Struggling Man with Peeled Face and Hands Cut Off Is Brutally Beheaded with Flimsy Blade

Struggling Man with Peeled Face and Hands Cut Off Is Brutally Beheaded with Flimsy Blade

Exceptionally brutal video shows a struggling man with peeled face and no hands being brutally beheaded with flimsy blades.

The floor is covered with blood from his face having been peeled off and his hands cut off, but the victim is clearly still alive, experiencing the indescribable agony with consciousness.

After the beheading attempt with a curved gardening tool fails, the killers put a box cutter to his neck – presumably the same box cutter that was used to peel his face off. A machete is showed deep into his mouth to help keep his head in place. This is as brutal as brutality gets.

Props to Best Gore member @troutkast for the video.

Originally Published on: Sep 27, 2016 @ 16:53
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Thank you very much, @belladona for sending in the video:

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887 thoughts on “Struggling Man with Peeled Face and Hands Cut Off Is Brutally Beheaded with Flimsy Blade”

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    1. Agreed. this is so amazing. I want more, i want to hear him scream more this isn’t enough i want to see his face being flayed i want salt poured on his wounds i want his family to see him helplessly like this. oh please oh please there’s so much more they could do . i want the full video i want to see him flayed, i want it i want it now

  1. Has everyone noticed that his eyes had been scooped out? I wonder If they showed him his own peeled face before they spooned out his peepers? Pity we didn’t get to see the actual face peeling and eye removal…..I can’t help feeling ripped-off!

    1. YES TOO TRUE. I want to see his face being flayed. oh my god i want to hear those screams so bad. I hope they put salt on afterwards. make him eat his own eyeballs. i want the full video i NEED IT NOW INEED IT I WANT TO WATCH HIM SUFFER, THIS ISNT ENOUGH. PULL HIS GUTS OUT PLEASE

  2. Is there a video that works of this I want to watch it but I don’t want to watch it but after years of watching human nature everyone says it’s the worst this link is dead so is there any link that works in actually hoping not but guess I’ll find out if anyone reads this and knows

  3. Know what would be absolutely insanely cruel and painful??? Pour salt on his skinned face!!!

    Not that I think the guy deserved that heinous treatment but why not let him live his short life with the agony of a peeled face???

    1. I was interested to see him with a face, he looks so young and to feel a back story.. Wander if the sick fucks who did have been caught and tortured back yet?

  4. he deserves everything he got, the bastard, what you retards who are saying “ oh what could he have possibly done for such a treatment” well he too is cartel and he kill people too. Karma is what I say, and don’t worry the killer will soon meet a similar fate.

  5. Needs to apply some Nivea, perhaps a good quality after sun cream with Aloe-Vera or a generous smearing of Shea Butter. Should take the sting out of it fairly quickly.

    The whole rash thing should settle down in a couple of days.

    Lord Wankdust (just completed my workplace Basic First Aid Certificate)

  6. Call me coward but i’m not pressing that Play button.

    This is torture to watch.
    May he rest in peace forever because he pays for all his sins with this.

    I wonder how people like this torturers even fucking exist.. Sad world we living. Makes me sick.

    1. This is so beautiful to watch. i don’t understand what you mean. Oh my god his screams are so good, i want him to suffer more i want to hear him scream more i want to see his face being flayed. His warm tasty fresh blood being drank. oh my god i love it so much we need more. imagine if they cut his guts out next mhmmmm so good i wish they’d bring his family to helplessly watch i want to hear their screams i love it oh i love it so much

      1. You’re fcn’ with eternity.

        Know that your Satan doesn’t give a single fuck for you and if you continue evil ways he will demand your soul after dropping spoon.

        Smart up, there is life after this prison camp.

  7. Watched..
    Can’t imagine how painful this is for man and as usual, tortures are either Mexicans or Brazilians. What a fuck is wrong with this people to be THAT brutal i have no idea. Someone explain this phenomena to me. +.+

    Btw @Admins
    Most videos deleted from site Mark upload before are findable: Just copy&paste caption’s and there are they.
    -If you have time you can refresh whole BG site with all videos missing-being replaced. Well, most of them.. Cheers

    1. SrbijaBgd From your user name, it looks to me that you may be a Serbian from Belgrade? Were there not many atrocities committed during the recent Balkans war? I’m not singling that out for any reason other than during times of war, humans can do some real shitty things. For these Mexicans & Brazilians, I guess they see themselves at war with their enemies and competitors.

      1. Of course there were many atrocities but, when Serbians are mentioned, we even eating little children’s while Croatians and Muslims in Bosnia are mother Theressa’s. They were so innocent, like little babies while we were brutal and bloodthirsty.

        In reality, there was many false flag operations against Serbia and most known is Merkale Market when market filled with people hits projectile. It was fucking slaughter and US along with puppet states on west, instantly blamed Serbs.
        Many years later, it was proven that Merkale was hit from Muslims side but damage is already done: Serbs were demonized.

        Next big false flag was Racak in Kosovo:
        Muslim soldiers that dies in battle were transformed into civilians and thrown into pit and than, they called “UN Watchers” claiming that Serbs massacred civilians.

        -Massive propaganda machinery destructed Serbia in world eyes and we were bombed for nothing. Well, actually, we were bombed for something: US wanted to build Military Base name(Bondstil) and they later did it. Reason: Being close to Russia for future warfare because, Russia have resources that make Anglo Saxon Vikings salivating.

        Note that Yugoslavia was destroyed because we were big force together.
        -Divide and Conquer is the policy of NWO.

        1. Thanx for that response, it’s very interesting. The maxim: “Truth is the first casualty of war” definitely holds true. I really don’t know much detail about what was going on from the MSM back in the day except I noticed that Muslims were involved in the fighting. I do know that anywhere on the globe that there is a group of Muslims with a critical mass, there will be trouble and bloodshed. It is taught in their Quran to fight and kill the infidel. Once the left wing, progressive, socially cohesive and culturally diverse FUCKWITS, understand that Islam is definitely NOT a religion of Peace, then Europe might have a chance to save itself.

          One thing I’ve noticed about a few of my friends & acquaintances from the Balkan region, is a real passionate energy flowing through them that leads to an explosive anger outburst if pushed too hard haha.

          1. Well, there is many of normal people that see how media boils our blood while in the same time they selling our countries to predators: UK and USA that squeezing economy and resources, while we eating crumbs..

    1. This isn’t enough. we need more we need more. i want to see them scream more, i want to see his face flayed. i WANT TO HEAR THEM SCREAM. i want them to drink that warm tasty blood i want to hear more screams oh please oh please i want him to suffer more put salt on his wound i love it so much

    2. This isn’t enough. we need more we need more. i want to see them scream more, i want to see his face flayed. i WANT TO HEAR THEM SCREAM. i want them to drink that warm tasty blood i want to hear more screams oh please oh please i want him to suffer more put salt on his wound i love it so much

    1. I hate it when they die too quick. i love watching this fucker suffer oh my god his screams i want more of it, i want them to drink his blood and pull his guts out lets push hi ability to hold on to life to the max. oh my god i want the full video i want to see his face coming off i love it so much i want more more more

    1. Pretty much what I think too Littlelegs. Everybody always focuses on the physical pain of torture in this site, not many stop and imagine the psychological torture that this would induce.
      By destroying his eyes…he can’t see what’s going on and what’s coming…it is left to his imagination which as we know, can be worse than reality…and the reality is horrifying.

      1. Exactly that doc undies your imagination can certainly come up with some bizarre shit. I didn’t realise he couldn’t see that makes it so much worse. I honestly hope he deserved this cos it’s just cruel

  8. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH !! i love to watch him suffer, you are amazing. Please drink his blood. pour salt on his wounds. OMG i love hearing him scream!! make him scream more, don’t let him die. there’s so much more to do!!! cut him open and degut him, bring his family to watch i want to hear their helpless screams please oh please i want more. burn him. cook him slowly. drown him hahahaha i love it. I WANT THE FULL CLIP I WANT TO SEE HIS FACE BEING FLAYED I WANT IT I WANT IT SO BAD PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

  9. Best Gore Scale:

    1) Dirty Mexicans and South Americans – so artistically creative with torture, i love these animals for it. They continuously push the boundaries for gore content and are pioneers in the field, honestly they deserve some recognition.

    2) Angry Arabs – i appreciate the high quality videos and recent surge in different methods used to kill, they need to move on from beheadings though – they are SO last year. Also need to cut that shitty music in the back, i gotta watch them on mute nowadays.

    3) Niggers – by far they have the most ability to create very good gore – a lack of police presence, corruption, many expendable poor people and savage uneducated mentalities, but seem to record all on the shittest cameras available to man – I have still yet to see a decently produced gore video from here. Also that tire burning shit is SO old please use your one brain cell to find new methods – i was thinking feed people to exotic animals ? i swear these shitlands are full of animals like lions and rhinos. Would make for great content. There are also inexpensive medieval methods such as horses ripping man apart that these savages could be considering to up their game to rival their competitors.

    4) The white Man – need to up the game, slacking in terms of international gore – we definitely need to invest more in this area. However, as we are humans and not savages may be harder to compete. A few good videos from Russia here but even then nothing compared to the Aztecs. American serial killers have in the past created some great content for us but its a shame after trial its destroyed over being shared.

  10. Still one of the more brutal vids to date. I can’t even and don’t want to even imagine the horror this guy is thinking as he is trying to survive or the immense pain he is experiencing. The thought process behind this is absolutely heinous. What we humans can inflict on others is diabolical and wicked coming from the depths of Satan’s soul.

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