Syrian Rebel Films an Air Strike, Bomb Clearly Visible in the Video

Syrian Rebels Film an Air Strike, Bomb Clearly Visible in the Video

A Syrian rebel was filming a random neighborhood when a sound of a passing jet whizzed through the air and shortly after, a bomb was dropped directly into the area the camera was zoomed in on. The bomb is clearly visible in the video.

Watermark in the video suggests that the incident happened in the city of Daraa.

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    1. i wish the Syrian army can kill as many as he can from those terrorists , those ” aljehadeen ” or ” rebels ” are getting aids from Qatar , Saudi Arabia , Turk and other countries ( USA allies ) because the Syrian politics aren’t with the same line with that of USA and this is the best way to avoid the direct confrontation and the loses

          1. why does everyone use death as some kind of threat? i wont have these thoughts or images haunting me, i wont feel pain or fear or have to deal with this bullshit anymore, why is that supposed to be scary.

            call to god and call to your cock, see which one comes first!

    1. It is a distinct and noticeable accent that I’ve heard several times now. It really does sound kind of “dumb” but maybe it’s just the frequent “Allahu ackbar” making them sound like fucking idiots.

        1. The are many muslims in Europe that don’t cause any shite. There are many that do, they consider us to be below them. They consider thier laws should take precendent over our own European laws and unfortunately our goverments allow them to live by laws which we would be imprisoned for.
          Our children are forced to eat Halal food at school and muslims constantly recieve different judgements than a native European when commiting the same criminal act. They consider us European women to be prostitutes and become agressive and violent with us when they find we are not interested in having sex with them.
          I could go on and on.

          1. That is precisely why I’m voting UKIP in May. Nigel Farage is our last hope before we are made a minority in our own country and forced to live by sharia law and circumcise our daughters.

          2. Arabs cannot possibly comprehend our European costumes and ways of life. So they want us to adapt their life style instead. But we must understand that this immigration is enforced by the jewish hordes who control the European Parliament and their puppets, one of them is even Portuguese and a coward who betrayed his country for Israeli shekels, Dur?o Barroso.

            See, we wouldn’t have these problems if multiculturalism and miscegenation weren’t propagandized the way they are, and those who oppose it being marginalized, ridiculed and prosecuted.

        1. @ P.O.Z. That was a good link, bud. Guess what i just found-out ? Thousands of pamphlets were dropped in Ukraine telling Jews that they have to ALL register at the Government Offices πŸ™‚ I LOVE IT! Payback is coming ya Zionist Fuckers. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. @POZ,

      The Muslims are not fighting the Jews because of some need to stand up to injustice, they fight them because they want Islam to be the main power structure of the world.

      Devout Muslims are not fair and nice people, they have their own agendas to maintain and achieve and if you believe that they see you as an equal you are sadly mistaken, white Muslim converts are considered the “shabbos goy” of the Muslim world and non converts are considered “gentiles” to be used and disposed of.

      The Zionists have used the Muslims to cripple countries from within, they set one enemy against another and then they come in and conquer both, they win by attrition.

      My conclusion, the Zionists/Muslims are not our friends because they both want to control us and enslave us, ideally then in order to turn the tables we need to use their own tactics back at them.

      1. Also I think it’s very simplistic to just blame the Jews, I’ve seen many Jewish website that are constantly trying to warn us against the Islamization of Europe, and quite frankly are shocked how we just bend over and take it.

        1. @Wicked Mama,

          You?re right, I have been trying to get people to see sense for a while now but emotion and egotism prevents them from being able to do so.

          It is an entirely wasted game to blame all Jews for the world’s problems and it would take me many pages of writing to summarise my reasons why so I will keep it short and simple.

          Not all Christians follow their religion devoutly nor do they all revere and follow their Christian leaders and the same goes for every religion.

          Among the world’s Jewish populations not every Jew is rich. There exists poor, middle class and rich Jews which means that they can’t all be exploiting and stealing from everyone.

          Granted the main moneymen of the world, the Rothchilds, the Goldman?Sachs family ect, are of Jewish background and Jewish people and families tend to be a closed group who tend to amalgamate and combine wealth and efforts in order to increase family prestige but the above can be said about many racial/religious groups, the Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims being good examples.

          Whereas one can say that Jews, just like the Muslims, will join to fight their enemies when called to based upon their shared religious/racial background you cannot really hate them for it because if we white westerners had any backbone we would be doing the exact same thing instead of stabbing each other in the back.

          My point, in order to effect change you need to have a strong argument that cannot be easily torn apart and blanket statements against certain groups without any pinpoint structure is not a strong argument, it may well be a true and correct argument but it is not a strong one and will be easily dismissed by the public at large.

          My conclusion, I never disagree with people who say that they hate all Jews because it is understandable from an emotional point of view and history does back their opinion up to a certain extent and I couldn’t care less either way but if people really wanted to bring their opinions into the mainstream accepted norm they must learn to direct that energy more precisely with a more targeted argument.

          If I were to say that I hate the idea of Halal and Kosher foods because Muslims and Jews eat it I would have no argument because such an argument would hold no weight in today?s ?fair for all? society but if I were to say that I hate Halal and Kosher foods because it is cruel to animals then I would have an argument because animal welfare is considered in today?s ?fair for all? society.

          Equally then if I were to say that Israel has no right to exist then my argument would be ruled invalid because they do exist in the now in much the same way as present day America exists and cannot be told to disappear and give all the land back to the native Indians.

          However if I were to say that Israel has no right to expand it?s borders onto the land of their neighbours whilst displacing and killing the current inhabitants of those lands I would have a strong argument.

          You see my point, hate all Jews if you want because that is your prerogative but you will never be able to create change without learning how to pinpoint your arguments correctly for today?s thin-skinned society.

          A good boxer understands that the knockout blow comes from the punch that their opponent never saw coming, my point, if you only know how to attack from the front you will become predicable and easy to defeat.

          1. The Jews have an in built understanding of human nature , how deprived we can be , they have used it to their advantage for millennia . And their get out of jail free card , which we all know of , has assisted them no end over more recent decades .

            It is too simplistic to blame just one group / race but , the underneath nature that they possess is repulsive and this nature is reflected in the pernicious politically correct agenda that has taken hold and is , in my opinion , the main problem we currently face .

          2. As a human Ewe’s my survival instics are going to kick when MY arse is in danger. I don’t worry about a Jew setting off a bomb when I’m on the tube or a plane I worry about a muslilm blowing me up. When I’m walking down a street I don’t worry being gang raped by Jews I worry about being gang raped by muslims. I don’t worry about my son being attacked by a group of jews because he’s not Jewish.

          3. Absolutely wicked m , I understand where you’re coming from . It’s the powers that be behind all of this though , those that have allowed these people to gain a foot hold .

          4. The point that I was making in my roundabout way was not that I disagree with the idea that the Jewish religious/racial group has caused a lot of today’s problems, it’s undeniable in fact given that the money and commodity markets, the banking system, even the big financial players who control them are of Jewish background, it is just the way that people go about arguing their opinion that irritates me.

            You cannot expect your argument and therefore opinion to get very far in today’s world with blanket statements and ethnic slurs, such an argument is not winnable.

            You instead need to systematically challenge events and actions with reasoned deduction and evidence otherwise the world at large will dismiss you, make it difficult for the public to tear your argument apart and you will find that more people start to listen and agree with you.

          5. P.dude, are you saying the Jews made the Muslims hell bent on the Islamisation of Europe when the Jews had no voice in the world? History has shown us the steps of the Islamsation of a nation. When the muslims finally got kicked out of Spain they knew coudln’t beat Christians in warfare anymore, our tecnology had surpased them. So they went away and licked thier wounds, tried to learn some of technology and used tricks of blaming the Jews for everything to gain access into out Europe thorugh stealth measures.

          6. You should do some more research. Although I agree that Muslims don’t see non-Muslims with keen eyes, all of this mass immigration is fomented by the jews who control Europe.

            Their main objective is to destroy our continent through multiculturalism and miscegenation, which is already occurring at alarming rates.

            Both the Muslims and the jews were kicked out of both Spain and Portugal, so your point there isn’t really relevant. The jews have been kicked from far more countries than the Muslims have, and for good reasons. This isn’t “senseless hatred”, it has a foundation to it, if you care to look deep into the issue.

            And yes, the jews control the European Parliament, they control the European Central Bank, thus, subsequently, controlling all our governments. It’s what we call ZOG (Zionist Owned Government).

            The US is in worst shape though. That place looks like a jewish weeding, but we here in Europe are heading towards the same direction.

          7. Maybe I didn’t make my point clear, when I said the muslims were kicked out of Spain I meant they were repelled as a conquering force after centuries. They had conquered parts of Spain and were trying to Islamise the rest of Europe. Luckily our Christian wariors were able to stop them coming any further north.You can’t compare that to the Jews who were invited here in small numbers as money lenders as it was prohibited for christians to lend money.

          8. Can anyone please explain how it all started. Who attacked first
            So far i know is that israel owned small land in middle east, but muslims wanted to kick them out to rule everything. But jews were defending small land, but got too arrogant as time passes.
            Rest doesnt matter, because same circle starts to go around. One attacks other and opposite.
            Why people just cant learn from the past and make a deal.

          9. everything can be learn, its just stuck in ego people minds
            people need to do some mental exercises to get rid of this demon power inside of them

          10. Hey, if you choose to ignore who the real culprits are, that is your choice.

            The Muslims are only taking advantage of a system that was deliberately created by the jews to destroy us. But go ahead, blame the puppet but ignore the puppeteer.

          11. @ P Dude,

            Just as I explained in my post that has been in moderation for a while now, if you can read it that is, do you not agree that there is a fundamental problem with the way that people in general argue this issue.

            We live in a society that will dismiss any argument that involves ethnic slurs and blanket statements and yet everybody still comes out with “all Jews are scum” and “let’s gas the filthy Jews” statements.

            How can we attempt to effect change in public opinion when we refuse to even debate in a reasonable manner.

            We should be making less emotionally charged statements and doing more logical deduction in order to create a bridge between BG members and the public at large.

            My conclusion, extreme, emotionally charged viewpoints only does two things, it isolates the moderates on your own side thus you lose them and it creates counter extreme, emotionally charged viewpoints which increases the ranks of your opponent and the end result is that you weaken your own side whilst strengthening your opponent’s side.

            In the end I care not who the opponent is, my only concern is that people in general have no idea how to fight according to the battlefield conditions.

          12. Thing is wicked mama . While the Muslims do cause us problems , they are not our main problem . In fact , they are a very convenient shield for the zog to hide behind .While our attention has been focused in the wrong direction , the power mongers have rubbed their hands together with glee . We all need to focus on the real main threat to our societies , then things can alter for the better .

          13. P.dude. I enjoyed the debate, as well, I think you enjoy a debate, but as it is ‘Ate’s’ post, maybe we can resume at another time on one of your posts.

          14. Oops, sorry Ewe’s, your comment hadn’t actually appeared when i left that comment, didn’t wish to ignore you. Maybe be we can all carry out the discussion on one of P. dudes posts.

          15. Empty, I know what you mean mate. I am not a hateful person, and I am not calling for the deaths or gassing of anyone. I am, however, aware of who owns me and most of humanity by the throat, and i’m standing up against it.

            While I do not hold a grudge against anyone simply because they are of a certain ethnicity/religious/cultural group, I simply cannot trust the jews, religious or not.
            Years of research on these matters have made me grow suspicious of them. I don’t want them to die, I just want to be left alone, I want this zionist-led multiculturalism and miscegenation of Europe and white countries to end, I want Israel to stop oppressing the Palestinians and give back the land they stole, and if we achieve this, I could care less about what the jews do, as long as they don’t hurt anyone else in the process.

            These matters are sensitive indeed but they deserve to be discussed for all of our future is at stake, and I always try to be polite and answer with logic rather than emotion.

          16. @P dude,

            It does not matter whether you hate the Jews or distrust the Jews all that matters is how you go about your goals and if your goals require you to effect change on the general public then you must understand your battlefield and act accordingly.

            Learn all about the public, what they want, what they expect, the language they use and understand, once you know the public and understand how they think and act you can tailor your approach to suit your aims.

            Luck favours the prepared.

          17. It,s funny that Hungary recently threw out the Jews in their government, and now Ukraine, and others are soon to follow. I guess they are all full of emotion, and egotism too !

          18. @thedre,

            I detect sarcasm in your voice.

            The very countries that you describe are considered Nazis by the general public and dismissed by global direction.

            I stand by my words, only logic and reason can convince the majority to change their ways.

          19. I am sorry @ Empty, but the sarcasm came from YOU first Pal! First off, for 30 years, i have been working Construction, with Hungarians, Polish, Italians, and ALL OF THEM,,, not most, but All told me about the Jewish problem in Europe, and abroad, in the early eighties, way before any problems with the Muslim existed, except of course for Usama Bin Laden, and his Mujahedeen who fought against the Russians, with training from the C.I.A. in Afgasnistan in the late 70,s,, but that was it! There was no major problem with the Muslim People until the ZOG assholes started shit with them under false pretenses to aid further their cause, and Agenda. These life experiences will never leave me, and NO books or lectures will ever sway me from the ultimate truths involving the Jews. Look at our friend,s problems with them alone. A Jewish Detective, A Jewish Crown Attorney, and on & on. πŸ™

          20. The truth is what has awoken the world. Logic and reason are great, but to ignore emotion would be to not fully understand humans. Emotional appeals work great, they always have. Don’t assume that the general public doesn’t respond to emotional pleas. Humans are emotional creatures. There is not only one way to convince people of something. Lot’s of people respond to emotional approaches. The best approach is to use multiple approaches in waking people up to the truth, and keep pounding it in their heads. The Jews are our problem. Whoever wants to say it’s the muslims simply doesn’t understand exactly what’s going on. The Jew media is telling you it’s the muslims. The Jews are using all of the other races to attack the white race. Hitler himself had enough sense to ally himself with the muslims. All gentiles need to unite against the Jews. The Muslims are not the problem. Anyone who says that they are has a lack of insight into our situation.

          21. So true, and well said @ Z- Man. πŸ™‚ As for @ Empty, although i respect, you & and love your reads, i do not always agree with your points of view. But like you said before,,, Your name says it all πŸ˜‰

  1. Stupid, goat fucking terrorists. “Allah Akbar” is all what they can say and can think. These fuckers couldn’t find their arses with both hands. However, there’s a positive touch to it – their goose will be cooked anyway: you can’t fight seruous governmental forces with such a restricted vocabulary.

    P.S. BTW everybody. NOT sponsored feature: Anna News has some good Syrian war footage ever. Check it out.

  2. Normally I wouldn’t care if my posts don’t materialise but I am quite drunk at the moment and feeling rather irritable and dejected so if some kind soul could allow the sun to shine bright onto the shadow filled land of Empty soul’s comments I will turn my frown upside down and cast a smile not seen in a while, cheers.

    1. Empty, you should now by now, even through your alcholic (sorry can never spell that word and can’t be bothere to look it upl) mist, there are people on here that look forward to your being here. Yes, I know you won’t believe it, but your smart comments and also your jokes. Us British women love your jokes, we totally get you.

      1. @wicked mama,

        Thank you for the kind words and I didn’t think that anyone actually understood my jokes, I thought that I was just unfunny and confined myself to the realms of Mr serious with a stick up his ass.

        Anyhow I am ashamed of myself, sorry to bitch about my comments, I am too drunk at the moment and should know better, I need to be sober in about eight hours for work, Christ on a bike when does the misery end.

        Thanks and sorry once again.

          1. @P dude,

            I am a data analyst, my job is to take data and quantify, express it into a language that my idiotic asshole boss understands which is very difficult considering that my boss is a complete and utter fuckwit who only got the job because of his daddy’s connections.

            I turn up hung-over most days so I must be doing something right otherwise they would have fired me by now.

            Still, I am pretty good at poker so maybe I will tell him to fuck off once I can make a steady income from it.

          2. Empty, one day you will have to teach me poker. But I wish there were more people like you that had wit. Humour that was rooted in intelligence, Rather than all these idiots running around the site talking about ‘poop’.

      1. Also wicked mama I have to apologize to you, I agree with you I now hate 80% of the arabs and 90% of the muslims too please keep on hating (and I mean it this time I’m not trolling)
        I will support everyone who hates on my race and religion, unless they are the type of person who love jews and want them to rule the arab world so we don’t exist anymore. My motives for this sudden thinking is obviously different from yours but we have the same goal: an arabfree / muslimfree Europe.
        I in fact love people like you now, I see them as free birds who think what they want and say what they want. Inshallah Europe will be arabfree.

          1. oops, sorry sticky keyboards then, meant to say, we are all in total agreement with you O”bs, you won’t be left to hang out and dry on you own.

          1. OK @wicked I’ll stop commenting just because you wanted it,it’s a little bit sad to see you just want to get rid of me just because I’m a girl, but I thiink that decide who comment and who don’t it’s not your job this is not freedom of speech

          2. Ah, you’ve just changed your avitar to saddest looking girl in the world You trying to making me feel bad, how many people have been on to you, yet your blaming me for driving you off the site. You won’t go, even if you do you’llcomeback in a different guise. But if you were the little troubled little person you made to be, you not, I would have looked after you, all you had to do was to be honest and not create problems for everyone on here.

          3. Very predictable @wicked I was waiting for you to say that, obviously you’re jealous, lol,btw That’s me and I’m not making a sad face That’s my stupid face

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