Syrian Rebels Behead SAA Soldier

Syrian Rebels Behead SAA Soldier

A video apparently filmed by a potato shows Syrian rebels beheading a captured SAA soldier. They ask him if he has any last words. He asks for water. They behead him.

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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45 thoughts on “Syrian Rebels Behead SAA Soldier”

  1. Last words a glass of water that’s bullshit. If it was me I will request to suck the executioners dick. Once I get hold of that cock in my mouth, I will chew it like hell. At least my beheading won’t go in vain. Remember, you only qualify to do this if you got a pussy hole. These fuckers ain’t gays!

  2. Cold…just cold heartless muthafucker’s and then they wanna put God in to there slaughtering..i mean come on was it so fucking hard to give the man a last drink of water..get it over with and fucking! Nuke them ..burn them to a crispy crunchy damit!!

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