Struggling Man with Peeled Face and Hands Cut Off Is Brutally Beheaded with Flimsy Blade

Struggling Man with Peeled Face and Hands Cut Off Is Brutally Beheaded with Flimsy Blade

Exceptionally brutal video shows a struggling man with peeled face and no hands being brutally beheaded with flimsy blades.

The floor is covered with blood from his face having been peeled off and his hands cut off, but the victim is clearly still alive, experiencing the indescribable agony with consciousness.

After the beheading attempt with a curved gardening tool fails, the killers put a box cutter to his neck – presumably the same box cutter that was used to peel his face off. A machete is showed deep into his mouth to help keep his head in place. This is as brutal as brutality gets.

Props to Best Gore member @troutkast for the video.

Originally Published on: Sep 27, 2016 @ 16:53
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883 thoughts on “Struggling Man with Peeled Face and Hands Cut Off Is Brutally Beheaded with Flimsy Blade”

    1. I agree. These guys are pussies , I would bet my life that each one of these people alone(individually) and without drugs would not be able to muster up the willpower to even do half the damage here. These guys are just monkeys on drugs who cant manage to have successful sex so they turn to “group sadism” to fulfil there monkey blood lust. Pathetic kill. Really.

      1. Seems to be a Competition between Mexicans n Columbians ?? Whos the worst cuntfucks in the world, WTF, I’m a hardy bitch, but fuck! the people on this planet worsening by the week…I was willing him to die, a release from the worst Agony imaginable

  1. This happens mainly to feed the Americans drug habit. Apple and Android compete for billions yearly without killing each other. They should unite to step up production and doesn’t their wings even further…
    Savage behavior runs on a cycle, when hungry everything is meat to an eagle. Wait until Europeans aren’t winning and watch the world break out in war automatically…

  2. I’m not really down with this , bad vibes man , its like they are having a party? I prefer professionalism , swiftness , decisiveness , showing your enemies respect and allowing them to die an honorable death , this is just a bunch of messed up people who by themselves are pathetic but when they get together in large numbers and use drugs/drink all of a sudden they have the balls to perform such a heinous act. 5 big thumbs way down , this is a monkey murder. The best videos I have seen on here are ISIS , I’m not a muslim but they know how to properly kill this is just sad..The Devil himself would have had more mercy , and definitely more class.

  3. Oooh I felt ill watching this!

    It’s really hard to believe he was still alive, it’s just too much hardcore gore. He was so young, would love to understand why this happened, what compels a human to do this to another.!

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