Syrian Army Soldiers Executed in Idlib

Syrian Army Soldiers Executed in Idlib

This particular group of images came to the surface as I was digging across the internet for information on another story.

Although the images appear to be a couple of months old, we haven’t seen them on BestGore and, as my posts are usually long, this is a short back story.

Seven Syrian Army soldiers were manning a checkpoint, in the village of Qmenas in Idlib, Syria which was overrun, apparently by Free Syrian Army terrorists although we can see a black flag in one of the photographs suggesting that this may be the work of IsiL (also know as ‘very possibly returning to a community near you’ animals)?

The soldiers were taken hostage and then brutally executed, apparently along with their families (unconfirmed and there are no civilian bodies visible in the photographs), by having their throats cut. The bodies were then decapitated and the terrorists are seen posing with heads, some of which are impaled on a metal frame, and dragging at least one of the corpses through the streets. Further derogatory insults, to the dead and dying, were documented as the jihadists stamped on the faces of the Syrian troops.

As ever, it’s great to get the youngsters involved and here we have happy, smiling children and teenagers enjoying the delights of the peaceful Islamic way of life.

The body language of the soldiers, as they are held before being executed, doesn’t require additional comment.

Sadly, no video and I’m trying to hunt down evidence of another massacre in Sareem, Idlib.

Qmenas is 8 km from Idlib, Aleppo is 69 km to the north east, and Homs 170 km south.

Some of the images are quite large; click on them to expand.

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105 thoughts on “Syrian Army Soldiers Executed in Idlib”

  1. I remember watching a movie years ago about what would happen if you travelled back in time and gave the inhabitants of the era modern weapons, I remember at the time thinking that it was a wasted movie budget and that they could have saved themselves a lot of money by just filming in some of the Islamic countries.

    That being said, we in the west only pretend to be civilised. In truth we just close our eyes to the harshness of reality.

    Civilised people do not turn each other into farmed animals to be exploited for reasons related to greed, they do not cheat, steal and abuse each other, they do not wage war on other countries without good reason and most importantly, they do not jerk off to midget porn.

    We are more socially and mentally balanced than the Islamic lot but we are not civilised, far from it.

    Anyhow, not all uncivilised ways are bad, I bet you wouldn’t mind seeing a few of our politicians heads forcibly removed from their spineless bodies and placed on spikes.

    1. I know what you mean Empty you often touch on the fact we shouldn’t be blinded by what’s going on in these stories to the same sort of underhanded actions of our own politicians etc etc. it’s the same sort of fucked up shit but just done in a different way. At least with the 3rd world they don’t hide their intentions or mask the whole thing. The way they do it in our countries deceptively is much worse in my opinion.

    2. There is one man in particular who I would love to see get his comeuppance , oh yes indeed . But , although I despise this awful specimen more than any other living , breathing person , I still wouldn’t stoop to such barbarism to prove my
      point and gain satisfaction .
      Throw him in the stocks , have him make a personal apology to the nation and beyond , then throw him in prison and throw away the key , yes for sure .

      We’ll leave the public beheadings to the sicko’s in this post and their ilk though , thanks very much .

  2. My usual habit is going to bed after a hard day at work pretty early around 10.30pm, but usually I wake up around 0300 and come out onto the verandah to have a ciggie and watch the thousands of fruit bats flying overhead through the moonlight. And as you do, I always log onto BG and it’s the perfect time as it’s when all the new posts seem to come through (Australia). Love it.

    Love BG.

    Loved the post @NP!

      1. Yes, they are the biggest bats in the world I think….they are actually a real pest here, eating all the crops and hanging out in all the wrong places. Everyone seems to hate them, but I think they are really cool sight. Sometimes they hang really low in the trees and you walk past them and they wakeup and take off, scares the crap out of me for a second or two!

  3. @nasty, hey you should move here (oshawa, ontario, canada) you’d totally find lots of old, dying, desperate, ladies with no family around lol, worst case scenario youd be sure to find at least a fag or hooker lol

    1. Unfortunately, the male anatomy is of no interest to me, ah am, entirely, interested in the curves, crevices, aromas, secretions and deliberations of the fairer sex.

      If they approach with booze and fags then, unless, they are unpleasant to the eye, ah will entertain them.

      Just sayin’.

      1. Beheading by knife (blunt or otherwise), chainsaw or garbage truck (I’ll find the photograph) would be unpleasant, to say the least.

        Decapitation by sword (single blow) or guillotine is, entirely, preferable to most other forms of execution, other than a gunshot to the head.

        In each scenario you are aware that you are going to die, except for the gunshot to the head, which could occur at any time unless you hear the slide being released.

        1. @nastypersuasions, The sword or guillotine may be preferable from a medical standpoint as to speed, but I’d still have the mental anguish of knowing that my head was going to be separated from my body. If I had a choice, I’d much rather take the gunshot, even if it wasn’t as quick. By the way, great bio, thank you for the laugh!

          1. oops sorry, I’m using a different laptop, i haven’t set it properly because I’m really twitchy and type really fast.
            where was I? @ It’s soldiers are supposed to be shot by a team of crack shooters aimed at the heart. They die instantly but thier bodies are intact. And yes I would rather be shot the heart by a firing squad than have my head ripped from my body.

          2. @wicked, I’ve never seen these guys execute someone by firing squad. It’s either decapitation or shot in the back of the head. What a choice.

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          1. I used to buy the model skull kits, when they were around 10 bucks. I made a mold of the teeth that came with it, and cast new ones out of dental acrylic. Then I would apply layers of tissue paper with liquid latex to make a shriveled skin. You can mix acrylic paint right with the latex to make a mummified skin color. I would bring one to the Flea Market and say I bought it at a tag sale and didn’t know anything about it. The person that bought it would always be certain, that it was real.

          2. @mike, I haven’t heard anything about his case recently.
            @Gentle, I wish I had the patience to make something like that but between sleeping, watching tv and masterbating I have very little time for anything else.

          3. haha @gentle, when my son was little i used to buy these archeology toys. They were plaster and you have tools to chip away they plaster and there was some resin dinasaurs inside. Very additive.

        1. Wow, who ever thought you could buy real human skulls??

          I just what to know, who in the hell leaves their skull to some commercial crew to sell after they die, so they can make a huge profit from it?

          But then again, I guess there is always a fresh and very large supply of skulls coming in from the middle east on a daily basis…..

  4. The triptych reminds me of an article I read recently about a scientist and pcychic , who was commissioned by the french to study – get into the minds, of freshly guillotined criminals . He sketched a triptych to depict his findings.

    @karmen40 kindly supplied the link , but I can’t find it .

    Thanks @Nasty , the brutality of these crazed , phony religious nutters , never ceases to amaze .

  5. Nice post @NastyP. But on an unrelated note it is with great sadness that I have to leave BestGore for an undisclosed amount of time. I’ll be deploying thursday and I won’t be back for a while. It was nice to be a part of this site and if I appear on this here on a video I’ll be happy. So nice knowing you guys and gals adi?s.

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    1. I agree P.O.Z. @ nasty,s bio. is indeed very entertaining, to say the least! They say that an individual is very secure when they do not take themselves to seriously. Good for you brother 🙂

      1. That’s absolutely true. If someone is unhappy with themselves or unconfident, they have a hard time taking criticism or using self depreciating humour, because they already feel like shit. They desperately need to hear good things about themselves. But, if someone has high self esteem, is confident in themselves, they have no problem making fun of themselves. Nasty is obviously fine with who he is.

  6. All I can say is wholly cow. But these pics brought back memories of Viet Nam when my brother-in-law (at the time) came back alive and had pictures of soldiers, himself included, holding up decapitated heads of vietnemese soldiers. And they were smiling. And he talked about it like they were vacation pictures. I just cannot fathom how one could do this with no more feeling than like they were opening a beer. I’m not even sure what they are all fighting about anyway. Is it a religion thing?

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  8. FSA also known as Fully Sucking-in Americans Army ,nothing but a bunch of american-protected Turk headchoppers sent in to destroy Syria.

    Oh and now that Uncle Sam is breaking up with long-term lover-turkey- they will come aheadchoppin’ to a neighborhood close to you.

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