Syrian Rebels Slash Throat of Civilian and Dump Him in Hole to Bleed Out

Knife Cuts Noisy Throat Deep, Killer Dumps Body in Shallow Grave

Recently released video from war stricken Syria shows rebels from the Zionists funded Fake Syrian Army brutally executing a man by slashing his throat and dumping him face first in a hole in dirt to slowly bleed out.

Caption at the bottom of the video says that the victim was an innocent civilian. The caption was added there by Syrian Tube so it’s hard to tell if it’s true. What is true is that the FSA have been indiscriminately killing everyone who is both not a Sunni Muslim and does not support their genocide.

Judging by the victims clothing and the lack of facial hair I would guess he was a Syrian Christian, so the assumption that he was an innocent civilian may not be so far fetched.

Former US National Security Adviser, Trilateral Commission co-founder and Barach Hussein Obama’s top foreign policy adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski confirmed in an interview with DW News in Germany that the growing inefficiency of war is the direct result of the increased political awareness of the public. In reference to the situation in Syria, Mr. Brzezinski had this to say:

Given the contemporary reality of what I have called in my writings ‘Global Political Awakening,’ a policy of force based primarily on Western, and in some cases former colonial powers does not seem to me a very promising avenue to an eventual solution to the regional problem…

Zbigniew Brzezinski is notable for the 1979 opposition to the Soviet Union and the decisions he made which led to the creation of Al Qaeda through the CIA funding of the Afghan Mujahedeen.

Last year during a speech in Poland, Zbigniew Brzezinski noted that it has become increasingly difficult to suppress and control the persistent and highly motivated populist resistance of politically awakened and historically resentful peoples. During his speech at the Council on Foreign Relations in Montreal in 2010, Brzezinski had this to say about the “universal awakening of mass political consciousness”:

…major world powers, new and old, also face a novel reality: while the lethality of their military might is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historic low. To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people.

I would like to paraphrase Mark who said to me that it won’t be the revolutions, but the revelations that will eventually bring the evildoers down. Because of how advanced the weapons available to the Zio powers are, actual revolution in its traditional sense will not get very far. It would just make those brave enough to take to the streets easier targets. But the continuous growth of global awareness spread among the masses by the alternative media like Best Gore will eventually lead to more and more people escaping the enslavement and with it, to the collapse of institutions that keep us enslaved.

Our friends in the USA are bombarded by ceaseless propaganda more so than anyone else but after a new Reuters poll revealed that only 9 percent of Americans support military intervention in Syria, it became clear that they’re losing the propaganda war.

The growing evidence forced out by the alternative media, which points to a Zionists backed chemical attack by Al Qaeda led rebels to be blamed on president Bashar al-Assad, has further accelerated the inevitable downfall of the corporate press – one of the primary propaganda tools of the Zionists – that is now only trusted by 23 percent of the public.

They still have the full control of Hollywood, which is also a huge propaganda industry though much easier to camouflage as something else than the corporate press, but alternative entertainment will soon kick them in the ass too, and people will understand that career politicians, tax collectors, police and courts (judges) are more of a threat to life, liberty and property than a thief in the night.

Video of the Syrian man brutally killed by having his throat slashed is below:

Originally Published on: Oct 12, 2013 @ 21:39
Original Author @Ate

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video once deleted by prochan:

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267 thoughts on “Syrian Rebels Slash Throat of Civilian and Dump Him in Hole to Bleed Out”

          1. No way the Syrian rebels Are heartless monsters. They deserve to be tortured and die a slow painful death. Splattering their brains with a bullet. Is too good for them. These evil sadistic monsters Deserve to die a 1000 deaths

        1. That was beautifull, you’re right, killing someone is one thing, im not saying its right, but in certain circumstances everyone would kill.. But to make someone suffer a horrible death is something else..

          1. Well I do notice, that the more ignorant the country the more brutal the death. Its just all derp derp derka, don’t try to actually figure out what they’re doing, because you can’t. They fight for an invisible god that loves them so much, that he blessed them with the shittiest part of the world with the dumbest fucking people

          2. I am not so sure everyone would kill. I can think about if my sister were raped, tortured, and murdered, I know I would want to kill the perpetrator. However, killing the killer makes me no better than him, and my family then loses 2 family members instead of one, my sister to the murder and myself to prison. It would not bring my sister back and would not make the situation better. Also, if I turn around and kill the murderer, I am, in a sense, allowing him control over me and my emotions. A murderer is not worth going to prison over. God will deal with him by casting him into hell upon his death and thus an eternity of torture and pain.

        2. Of all the fucked up brutal deaths on BG, why do people have their panties in a wad over this one? The knife was sharp, and the cutting quick. That fucker was unconscious in seconds.
          For the new people check out BGs best of 2018 for hilarious humor, slapstick comedy, and wacky personalities, sure to keep you in stitches!

          1. That’s very true. Syrians are not even close to Brazilians when it comes to creativity and finding a way to torture someone. Furthermore, in a situation where a family member is murdered or done anything to, they would surely come for you.

        3. Nah man. People like the murderer in this video do not deserve quick death. They deserve suffering. Death in inself is not a punishement at all, because after dying in an instance, like, poof and you’re gone, and you don’t get to contemplate on your actions, don’t feel regret, and you don’t care anymore if you’re alive or dead at that moment. That makes the quick death absolutely pointless form of punishment.

        4. I agree with u and the first guy… Its hard to say how u would react to something like ur mother bein raped but ppl that say they would torture them n have no problems doin shit like that r ppl that would just enjoy that shit unprovoked anyway. Ppl have done me wrong so many times n when im mad i wana kill them but when i fight as soon as i see how much pain soneone is in realitycomes back n i can stop myself

      1. Well the guys doing the killing were the FSA , so i really doubt he raped anyones mother , FSA ( fuckin stupid ass’s ) are terrorist killing whoever they can get there hands on for no particular reason but to terrorize the innocent because the day they have to fight a true military force , they will get there fucking ass’s beat hard and fast , probably the largest group of incompetent humans in the world

      2. WHat if a person (like me) doesn’t have any immediate family no loved ones then again what if pigs had wings? or wait, what if I had a million dollars? well i’d buy you a house yup I would buy you a house. If I had a million dollars (if I had a million dollars) I might buy you a k-car which is a very reliable automobile. 🙂

    1. @ This Post.
      At least a thief in the night has the courage to expose himself to retaliation and/or emprisonment. The political machine disguise themself as an ally whilst slipping beneath the sheets to rape your wufe and pillage your castle.

      1. I believe I read somewhere that the brain stores enough oxygen for around 7 minutes of consciousness after removal of the head. Now, define “consciousness” — it could simply mean that you’re still alive, yet not physically aware anymore. My guess would be you’re not aware, due to such massive blood loss in a short amount of time, probably causing light-headedness to the point where you’re not “there” anymore.

        It’s one of those things we’ll probably never know unfortunately as there doesn’t seem to be many survivors to tell the tale…

        1. There was nothing “slow” about this death. The human body is pressurized, so to speak. There must be blood pumped, via pressure, into the brain in order for it to work. In other words, to enable the person to be conscious. Once that large blood source is clipped at the neck, and the pressure is gone, the lights go out. You are no longer conscious. If you’ve ever choked someone out, or been choked out, then you know how this works. A good choke, like the ones you see in MMA, are “blood chokes.” They stop the blood flow to a person’s brain and they’re out. Cutting a carotid artery immediately stops the pressurized blood flow to the brain. This guy had BOTH carotid arteries cut. This guy was out within a couple seconds. Like I said, there was nothing “slow” about this death.

    2. You know almost every single event when i dinner with my mother and sister we have a discussion about the syrian war. my mother and sister are both falling for the western propoganda. i keep on telling them its not what you think it is.. i told them many many poor civilian either muslim or christian are being slaughter in the most brutal way by the FSA rebels. yet they keep on saying assad is the bad guy.. but since i know both of them cant handle these kind of videos i wont show it too them. tho i watch them myself not because i like it. hell i feel horrible just horrified for these people. but purely too keep the western propoganda out of my mind. and so far it works im still having much much discussions at dinner.. and its really true, propoganda can do A LOT against you. i even had a fight once with my father being pissed at the russian for supporting assad.. just weird things yet i believe what i believe and what i believe are facts since i WATCH facts like these happen and not the morning news with. assad chemical shit lies..

      1. I originally came to best Gore when I was 17 to get myself used to this kind of shit before I signed up for the Army. I didn’t get in because of asthma, but I’m 21 now and I can say that Best Gore has permanently changed my life and my outlook on it. The media is a cruel machine and it takes brutal heart wrenching shit like this to make you finally wake up. Keep on keeping on bro

    3. It’s a slow death for the body, but he’s gone at 10 seconds. You can see him leave at 10 seconds as his body collapses. The brain loses oxygenated blood and he’s a goner. All that suffering and breathing the body is enduring at the end he has no idea.

    4. He did what he thought had to be done. As you can see, the victim wasn’t begging for his life, not even a little, which means he probably didn’t care either.
      It was a quick death, or more precisely, a withdrawal from the world.
      At least by being dead he won’t see any more suffering, or nothing bad. If he had family, they’ll get over it, everybody does; it’s human nature.
      Although it is a bloody death, it must be good dying that quickly without having any time to experience pain, and quickly going into another dimension.

  1. Being a Christian in the Middle East must suck. I’m surprised they even have their own churches over there with all of the murderous Muslims running around. I imagine some of them keep it to themselves out of fear of something like like this happening to them, or their families.

    The victim in this video is better off in the dirt choking on his own blood than existing in an Islamic-dominated region. That’s a shitty sad thing to say, but I think it’s true. Human beings have proven over and over again throughout history that thinking differently than the masses around you is a bad bad thing. Such a shame.

    1. I think I’d stick with the whole “body is a temple” idea and just pray in my skull. THenagain, people will get suspicious if they don’t see you in the mosque or bowing 15 times a day. Yup, very dangerous indeed.

    2. Well the neighboring country of Jordan has a very large Christian population, so much so that their military is almost half and half. I have a friend who shares this account with me and he is a Christian Jordanian and from what I hear they are sick and fucking tired of isreal, he also translates a lot of this Arabic shit for me. When i see him next I will try to post a translation of the recent Arabic videos

      1. christians form less than 5% of the jordanian population. if your friend told you that it’s 50% then I doubt he’s been near the middle east itself. christians in the middle east are just as crazy as the muslims by the way. honor killings are much higher in the christian community than in the muslim when taken as a percentage. both muslims and christians share the violent nature of middle eastern people, christians are just fewer in number so keep a lower profile. I’m not choosing sides here, just thought I’d give you correct facts

        1. Ok so quote me on it? Yes he is from Jordan and lived there most of his life I never stated I know the numbers as fact. The more factual number is more like 10 percent and it is rising more and more every year. They used to consist of 30 percent of the population in the 50’s.

    3. I respectfully disagree. Even the “Masses’ thinkers” have their own shady past. Just go back 200 years ago and you’ll notice no one, absolutely no one has a past that is so clean it can be bragged about.
      For a religion/cultural belief to exist someone had to be killed.
      It’s the world; technology advancing quickly, people dying, people being born, animals going through evolution, but the human mind seems to be the same as it’s always been.

  2. Although this appears that the victim is still conscious and experiencing pain – within 30 seconds the blood pressure to the brain would have dropped to such a low level that hypoxia occurs rapidly. The struggle to breathe & muscle movements are autonomic reactions not under conscious control.

      1. If they wanted to make him suffer as much as possible, they probably would have cut him in pieces while he was still alive. But I don’t think these people will be able to do that. They cut his throat quickly so they’re done with it. It makes them look like sick people, but if you asked them to torture someone in a very horrible way, they would think twice.

    1. I’d like to point out the following: At the point he is cut, start counting 1mississppi, 2 Mississippi, all the way to 30 seconds. It’s more dramatic this way that watching the time on the video.

      Either way, 30 seconds, though it seems short, is a long ass time to be breathing through a new neck, breathing in blood and then getting dumped into a shallow hole face first. Granted, it’s probably not as bad as getting eaten slowly by a lion, but 30 seconds of what this dude went through is horrific to say the least.

      30 seconds is a long ass time when you just want to die quickly!

          1. I highly doubt that if all Jews were dead that Muslims would suddenly be singing kumbaya and accepting fags and letting women have equal rights as them? Cool story.

          2. Are you white? Because if you are, you should know that your biggest enemies are the Jews. If you’re not aware of that then you need to read some books. The Arabs are enemies of the Jews, and we should be joining forces with them. You obviously don’t know what the Jews are up to.

          3. Religion is the problem! In the words of Eddie Griffin the comic. Christian claim Jesus to be the messenger Muslim claim Muhammad was the messenger, does it matter? Did you get the message!…..No one gets the message Religious people are sick! the truth will be revealed upon death and sadly many will realize that they have wasted there lives following some bullshit! Legalize cannabis! Smoke one and chill with the neck slashing!

        1. What would make me go into shock and awe, is to see one of those butt fuckers solve a physics problem. AHHKMED! I’m going to throw you this football, and I want you tell me with MATH, how its going to land over by that wall! And afterwards, we will practice beheading goats while listening to our American 80’s pop music!

      1. Shooting someone in the head is probably the most humane way to kill someone along with being the quickest. The people who do this shit want the victim to suffer an agonizing death unfortunately.

        I would hate to die while gurgling on my own blood, trying to gasp for air. How horrifying your last moments would be

          1. Yea it’s one thing to be decapitated, you’ll died rather quickly once they cut to a certain point but starting a decapitation, cutting a little less than half way through so the person is still alive and then leaving them there to bleed out and die is horrific.

          1. The Jews reject Christ , so they won’t have no Zion . Zion is a metaphor for the kingdom of God when Christ returns and establishes his rule if my bible memory serves me, but I’m rusty in that area

    1. Now that’s the kind of shit that should be posted on here! Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the hard work, energy and efforts put in by the people trying to keep this site going and posting new material but the videos and descriptions lately just haven’t been doing it for me. I think the people posting all the new pics and videos should find out from Mark where he would get all the amazing videos he used to post so we can get back to our roots are start posting stuff that really goes with this site!

    2. I’ve always felt the best way to torture then kill someone would be over a considerable amount of time: Cut a foot of with saw, then sew up the wound. Then the other, a hand, poke an eyeball, saw through the teeth with a butter knife slowly, pull out some guts so they see, etc., etc. Obviously that takes time, but fuck, over there, you could probably horde up some poor dude for weeks and no one would be none the wiser.

      1. I beg to differ. Its not about balls its about wasting the time and effort, these guys kill on the move. I doubt they stay in the same area long enough to cut and let heal etc.. bringing a torture subject along with the rest of their equipment would also be too much of a burden on these fucks.

          1. I agree you have to be kind of pathetic to cut someone’s foot off and sew it back and keep them for weeks. I mean, don’t you have other shit to do? Just saying

    1. They get no mercy when captured rest assured they die feeling alone and terrified because Assads men do not take them prisoner and should not, they act as if they want to die for Allah but when it comes down to it they are more afraid then anybody

  3. So brutal. The way he was choking and gasping for air really gave me the chills. I don’t understand how those people are able to do that to someone innocent (if indeed the guy was innocent..). Perhaps just a Christian minding his own business before those pigs got him and trew him half-dead in a hole in the ground left to die. Crazy. Yet fascinating.

  4. Its like i was once told here..dealing with adults..there is no innocents..we’re all guilty of something..with that being said this was a great video..thanks ate..i love watching dakka dakkas killing off one if we could just get some fresh narcomundo videos like would be awesome…

    1. @Ladywicked. Forgive my ignorance if this question of mine has been answered before and I didn’t notice it. Can you tell me the roots of the term dakka dakka you’ve been known to use here frequently? Where did it originate from? I’m curious. 🙂

    1. Well @girl I have to say if I was there with you and you were throwin’ up, I would hold your hair back for you,of course I’d be hittin’ that ass from behind also but at least ya wouldn’t get puke on your hair, I’m a sweetheart like that!

        1. Do you think I would base hittin’ your ass on how many times you throw up with that cute face,sexy look,and that great demeanor you have, @my girl from the city? You don’t know me very well…doooo youuuu?! Haha You’re cool city, and as an experienced drinker the best cure is a “hair of the dog”, believe it or not, next time you have a hangover slam down a drink it’ll work, trust me!!!

        1. Hi sorry to cut in here I know none of you know me. But i’d just like to vouch for Lunatic in his hangover remedy for the damsel in distress it’s true if you can force a drink down you’d be surprised at how quick you’re head gets back on a level and the nausea go’s in fact it works for most other pleasures the establishment don’t like you to have. “what makes you bad makes you better”

        2. Hi sorry to cut in here I know none of you know me. But i’d just like to vouch for Lunatic in his hangover remedy for the damsel in distress it’s true if you can force a drink down you’d be surprised at how quick you’re head gets back on a level and the nausea go’s in fact it works for most other pleasures the establishment don’t like you to have. “what makes you bad makes you better”

  5. what amazes me the most here are those “funny and cool wannabe” comments posted by some fancy american boys and cheap-college sluts like “wow that was tought” “nice job” “those gurgles gaved me goosebumps” and other douchebahgery .

    I know the purpose of this site but this is getting to booring and inhuman. Some people thinks that they so badass and insensitive to this bla bla, but the truth is the that most of you are underage, jerking off high school fucktards who wouldnt survive 5 seconds in real life. You play tough guys because you can watch this kind of shit 10 thousand miles away from your capitalistic shithole, but I guarante that if any of you pussies would be the witness of this kind, twisted and insane scenes you would shit your liver and puke your lungs begging to see yo momma one more time and eat some graesy BigMac before you die.

    WEST = Pussies

    1. HAHAHA you sound like you here WAY too much propaganda about the west. You purposeless son of a bitch, you wish you could live in a peaceful place like the U.S. I am a native to the U.S.A and I’m a Dual citizen of Libya, I’ve heard to many Fuckheads like you say this kind of shit and then turn around and wish you had some type of freedom like ours. You probably cant even publicly say anything that you want because you live in a shithole. You sir need to learn what real life is if you think we are buying into the bullshit our media tells us. I don’t even like confrontation but I sure a FUCK wont stand by and let you talk about my country like you know something about it, Stop watching movies about us and see for yourself what its like. “Culturally Enriched” my ass, you know nothing of other cultures if that’s how you view America. I thought you had a brain before I saw this post you made

      1. He’s just wanting a response, but I agree with you Tx. I imagine this limp-dick will stroke it every time he feels like he’s garnered an emotional response from anyone, since nobody takes him seriously outside of cyber land

        1. Yeah and I fucked up and let him get the response he wanted. I just read on the rules of posting and I fucked up and directed it at him. Never again, Ill just keep it to myself and let him be the douche bag calling people out… Sorry guys.

          1. Nope. Call out them know it all fucks and set em straight. I bet most of us here likeley have seen and done/ witnessed some hard shit and deal with it by facing it in a sense . You get me?

          2. The point is that they aren’t know it all fucks they’re just a guy acting like they’re European trying to get a rise out of you. Telling them how it is is simply giving them what they want

  6. This video reminds me of two things: Why I will never ice skate as some nig would run over my throat when his little brother wiped out in front of me, thus causing me to fall once I ran over him, and why I’ll never go to a barber for a shave!

  7. This is why Assad forces execute captured FSA punks out of hand with a head shot, like in the last vid.

    The sooner the Muslim world realize that they are being divided in order to be conquered the sooner they will become peaceable and civilised. Greed and corruptibility of village elders and Al-Qaeda leaders is the biggest obstacle to regional and nation wide peace in the Middle East right now.

    As for change in Europe I always say to many people died in WW2, and the one and only oppertunity for change died with them. The best you can hope for is a BG gated community for like minded people, obviously it would not be in Canada the USA or UK.

  8. Its bout time we as americans stand up fire congress impeach the president and start over. These babies cant agree on a budget without shutting down how are they gonna make big decisions. Its time for a revolution its time we take our lives in our hands people,those fucks only worry about lining there pocket why would they care if we even eat. Stand up and say enough

    1. @Justin, I totally agree with you. I read somewhere that they won’t impeach Obama because he is black; you know political correctness and all that bullshit! Anyway the stats on the condition of our country and it’s people make me want to weep. Obama has absolutely no idea how to run a country.

        1. Ill say this about Our current situation once and not again I don’t want too much attention for it but Obama is going to set off a civil war the way he’s conducting things on capitol hill, We The People are starting to mass up and band together and dispite what you might here on the news the “litmus test” was a huge failure on their part because when asked most of our servicemen actually say they would not follow orders to disarm and they would take action rather than stand by.

          1. The US military, whether they like it or not, sign up to follow the orders from the President as he is the leader of all branches of military. If they join with any notion of whom is the leader, and whom they want to be the leader, they should be removed immediately. They give up all rights to give a shit who runs the country, it’s the way it is. Though deep down they can give a fuck, ultimately, I don’t pay them to give a fuck, I only pay them to do their job. If that job means they follow the orders of a Black democratic President, or a white old Republican, I expect them to follow those orders without question. That is the way of military life. When we allow them to give a fuck, we as Americans have serious problem!

          2. I guess I should add to the above and to what Burning J replied: At the point the President tells the military to pick up arms against our own people, Americans, then and only then as a tax playing American, should it become a serious issue that would involve me picking up arms.

            Don’t get me wrong here, the majority rules at the polls, we rule with our votes. In past posts, I’ll be the first to say that we need no reelect incumbants. We should always elect fresh faces at a minimum every 8 years. This keeps government in check.

            My post concerning what military thinks of the President is what I replied as all-in-all, we dont’ pay our military to give a fuck whom the President is or should be. Yes, every 4 years they can vote and hope from whom they wish to be President, but when it boils down to it, I don’t (along with 250 million others), don’t pay our military to give a fuck who is President, we only pay then to do as they are told. Untill such time as it comes that a President tells them to turn cloak and put those guns on us. Then, and only then, will there be an issue with the American military.

      1. They who? If you’re talking about congress or the Department of Justice, they’re just as offensive as O’bama was.

        Ask yourself…

        If we had politicians with integrity, does one think that O’bama could’ve pulled off killing innocent people with drones? Escalating the wars/proxy wars over in the Middle East?

        If we had an empowered voter, we’d have the things that our enemies have. Like…

        Affordable healthcare.
        Affordable education.
        An infrastructure that doesn’t look like something out of the Stone Ages.
        A living/respectable wage.

        …and much more!

        George Carlin said it best…

        “I’d rather masturbate than vote. At least I get a little something in return, when I’m finished masturbating.”

        The problem with most people in the states, is they keep voting against their best interest.

        Both parties should be in the ditch with this poor bastard…

    2. The President hasn’t done anything to be impeached for and that word and meaning is lost these days anyway. Pray tell, what exactly has Obama done to deserve impeachment? It’s not like he invaded two countries with lies now has he?

      Personally, I dislike him as President, I really do. But throughout History, I’ve disliked more than half of them. Does this mean they should of all been impeached? No, didn’t think so.

      As for the shutdown and the budget: You repliers do know this is not the Presidents thing right? This is all on the Congress, not the President. The founding Fathers knew that the President should not have that power. So when you talk “Civil War”, and put in the budget as a reason, shouldn’t you be looking at the Republican Party which is currently holding the budget hostage as the problem and not the President? Or is it just too fucking easy to say: “Oh, that nigger President is fucking shit up, so lets start a war”?

      Don’t get me wrong, he’s a horrible President, he really is. But when you have a horrible Congress, holding everything the President wants to accomplish hostage, it makes for an even worse Administration.

      But then again, it guess it’s easier for people to solely blame a President they dislike than hold the real holders of power responsible: The supreme court and the Congress! Impeachment, pfffft, get real!

  9. Oh fuck. That was intense. This is my biggest fear, having my throat slit,feeling warm blood running down my chest, gurgling,blinking, and then dead. I ask my wife not to slit my throat in the middle of the night some times. she gets me.

  10. AHHHH!!!!! My thirst for blood is quenched now, it feels like when I wake up in the middle of the night still drunk and guzzle whatever is in the fridge…….. Unless its the purple stuff, then I’ll take the Sunny-D. Goodnight Neverland!!!!!

  11. And the funny thing is, these people will be on a boat trying to hit our shores and claim “assylum” from a “tyrannous Assad regime”.

    Australia government has promised to take 10,000 Syrian refugees, I say, don’t take any. Don’t need anymore psychopathic Arabs in our country.

  12. It wasn’t extremely brutal as a video. It could’ve been much worse.. At least this way, his death will come within a few minutes instead of hours, though the pain of having half your neck cut must’ve been excruciating, as if you pay attention in the video, there’s still a lot of movement after partial decapitation.

    Arabs have developed very humane ways of killing when it comes to pain. Hanging can be an instant death when you do the math and execute the operation carefully. Their swords have been extremely sharp traditionally, and a skilled executioner could instantly behead a victim, though the victim would still be alive for a few moments.

    It’s unfortunate that these idiots who do the execution videos don’t have as much of a passion for painlessness as we do, and I feel bad for anyone regardless of their actions, who die brutal deaths.

  13. There’s good news from Belgium. Reports are coming on the news that they found out that the Syrian Rebels are killing civilians including children and that it is not the government like they thought earlier. Only took em so long to realize.

    Guess America not wanting to show the proof of the chemical weapons attack made our government start to think a bit independent on the Syrian matter.

  14. Syria is a minor blip on the radar. Iran and China are the major powers who we will be dealing with in the future. We are still deploying to UAE, Korea and Afghanistan. I don’t think we’re doing that for fun.

    I find it ironic how many of you hate how brutal these executions are, when our own government does this every day. Our own people are killed for various reasons, only it’s not so publicized.

    Have you forgotten JFK, MLK, RFK, Malcolm X? They were all killed by Americans on our soil.

          1. well i may be a fool anyway but thats a different matter…i dont think the past dosent matter far from it and thats not what i said…i just meant some things (like this video) are so sick and so brutal and that theres enough inhumanity and dispicable goings on here without adding to it tis all… harm no foul but i agree that history is incredibly fucking important 🙂

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