Syrian Man Beheaded by ISIS Child Soldier

Syrian Man Beheaded by ISIS Child Soldier

ISIS has released a video from Homs in Syria. The video depicts a beheading of a Syrian man by an ISIS child soldier. The ISIS adult preacher speaks with an Egyptian accent.

This is not the first time ISIS has used child soldiers to add humiliation to the execution of their captives.

Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

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      1. How enlightened and progressive you are. It saddens me that this kid never had a shot, and is already too far gone into this snackbar propaganda shit. While I hate the way you said it, you are right. The only solution is for this child to be killed (breaks my heart to say that)

      1. +1.

        For a while. I thought it was just me that thinks all of this is supposedly Israel and the States’ fault, is idiotic. ISIS doesn’t stand for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service and Jihadi John isn’t a actor from Tel Aviv as someone on this site has said numerous times.

        ISIS is a tribe of maniacs and animals. End of.

        1. On this site we see two different kinds of videos from “ISIS” ones like this high production value censored bullshit. And ones where we watch a motherfucker get shot/sliced in the head and bleed out and double tapped. If the Governments of Isreal and The United States are faking videos its only to exaggerate a real threat to those in the middle east and northern Africa. Yes there is an islamic group in Syria, Turkey etc. Trying to takeover with their own Gov., however they are not as much of a threat to the US as we are lead to believe. If US citzens all think that Isis is a major threat to them then rather than to some people 1000’s of km/miles away. no one will raise a question when the war zone expands into countries where isis may be located and “Aid” is sent to isreal which will be the last stronghold of anti Isis troops. Our only ally in the area. By eliminating the borders of the enemy world domination is a defensive move

      1. Yes. True. If ISIS were a depiction of all Muslims, Philadelphia (my home) would be littered with non-muslim heads covered in flies. Muslims are typically very upstanding, clean, productive pillars of their communities. The serious Muslims are. The ones who are “on their Deen” are the kindest folk you could ever meet even if you’re non-muslim.

    1. These videos are clearly working with naive Americans that don’t see the much bigger picture and who’s behind it to fragment and weaken the entire region…

      I am surprise we haven’t in the USA haven’t had more blow back as we help topple more govts in the Arab world…

    2. You are so right ! This video makes me sick to see what they are doing to these kids. 1 just killed 4 Marines and 1 Navy sailor and wounded a cop before the cops killed him or he did it to himself about hour and a half South from were I live.

    3. he had that animalistic bent over to behead pose down. They must learn that from their peers. Probably practice in the shower. Sad video. Because too young to make a choice. I don’t care about the act of it was an adult. But a kid? Not a fair chance at life. Kill them all.

    4. …and now there are countless Muslims, who claim to have nothing to do with it, yet did and do nothing to prevent this type of diabolic murders. I mean, if they really claim to be against it… why the hell do not all Arab countries fight against them, instead of waiting for the USA to sort out their religious mess and then accuse the USA of all sorts of evils…
      It’s a sick religion…

    5. Am I the only one who noticed that the boy doesn’t have a drop of blood on the knife, much less anywhere else on him? I know neck don’t start spewing blood the second a blade touches it like Hollywood likes to do, but not even one drop from either scene? Unless the boy showered, changed his clothes and washed his knife, I’m a bit skeptical about whether this actually committed the deed or not.

    1. They didn’t show the actual beheading, he could’ve been hacking and sawing at the thing for a good while for all we know or maybe the dude standing next to him stepped in and gave him a hand

        1. This is the first thing that occurred to me. Some of these ISIS videos, particularly the high-production value edited ones, seem ridiculous and fake. Remember the video with the 7 foot executioners? This kid looks like he is acting to me.

  1. I think since the kid has no blood on his hand then he didn’t finish the beheading. Rather, they stopped it and for a second the victim may have thought they were actually going to spare him (like they trick most their hostages to believe). Until, the other guy completes the beheading. These guys are cannibals, scum to the earth.

  2. THIS is what made me come back to Best Gore! I saw this story on mainstream media a couple of days ago and I thought ‘where will I see better pics than this pixilated crap’ I was right. All the good shit on this site.

  3. Hey, if any of you ISIS faggots are reading this, how about a little suggestion regarding your videos – less talking and more chopping. Just show us the unedited beheading and keep that jibberish that none of us can understand anyway, to a minimum.

  4. You know I don’t know what’s worse, the fact they brain wash an (at one time) innocent child into a fucking monster that cuts off someone’s head with skill and no remorse, or the fact the fucking child monster just beheaded this guy with more prowess than a whole group of Iraqi solders. Thats so fucked up.

  5. This video is a fucking FAKE!!! If y’all are true Bestgore viewers then you should have seen that it’s FAKE as fuck! When the kid starts cutting , the Syrian man’s head is tilted straight back, NO BLOOD…we all know that blood comes gushing out immediately once that blade touches skin in a true beheading. Next, the frame quickly switches and shows the kid cutting the Syrian man’s head while its turned to the side, still NO BLOOD. So what the fuck is it, a dull as knife that just doesn’t seem to cut at all??? And where in the FUCK is the blood that should be on the kids hands after the “beheading”? FAKE!!!

  6. smell fake to me.

    i mean, yeah, the guy have been beheaded, but probably not by the child.

    1- bad start to behead as the guy turn his head
    2- not a single blood mark on the hands of the child (almost impossible to beahed without any blood on hands, specially for an child)
    3- scene cutted just before the first blood drop

    well, like any others already watched, sound like this guy didnt have been beheaded by this child monkey

  7. I can’t even watch ISIS videos anymore, the non stop gum flapping and lack of gore is boring. I do like reading the comments from everyone though, because it make me feel like I’m not the only sane person in the world. =)

  8. The Zionist-west should do the world a huge favour by invading Syria and Iraq to fight Daesh ASAP, so the Zionist-west can collapse and so pissrahell can be wiped off the map. Btw you white-western fucks deserve to be fucked, humiliated and raped by niggers and Jews.

      1. Iraq was invaded by the west and they got kicked out of Iraq in 2011. Syria has not been invaded by the west. The writers on BG spew a lot of disinfo bullshit about Daesh, Syria and Iraq. Daesh are not Zionist proxies like the FSA. Daesh was formed in 2006 by Iraqi resistance freedom fighting mujahideen to kick out all the NATO occupiers out of Iraq which they successfully did in 2006.

        I did not mean those terms literally.

      2. Iraq was invaded by the west and they got kicked out of Iraq in 2011. Syria has not been invaded by the west. The writers on BG spew a lot of disinfo bullshit about Daesh, Syria and Iraq. Daesh is not a Zionist proxy like the FSA. Daesh was formed in 2006 by Iraqi resistance freedom fighting mujahideen to kick out all the NATO occupiers out of Iraq which they successfully did in 2011.

        I did not mean those terms literally.

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  9. I have to agree with the doubters. The child is too clean. I don’t believe you can use a knife to remove the head from a living human being without getting so much as a single drop of blood on you. The Syrian might have had his head cut off, but not by the child.

  10. Bunch of fucking keyboard warriors. If each of you kills a sand nigga baby a day and proceeded to rape dead kids mum, in 20 years time we might have a better world. Paki man would be too scared to fuck his wife knowing she had some real meat inside her, not one of those little smelly brown maggots. She would cease to reproduce and the kids would all be dead. Amen to that

  11. I really hope the kid didn’t have to do the whole thing and it was staged where he is shown sawing away for a second but then an adult took over. It actually takes a lot of strength to cut off a mans head!

    Not to mention, the kid is too young to make a decision to commit a murder. Its the ultimate act of child abuse period that I’ve ever seen. That kid is now scarred for life.

    1. this “kid” is a mother fucker that have a brain wash. now he just prey allah, kill for allah, fuck for allah. total brain washing shit.

      this kid deserve to die . as they use him like any child soldiers can be found on africa or orient. started from the nazi in WWII.

      its no more an kids. its an monster. kill him with fire, before he kill you.

    1. Si es posible,si el cuchillo es muy afilado corta f?cilmente,lo he hecho (no en humanos)y mientras no toques huesos es f?cil,donde si pudo recibir ayuda es cuando corto la columna vertebral,vamos incluso para los narcos es dif?cil 😀

  12. This ultimate “humiliation” campaign that ISIS has set up has no strategic value. I can only think how Russians used the Komsomolskoye massacre, that was taped by Chechens (Dagestan massacre), showed it to every Russian soldier, never again Russians surrendered, they fought harder. That’s what Syrians should do, in fact they should already know better, the only thing that’s keeping ISIS alive is the Sunni hatred of the Alawis and Shia in general, there’s no quarter in this bloody war.

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