Syrian Army Officer Beheaded by Rebels (Obama’s Moderates)

Syrian Army Officer Beheaded by Rebels (Obamas Moderates)

Best Gore member Bornous Monty provided us this video saying that is depicts the rebels beheading a Syrian army officer. The video does show Obama’s moderates behead a man wearing a military uniform so it is quite plausible that he was an officer.

As Obama’s moderates, whom Kenyan has not stopped training, arming and financing since the beginning of the coup in 2011, continue to behave like savages that they are, according to this website, Hillary the Obtuse said that failure to help Syrian rebels led to the rise of ISIS. Has Hillary the Obtuse ever said anything that wouldn’t be pure, unadulterated bullshit? I honestly don’t recall her ever saying anything that wouldn’t sound like she was desperate to ensure she’s remember as the most whacked person who ever lived. Are there still people gullible enough to still believe any of the official rhetoric regarding rebels in Syria and ISIS? I mean aside from shills cause they are paid to spread bullshit by pretending they believe it…

Beheading video of the alleged Syrian army officer by rebels is below. The Obama’s moderates could not finalize the decapitation with the knife so the head was twisted off. Thanks a lot Bornous Monty for the video:

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        1. att31-voting is a rigged casino. Politicians are here to give us the illusion of being free. Presidents are spokesmen puppets reading a script. If Romney was president he would be reading the same speeches as Obama and the same wars would be going on .

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  1. Wow!!! The way his legs went up when they were twisting his head, probably because it broke his neck and gave him like a spinal shock.

    I really wonder what it must feel like to see what he’s seeing while on his own back. Coz i heard that for a small amount of time, you can still see after being beheaded.

    Hanabi’s going to love this vid. Lol

      1. @atucker31, I am really curious how it can be proven that one can see up to 30 seconds after being decapitated? Please don’t think I’m doubting you, I just was curious if you or perhaps anyone else could explain how that is possible and proven. I could imagine while having ones throat cut that it would be like an outer body experience. Crazy shit.

        1. the guilotine…. It was thought that the beheaded victims could feel pain and continued to live until the brain completely died. To prove this fact when the head was yanked up by the hair the face had a painful expression like they could feel the pain of their head being held by the hair. Also victims were asked to blink as many times as they could if they were still alive or felt pain. Peoples heads eyes blinked around 15 or more times slowly to prove it was not just nerves. they only felt pain in the head and facial area because their body was disconnected from the head they could no longer feel the body. they only felt the head and face until the brain completely died. they were trying to proove that the guilotine was not a painless way to die and even a bit torturous. I am not sure if that is why the guilotine is not used anymore or not.

          1. actually no one would know where and if they felt pain…because everyone that has gone through such a thing is dead… but yeah I remember some French physician or psychologist trying to prove that there is still life immediately after decapitation…he asked a condemned prisoner to try to blink or open his eyes afterwards for as long as possible…he blinked but there have always been arguments to this theory…no one will ever know unless they are beheaded themselves

        2. @invisible
          When you pass out from lack of oxygen to the brain you either cannot see anything, or everything is very blurred. Anyone who has passed out can tell you this. You can however hear perfectly well and your brain is still able to process thoughts. There have been numerous studies on consciousness after decapitation by connecting sensors to head and tracking brain activity once decapitated. They used rats in these studies and found up to 4 seconds. And other mammals up to 29 seconds. But we don’t know the level of consciousness.

          France in 1793 when Charlotte Corday was decapitated it was written that she changed her facial expressions for several seconds. (and of course the crowd cheered)

          There have also been stories of decapitated people in car accidents have shown multiple facial expressions “First of shock or confusion then to terror or grief,”

          Dr. Beaurieux in 1905 called the name of a prisoner who was decapitated and for 25-30 seconds he would open his eyes and focus on him.

          Obviously in this video (and most) the guy was not looking around or even opening his eyes nor showed any signs of facial control. My guess is that he can hear all the Snackbars but cannot see or react to them. Which would almost suck more imo.

        3. Some crazy French criminal agreed to blink his eyes after being beheaded. He agreed to do so for as long as he could… @atucker is right here… You do live…

          The guy blinked his eyes for close to 30 seconds..

          scarry…. I’ll continue to look at my ass in a mirror, thanks…

          1. I was a kid when that show started. He was an unknowncomic back then. He ended up having a great career. Unfortunately he was always a heavy drug user which may have been what led to his ultimate demise.

    1. said he died of asphyxiation…I wonder if it was something sexual that went bad?
      I wasn’t surprised when I heard the news though…comedians usually are extremely depressive people, hence the comedic side to them…is it not how most depressed people function within society? Well I know it is for me, god forbid if anyone knew my true self they would run a mile 🙁

      anyways..sad news…pleasant travels mr. Williams…may you find peace somewhere

          1. He had just come out of another rehab back in July. He used to be a huge cocaine snorter…he said he gave it up after comedian Jim Belushi died, but that demon kept chasing him

          1. I think every Israelis should watch this video….I wonder if robin Williams was watching CNN and couldn’t take anymore baby killing in gaza….

  2. jim Carrey has depression. The saddest people are the ones that make you laugh the hardest. when I worked I made everone laugh and they loved me. they were so surprised when I tried to kill myself on pain pills and slit my wrists and ended up in the psych floor of the hospital. I learned to be perky even when I felt so down because nobody likes a killjoy. I would wait until I got home and cry my eyes out.

          1. na. Im ok. I don’t need that. hell I didn’t even know his message was meant for me. I had no idea who he was talking to. Thats why I said what the hell

          2. @der humorist hahahaha yes, yes i am french to the bone, my friends usually laugh at me for being such a “hard ass” around them but turn into a kitten with girls. Lol

            @atucker lol its all good no worries, my bad, i tend to be really flirty like that

          3. I am dutch, irish,native American, Hawaiian, english, gypsie. I think that is all. all of that added up to skin as white as snow, dark thick natural black and dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. so I guess Iam just American.

  3. I say yet again… Put those hydrogen warheads to good use… A self lighting, glass covered parking lot from the Sudan right up through Afgahanny. These people simply are not human. This, of course, includes Israel because I am DAMN tired of sending billions over there every year for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…

    We cannot even station troops in Israel… And, without a doubt, there would have been no 9/11 if the US did not support that criminal theocracy . Fuck’m… turn’m all to ashes.

    1. I don’t think our government knew that the 9/11 tragedy was going to happen. I think our government should have been more careful. Even if I don’t agree with everything that goes on, I admit I love living here. I feel safe and I don’t have have dead people littering the streets and I don’t have to worry about getting my head cut off or having limbs blown ofg

      1. I live on one of the american outposts in the Pacific.. Rota.. to be exact. I grew up in the NY City area. This is not the country I grew up in… No jobs.. no middle class. Seemingly no middle ground that people can agree upon.

        The middle, in all respects, has been gutted from our country. So few feel secure. Houses being lost to banks.. Jobs going away… College being the new High School… High School… Geesh.. You just cannot make a living. I remember going to the Doc and bringing my brother.. he’d charge us for one office visit.. $15 bucks. The guy worked out of a basement office in his house.

        I fear for our future.. I certainly fear for mine and that of my daughter.

        1. Im sorry to hear that. It is like this here about the jobs. they are difficult to find. most people work out of town. upper class has changed to upper middle class or middle class but I am considered below poverty. I am happy though. I recieve government help such as ebt and disability, social security and insurance. I am insane a lot of the time and have been institutionalize d a lot. I get the minimum of things but I appreciate the help. I am on so many expensive medications that I could never afford by myself. It helps with the voices in my head, the bipolar, psychosis, the depression, the borderline personality, the axiety, the agoraphobia, being suicidal. once I thought all of the people were zombies ready to rip me apart. I screamed and hid in my room. I thought I was going to die from fear. I only talked to one guy with a beard that reminded me of jesus. come to find out jesus wad telling the nurses on me. I told him all of the craziest things I thought were so real. I womder what the nurses and doctors thought. I remember seeing my haie falling out everywhere and my head burning like gire and I was crying. ofcourse this wasn’t real but it was my reality. I believed so many things. I have had so many episodes of psychosis

          1. i misspelled some words like when I thought my head was on fire. the jesus guy was a patient at 3 rivers with me. He was real but not really Jesus.

        1. we are closer in age than I had thought… you wear it well. Nice pic. I have yet to figure out how to upload mine since the hacking attack here. I read your earlier stuff. Sorry to hear about all you have been through. Life truly sucks sometimes and I hope yours gets better.

  4. I doubt he filmed hanging himself….depression is a son of a bitch….no doubt he was bi polar…high energy and very creative is a manic trait but the lows are really low….he did coke to slow down….when you are super manic you definitely don’t need coke…he used booze to slow down and most with bi polar use booze to self medicate themselves….anyone that’s bi polar knows…..Jim carrey, mel Gibson, Charlie sheen, britany spears, Amanda brynes, it’s too bad the people with bi polar hide it because of the stigma of it…..people don’t want to be classified as crazy…..

    1. Bipolar disorder has messed up a lot of my life. It can be so fucking scarry. the damn mood swings are unbelievable and what I say in excitement today I could easily change my mind tomorrow or even minutes later. I am on good medicines but it doesn’t stop all symptoms. Also I have other mental problems. I stopped hiding and denying. People need to talk more about mental illmesses so that people will start to understand it better. I am no longer ashamed of something that I have no control over.

      1. @atucker31, I agree with you. I never knew I had depression unril last September. No one else knew either so all the symptoms i had dod no ‘click’ with anyone. After I landed in the hospital several people said they knew something was wrong, but no one told me. I am on anti depressants now and they are very good.

      2. So true. I suffer from major depressive disorder, and severe anxiety and panic attacks. I take no less than 6 different meds when I wake up…some of them 3-4 times a day. I’m being seen by a P doc for what used to be pretty bad agoraphobia although i’m getting better at going outside. In the last 2 months, I’ve been in the ER 5 times when I ran out of my benzos because I was in between P docs. My short term memory has been shot to shit, I have bad insomnia, and none of these burdens makes me ashamed. This is not my fault, I didn’t do this to myself, and one day, I hope I can feel normalcy…something i’ve always faked quite convincingly. Now, I don’t really care who knows.

        1. mr slider it takes a while to get your head together. I know how you feel. I put off another grocery trip today because of the agoraphobia. I have major clinical depression, bipolar, borderline personality, anxiety, agoraphobia, psychosis. I think I covered them all. It is hell. I know how you feel exactly. I have been institutionalized a lot. short term memory is shot to hell.

        2. Benzos will most definately fuck with your memory. I was doing 2 mg xanax (not much) and I most definately saw a cognitive decline.

          Also, I believe I lost empathy for people.. I stopped caring. That was 4 years ago and no matter how bad things get, I will NEVER go back to those things. I was in withdrawal for 6 months. I deal with my anxiety other ways now… I simply just don’t care… Part of that loss of empathy thing, I guess. Benzos work great… do NOT underestimate their side effects

  5. Since this thread seems to be hijacked, I’ll join the bandwagon. Robin was never a favorite comedian of mine, but he was to many. I thought he was witty, but I wasn’t a fan of his delivery. His films were a mixed bag for me as well with only maybe a few that I would consider worthwhile. While he was very financially successful, I don’t think he was very wise in his personal life to say the least, & I have mixed feelings on celebrities in general as well. This is just my opinion though & who am I? RIP anyway, good sir.

      1. I should take that back. I have been depressed and suicidal and I wasn’t sitting around thinking about my age. I was thinking about how life felt so unbearable at that time and how I wanted to end my pain.

        1. Yea, I plan on having a normal lifespan but you never know what will happen. I think his last attempt at a comeback on that tv series was because of financial trouble involving alimony, child support, & lack of a relevant career. I’d be surprised if his heart was really into it. I would also guess financial difficulties at his age may have played a huge role in his decision to end it all. It’s time to rethink the whole “get married, have kids” decision in the 21st century. I’m not convinced it’s healthy for us anymore.

          1. thanks Rota. I take it one day at a time. I mostly stay at home to avoid people looking at me and avoid being upset. I have to avoid anythingthat causes me to get upset becauseit triggers symptoms from my mental illnesses. I hate being able to hear the tv from another room becauseit reminds me of the voices in my head and confuses me. Sometimes I hear voices,sometimes they talk to me sometimes I hear music, sometimes they are muffled and trying to get in and can’t I hate it all so much. I begin living inside of my own head and not knowingwhat is happening on the outside becausethe inside of my brain seems more realistic.I am doing pretty good right now but I never do well with people showingup at my house or going to public places. I also have insomnia.

  6. If you guys are happy because that guy was beheaded , then would if be happy if someone beheaded you?
    All the people are just going mad each and everyday , that?s why serial killers are born , that?s why war is alive , for just one stupid shit someone must die , even for a discussion for 1 dollar or 5 dollar can lead you to death, world is trash and depend with who you are because not all the people are like that , but wait, we can die someday , if some stupid people can nuke us just for fun , millions would die , fuck atomic bombs , fuck scientist , fuck politician , fuck the ones who creates guns and stuff just to kill, if nobody could kill we would be living in a peaceful world, but nobody cares , cause we are fucked up in our heads and we only wish to Harms others for sastifying our nature , to feel like a God , Think Before you Act , cause in the End all what you Have Done will come to you Multiply By 10.

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