

    2. I’m disappointed – that they didn’t do like some other Mexican cartels do, and hang their victim upside down, nude, by the ankles, and start by slicing off his penis and balls.

      Next would be cutting off his fingers and toes, one at a time. Then cut off the hands and feet, then the lower arms, then upper arms. The legs should be next to last.

      And finally, then go ahead and cut off the head.

    3. What these cartel killers don’t seem to understand, is that escalating the violence only increases the odds that this will one day happen to them. If they just started putting a bullet in the back of a guys head, this sort of brutality would end. But because of shit like this. Within 5 years probably every guy in the video will end up getting murdered in this same kind of way. They just don’t get it. Every one of these fools is going to die in agony.

      1. Many are forced to join Cartels, they know these can happen to them anytime and there’s nothing they can do about it, it’s like get all the money you can where you’re still alive not always for them but maybe for their family.

    4. Whotta fuck is the asshole(s)that makes this stupid ass rules just to leave a comment in a fucking website… you want people to donate to your bullshit website but you love to censor their fucking opinions,complaint,or disses….no wonder most people dont give a rats shit about helping this fucking site,you can delete my fucking account for all i care i almost never visit or log in to this crap….you can eat shit through a straw.

    5. My pals and me weer having a conversation about this and agree its gotta bbe a high ranking dude, Last time we seen a bit of torture like this it was a boss getting his finger chopped off and fed too him, clubbed in the feet and electrocuted, Either a boss or the family of a boss probably hear more in the coming days.

    6. Holy God what a morbid scene.! This poor guy was brutally tortured and died to Guns and Roses sweet child of mine…..the fucn irony…..” I’d hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain.”

    7. We can all agree that this one takes the cake right? I’ve been watching these vids for 10 years and have seen some pretty wacky shit. Nothing really like this though…. Any ideas on what this young man did to illicit such a response?

    8. I’m new to BG and all I can say is, wow. This poor bastard truly suffered an horrific death. I can’t imagine the day when this guys family learn of this video and his mama watches this and sees her young bambino effectively sucking off a box cutter!!

    1. Is Cartel related,that dude belongs to a rival group…the killers were just laughing and mocking him telling him “shut your mouth” others were saying while laughing….”No dude,just cut him this way so he dies quicker”

        1. Nah man, actually the south is safer. There are some minor dealers and gangs activity, but nothing as the north or west. North-West is hell on earth. But still, north like Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez or Chihuahua, those places are a free promise of certain death.

      1. Maybe he only lost their dope or maybe he just refused to carry it for them maybe he didn’t want to be a drug mule anymore you don’t have a choice you know if you live there you don’t have a choice so they make an example out of you

      2. There’re many people who are forced to join cartels against their own will, thats how cartels gets new recruits, of course these recruits are the first ones to get captured by their enemies, we know the rest of the story.

        1. Haha nice one @derkopfsammler 😉 I dont think 20 niggers would have held him down if that happened he would have risen like a phoenix and started to helicopter his arms around decapitating everyone while chomping on that box cutter!!!

      1. Looks like they had fashioned tourniquets and made sure to stop the bleeding to prolong the torture. The fact they decided to do this makes this one unique. You never really see that. One cartel plaza boss el Bebe comes to mind though

    1. The 3 hammer thing was so odd. I saw it long time ago. This one is more organized, the 3 hammer one was very raw. Maybe I have become more strong, or this video didn’t seem that brutal as compared to the feeling I got from 3 hammers. They even cut ear off of a girl. Maybe 3 hammer was worst to me because they hurt a white girl.

    2. agree. got a bit woosy. had to sip on some cola. For some reason sugar helps in blood pressure drop. Easier without sound too. Amazing how much more our minds work with audio and visual compared to one or the other alone.

    3. Seriously…..I was thinking the same thing……There were moments I turned away from 3 guys 1 hammer but went back and was eventually able to sit through it. This one….I tried about 7 times to not turn away and it just ain’t happening. I have this weird feeling inside me from the parts I was able to watch. This is the very first time in all my history of watching fucked up shit that I’m not able to watch something all the way through. Maybe later.

  1. The more I watch these video’s the more I’ve become desensitised to them. When I first came to b.g one of the first videos I saw was 3 youths killing a homeless man with a hammer and screwdriver. I only made it half way in before I had to stop. The only thoughts I had in this video was I wished the poor fker to be dead. Just to get it over with and put him out of he’s misery. That guy had a iron will and refused to give up, no face no hands no surrender. Poor cunt don’t believe in anything after death but even forever nothingness is better then the last day of he’s life.

        1. I just don’t understand how he was still alive after they cut through his throat so many times, this is one of the most sickening horrific video i’ve ever seen, people like these guys that do this kind of shit to other human beings will get what’s coming to them sooner or later.

    1. That was the one I was thinking of and it was pretty fuckin brutal I have no urge to watch this one this is a snuff film plain and simple pointlessly pointlessly brutal like that movie hostel… what purpose does it serve

    2. He felt more suffering in that 1 hour or so,then most of us in a lifetime….I mean not saying anyone on this site hadn’t gone through shit,or been through hell/war/deadly disease …etc. but that was such torture,it must still been hard for him to not think he was gonna wake up any second from this nightmare.

    3. I’m just as sensitive today as I was the first time I observed something horrific. I program myself. I don’t want to be desensitized In fact, I am more sensitive and more aware than ever before in my life. I use this site and others to face the reality which others are creating on this planet and regarding the species as a whole. It doesn’t make me feel helpless or hopeless either, it hardens my resolve to be something far more worthwhile, sophisticated, evolved and to take action rather than merely sit on my ass with an opinion and a keyboard.

  2. We’ve all seen some shit on this site, that i’m sure of but this has to take the cake.
    This is just EVIL in its purest form. It’s horrifying to think people like these walk around streets, masked as human. People like these aren’t better than animals, they’re worse than animals.

      1. Definitely is. In chainsaw beheading it was simply an execution method. But these guys, they L-O-V-E committing this kind of sick shit. I doubt there is anything in the entire fucking world that would satisfy these sick fucks more than torturing someone in such a hellish way.

        The only good thing I can think of when it comes to watching this specific video is the fact that throughout the entire video I was just repeating: “Oh boy am I glad that dude isn’t me.” to myself. But that doesn’t really undo the urge to constantly vomit, now does it.

      2. It is way worse. Could you imagine how this started. At least with the chainsaw, you know thats your fate and you better kiss your ass goodbye before the chain hits your neck. This guy, it probably started with the hands, then the face, and then, just when you thought it was over, they start slowly and haphazardly beheading you while shoving a stick don’t your throat. I just don’t know how anyone could have the nerves to torture someone beyond recognition.

        1. I think that’s why this site is so popular not bc most people here are sick in the head and like to kill and torture people but bc it’s so fascinating how people like this exist. I think people that do crimes like this need to be studied to figure out what is different about them that makes them do this kind of thing. is it an inherent genetic thing or is it more environmental or both. I assume it must be genetic. In the right circumstances i think a lot of people can become murderers. pulling the trigger or a gun and shooting someone is easy. but being so cold blooded to peel someone face off and not feel sick or feel any emotion is different.

          1. They have studied it, check out Dr Stones interview with Richard Kuklinski, it’s on youtube. Psychiatrists reckon it’s both nature and nurture. Some people are born with the genes but it’s your upbringing that decides what you become. Richard had no sense of fear or remorse. If he was raised in a loving family maybe he would have become a good person, like a bomb disposal expert or test pilot lol. Instead he was beaten as a child and used his fearlessness to kill. He became a hit man for the mob totouring and killing with no feelings. It’s anot interesting interview, check it out .

      1. yeah i never got why someone would call an evil person an “animal”. animals are actually innocent, they rarely kill and torture for fun or for some other gain or for no reason at all. people are the most evil animals in the world. that’s why i like this site shows how fuckt up humans are. although most people don’t go around doing shit like this, this shows the evil that exists only in humans.

        1. Exactly, that’s what I meant when I said they’re worse than animals. Because animals don’t kill for the joy of it or at the very least they don’t consciously torture other animals for their own satisfaction.

          “people are the most evil animals in the world. that’s why i like this site shows how fuckt up humans are.” That is exactly why I come to this site so often as well. Out of morbid curiosity I suppose. But yeah, it’s incredible and extremely terrifying to realize what we humans are capable of. Without a doubt we’re the most destructive species on this planet.

  3. I know ive already commented but watched it a couple more times. This right here boys and girls is a hell house. The houses are used for competition and enemies for torture and killing. These houses are in the country away from everything. Only the cleaner crew knows where they are. EVERYONE knows about the houses and prays too their gods that they are never brought too one. Trust what i say you can hear others being tortured in the background. Watch again and listen between the gurgles you can hear other screams. ISIS has got NOTHIN on these mother fuckers. Not even close. And America is worried about ISIS not the cartels. Hmmmmm

    1. Yea I noticed a lot of other fucks in the background as well. Like they were trying to get in on the action. Shit is like that movie Hostel only they don’t pay to do it and it looks like not a one on one deal. The torturers are probably doing some serious drugs as well to “enhance” the experience.

    2. All these has to do with drugs, and getting them into America, Cartels figth for territory domain, the more territory the have they more drugs they will control, you’re so very right about the slasher houses, they’re all around the whole country far away and hidden, deep inside into the bast forest.

        1. Son of a bitch ! Come here Danny your turn to baptize him ! Hold him down so he won’t be flapping around ! Ha ha ha look at him his biting the blade ! He wants us to cut his tongue out ! Give it to him stick the machete in his mouth and shove it deep ! Hold hold him . Fuck your fucking dirty whore mother ! You chose the wrong side ! Cut him up keep slicing ! Hey Danny you are big. step on his chest so he won’t flap around .laughter and cheers

  4. This was just a little entirely too brutal for me. I watched a little bit of the video and almost threw up and paused the video but then I got the courage to watch the rest of it. Nobody should have to go through that kind of pain. What on earth did this guy do to deserve this? People who torture people like this have no empathy. Now I’ve seen everything. Build that friggin wall and keep those narcs out!

        1. Only demons could enjoy this video I personally watch out of curiosity. It’s interesting to see how evil humans can get. I pray to God this comes to an end.compassion and loving one another is our only hope for a better world.

    1. To me he gets the gold……
      This is definitely his own karmic hell
      Yes, but any “normal” human being would ask…….
      What did he do??…
      1) mistaking de drug money for his own money……
      2)Putting his dick where he shouldn’t have in the first place….
      3)both of the above…..

  5. Now that’s hardcore brutal shit right there .. chopped off hands, skinned face, some object shoved in mouth while partially beheading with a boxcutter .. all while fully alive to experience pain .. cartel violence never disapoints

  6. This is what I could understand, for the curious. I couldn’t pick everything because of the gurgles, the echo in the room, and they have an accent I’m not familiar with.

    0:50 how come it didn’t cut?
    0:52 open him more
    0:54 put the stick in his mouth (he used the spanish word that refer’s to animal’s mouths)
    1:00 shit he bit it, he wanted to cut his tongue off
    1:02 let it go!
    1:03 let it go, make him scream… there you go
    1:07 put the stick in his mouth now that…
    1:08 put it in put it in put it in
    1:12 put it in. shit, so he doesn’t scream
    1:17 now he won’t scream for shit
    1:41 you picked the wrong side son of a bitch
    2:04 what the fuck dude
    2:16 son of your whore mother
    2:18 put a rag for the stick (?)
    2:19 step on him Dani (?) step on his chest
    2:26 shit… let him go already
    2:28 he’s leaving already
    2:32 cut his… let go off his…
    2:34 he’s almost leaving

      1. You clearly don’t know your accents. These guys are either Dominicans or Colombians. Their accents are painfully obvious. I’m from Argentina so I have no dog in this fight, but I know a Colombian or Dominican accent when I hear one.

          1. You clearly don’t know ANY accent, then. This is 100% Mexican, and Guerrero is not “way southern”; it’s somewhat south, but there are other states below Guerrero. And this sounds Mexican of course, just not sure if from Guerrero, or as Aletha said, probably Sinaloa or Culiacan. It’s not any more north than that because the Chihuahua or Ciudad Juarez accent is also very easy to identify.

  7. that was the worst, shit porches girl don’t have nothing on this. fuckin crazy sick, peeling a guys face off, he kept living, seemed his vocal cords should have been severed and he should have bled out. cell phones for sure give us a whole new look at the world. that was so bad my stomach hurts. no mercy.

  8. This here is pure hate,rage, and words i can’t think of that comes to mind at the moment. Can’t really decide though which one ranks as worst, the Dagestan massacre, three guys 1 hammer as some mentioned above or this one… It’s one thing to kill a man, but this is pure torture to the extreme.

    i’m gearing this one as the worst, then Dagestan, then 3guys 1 hammer..

      1. yeah i agree i think the dagestan masacre got to me the most… it is bc those young russian soldiers were just innocent kids that joined the military and were killed one by one in front of each other by the barbaric chechens

  9. I’ve visited this site almost every day for awhile now but never logged in to post a comment. I thought I was fairly desensitized to a lot of the videos and photos. Until now.

    I cannot believe there are humans roaming this earth who are capable of this kind of evil torture.

    Horrific what they were doing to that guy. Even more Horrific was the fact that the guy wouldn’t die. And they’re all just chatting away and listening to upbeat music while they torture him.

    1. Well, you’re shaken up because this is probably the most horrific act of barbarism that you can possibly imagine-not even Paul Verhoeven would think of this. But, for these guys it’s just another taco Tuesday, hence the casual giggling and music. I imagine that they accept that this may be their fate one day too.

  10. That was actually kind of funny in a weird way, though brutal as fuck. Glad I logged in. As videos like this show, civilization is clearly an illusion. There is very little separating us from complete abandon to our natural tribal and violent tendencies. Humans are savages, that’s why religions like Islam will eventually win. Glad I won’t be around in 2100.

  11. fucking painfull
    still cant resist to mention this guy is make perfect zombis sounds

    what a shame to see this become sooo boring now.i mean.. fuck, who give a shit about that happen in brasil ?
    nobody, yeah ..shame on us :p

  12. I prefer the videos where they hang the guy nude upside-down, by the feet. The first thing they do is slice off his trophies – his penis and balls. Let the victim appreciate the reality that his privates and manhood are forever gone – to be just another specimen in a collector’s little display.

    Then you get down to business by cutting off his fingers and toes, one by one, using hedge trimmers. Then you can cut off his hands and feet. Then his lower arms. Keep the agony and misery going as long as possible.

    And be sure you’re getting lots of good closeups with a good camera and in sharp, clear focus.

    The last insult has to be finishing him off by cutting off his head. By then, he’s become a pile of fresh meat to take home for dinner or to wrap and put in the freezer.

  13. I think it’s the guy holding the phone who says “you choose the wrong side”; so, I’m going to assume, this was probably a way to deal with traitors. Maybe someone who tried to join another gang? An informer? I guess we’ll never know and I think that’s just fine.

  14. One tough mother fucker fuck. I got to give it to him for hanging in how long he did despite all the blood lose and limb decapitation, and major arteries being sliced numerous times. Tell ya, if that is not a sign from the devil that says they are going to burn in hell for this shit, then I don’t know what.

  15. This video would have to be the most brutal video BG has ever posted. Damn they fucked him up. I couldnt fathom the pain and emotion that person was experencing. Fuck your face is peeled off, no eyes ( thankfully) to watch, no hands to feel as he clearly tries to feel his face and than to be brutalized with a dull box cutter. This is real, real fucked up. All 7 saw movies dont touch this brutal act. No horror movie in exestince can top this. Fuck this is some extreme reality tv type shit you know. When he starts to gurgle then flail when they cut into his neck is when it hits you, the realization that there are some blood thirsty savages who get off on this shit. I dont mean the viewers of BG, but those men in this video. Talk about slow and painful, why didnt they record from the beginjing. I would like to have seen how they removed his face.

  16. I speak fluent Spanish and can tell you with a very high degree of confidence these are not Mexicans. They clearly speak with a central American or perhaps Columbian accent. Whatever this poor bastard did, these guys were clearly relishing in the activity. Even after they removed his face, arms, and half of his head, they were still damning the guy to hell and calling his mother a whore.

    There isn’t enough in the dialogue to truly determine what precipitated this sad event. But anyone who has seen cartel videos knows it doesn’t follow the typical MO of the long drawn out bs interview before they proceed to inefficiently slice off the victims head.

    What you are witnessing hear is pure psychopathy at its best. Already in my top 5! Enjoy.



    1. Kind of wish they had welcome to the jungle playing tho. This video got me cringing a little. When I was a BG Virgin a few years ago I was at score BGT 0. Best gore tolerance (in terms of desensitized to the visuals.) Now, many videos later I am at an 8 I believe. Videos of children suffering get me the most. Then animals. Anything else I developed gator skin for. What level are you?
      BGT 0 = Virgin wuss sheep. No blood, no guts, no glory. Sunshine and lollypops.
      BGT 1 = Thou curious wuss cattle. I can see limited blood. No guts.
      BGT 2 = Curious cat. I can see lots of blood and stills of guts without passing out.
      BGT 3 = look ma…calices! I can see blood and guts and videos of lots of it. I might graduate to a beheading soon…not yet.
      BGT 4 = WTF did I just watch? I may look at gore and clean executions for breakfast but that beheading is pure evil! Never again!
      BGT 5 = …OK I lied. Just saw another beheading and it’s really not that bad once you watch it 7 times in a row. I think I’m a pro on blood matters now! Wait…2 guys 1 hammer? What is that?
      BGT 6 = I can do all of it. Call leather skin, but those cartel and Russian psycho videos I cannot handle yet. I need to come on BG every day tho to develop my tolerance.
      BGT 7 = BG is my porn. I lock myself in the bathroom often hiding behind the subterfuge of taking a dump or jacking off. I can watch evil BG videos now and not cry for mama! I am a tuff mofo but I still cry when animals are being kicked, shot or peed on. I cannot handle kids suffering in anyway shape or form still.
      BGT 8 = BG is more popular than my facebook now. I cannot stop coming here. Almost nothing bothers me. I love the jokes and can manage the levels of torture very well. Still I can look at kids getting hacked to pieces or dogs being crushed by stilleto wearing Thai whores but I cringe like suckling on a sour ball candy.
      BGT 9 = I am either pure evil or so desensitized that nothing bothers me anymore. Go ahead and skin a mexican farmer on a rock soundtrack I don’t care it does not phase me. Still…slight twitch when an injustice is being carried out on children and animals.
      BGT 10. I am the Omega of gore. If you tie me up and force me to watch the top 10 BG most shocking videos I will whistle dixieland till the slaughtered cows come home and beg you for seconds and still have no frame of discust in my mind.

      1. Well, I not sure where I rank on that list to be honest, I had to literally pause the video many times, mute the video and look away quite a lot. So rank me lol. I know this video isn’t funny, and hopefully shock or something took over, but then I am curious what he did as other posters mentioned to warrant such a horrible end.

          1. @greetsob – I definitely cringe as well, but I don’t believe I am 7, maybe more like half and half 5. This particular video, I cringe, pause many times, mute video I cannot hear a man nor animal make suffering sounds, and I look away many times.

      2. So, if I watched this with indifference, besides thinking to myself that “I’m glad I’m not that guy”, I think I’m a 9? 10? Maybe? I think I’m more freaked out looking at where I might be on your ratings than I ever have been on anything on this site.

          1. I’ll have to check that out. I’ve never been like this, however, after my first call in the fire service where I held a 2 year old boy in my arms and watched him die, I’ve slowly become numb to the realities of death. That happened on my 19th birthday.

      3. Maybe I’m between BGT9 & BGT10, I can’t watch anything with animals and little kids. If it’s a criminal of any kind I’m not fazed. FUCK THEM. Some of the stuff done to innocent people bothers me a bit, and the accidents always fascinate me.

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