Syrian Soldier Beheaded by ISIS in Deir ez-Zor – James Foley Style Video

Syrian Soldier Beheaded by ISIS in Deir ez-Zor - James Foley Style Video

This is not the first time the Islamic State has released a beheading video that’s edited out James Foley style. I’m not sure what they’re trying to achieve by censoring themselves out like that. And like in other James Foley style videos, this video also includes an introduction of the next victim.

On Saturday, December 6, 2014, after 5 days of sustained attacks, the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) launched a massive offensive on the eastern Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor and seized part of the air base. Both sides reportedly suffered heavy casualties. Much of Deir ez-Zor province has been under control of the jihadists, but the Syrian army has protected the capital of the province, and used its military airbase to mount raids on the Islamic State.

One of the Syrian soldiers captured by the Islamic State during the offensive is shown being beheaded in the video below. The jihadists also forced him to kiss the boot of one of them. Another soldier shown at the end of the video is likely to be decapitated next.

Meanwhile, reports mount of the Israeli terrorists conducting their own air raids on Syria. Israel really wants to make sure their ISIS friends get all the support they need from them, and war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu wants to get re-elected in the March 2015 election.

Also, the UN observers in the Golan Heights published a report on the extensive co-operation between Israel and Syrian opposition forces. Anyone who fights Syrian people and their democratically elected government is heavily supported by the Israel. Like I said – Israel really wants to make sure their ISIS friends, and other Islamic extremists, get all the support they need:

  • UN observers reported regular meetings between the IDF and armed Syrian opposition forces near UNDOF position 85, in the south of the Golan Heights, two kilometers from Kibbutz Ramat Magshimim
  • The UN observed armed groups passing wounded to the Israeli side, and wounded being returned to armed groups in Syria after treatment in Israel
  • There were 59 meetings at UNDOF position 85 between the beginning of March and the end of May, during which 89 wounded jihadists were brought to Israel from Syria for treatment, and during the same time, 19 jihadists went back to Syria after treatment in Israel
  • Unknown supplies in crates were observed being delivered to the jihadists from Israel
  • Further meetings between the IDF and the jihadists from Syria were held in UNDOF position 80 near Moshav Yonatan. SAA has officially complained to the UN that the site was used as an Israeli-supported “terrorist base”

Thanks UN for telling us what we have known all along. I mean, the US thank-you-for-your-service ZOG mercenaries have been training the jihadists in Jordan and Turkey from the beginning, and the administration was providing them with military, logistical and financial support. Did anyone really think Israel would not be directly involved in the coup?

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

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    1. I concur Dre….these foreign paid terrorists have destroyed most of Syria…did you read that israel’s baby killers did another air strikes in Syria….if I was Assad I would launch a few missiles and take out their crying victim wall….I hope this back fires on the masterminds to destabilize the whole region and it turns into a Jewish state vs Islamic state war…Arabs need to wake up and stop killing other Arabs….

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  1. Translation: Soldier: please don’t kill me. Its haram (a sin) ISIS: o rly? How about you kiss my boot?. Soldier: please we are brothers you and i. Isis: why would a brother shoot at us? Soldier: i swear i didn’t shoot at you. ISIS#2: look at him, hes a soldier in uniform.
    They then proceed to say religious stuff and kill him.

    1. exactly, i can only agree. You’re going to die anyway. The humiliation (kissing the boot) they just agree because they hope it will either be quick or they let them life. So last bullet for yourself if you failed and they are going to get you, or at least hand-grenade to blow yourself up, preferably with some of them.

    1. ***I wonder why they can?t show the whole video. isis can?t afford airtime or what?

      …they may be waiting for sponsors, to buy up some commercial spots elm

      Similar to the NFL, when all the home team’s tickets sell out. Then, they’ll remove their “blackout status.”

      I imagine Boeing or Lockheed Martin, will give us full “unrestrained access,” before too long…

      …personally, I’d like to see a drone, removing O’bomber’s testicles about right now

  2. They make you eat their left over…..kiss their boots……suck their tiny dicks
    And then they behead you.
    For nothing. …….that really matters. …..
    A genocide of the Muslim community has been scheduled already and it’s going to be worse. …..

  3. Sigh. Why oh why can’t they just show the whole damn thing? If they done that I would be convinced this was real. But unfortunately I’m not. It’s another fake in my opinion, even though there’s a lot of blood on the ground indicating it was real but I didn’t see the whole thing unfold like the other beheadings in this website. Best Gore Rules!

    1. I agree with you on that, for once I wish they would show the whole damn thing. But, then again, I believe they are doing this strictly for media attention, and MSM would never show it if it was showing the actual beheading. We have been spoiled rotten by our beloved BG by all the awesome beheadings already available to us by simply coming here.

    2. @bigstickemUP.

      Did you notice that the guy about to perform the beheading with the orange ribbon, is not the guy lifting the head.

      At that point, ribbon man is now behind the body or just right of centre on the screen.


  4. What gets me is that all the heads that get decapitated by ISID are so calm. I have seen many decapitated heads that do not look calm like the ISIS ones do. That is the main thing that makes the whole thing fake for me.

      1. Wuhahahaha

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        Seriously though… I hate commenting on a post and finding them all over the place… out of place, time posted and wrong person.
        I’m not doing it to be annoying… trust me.
        Even though I’ve been told I’ve been annoying ever since I was born.
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          1. The only reason it gets like that is if a mod deletes someones’ comment. It gas nothing to do with the site messing up or anything else. Deleting a comment makes all the previous replies to that comment null & void so to the bottom they go.

          2. +++Deleting a comment makes all the previous replies to that comment null & void so to the bottom they go.

            I’ve seen this happen before with one of my comments on a previous post and it wasn’t deleted… so that can’t be the reason… just saying.

  5. I can’t bring myself to click on the video. I’m sitting here with sweaty palms… contemplating. Do they show the actual beheading? Oh well, it doesn’t matter, I don’t think I can build up the nerve to watch it anyway. At least, not right now. I need time to desensitize.

      1. Hey, Richie213 :0) You have me laughing! The chainsaw one, the nightmarish screams one? That doesn’t sound good… LOL! Oh God… curiosity killed the cat! Thank you so much for the welcome :0) I’m glad to meet you, you are hilarious! I wonder how long it will take me to be able to eat while watching? Hahaha!

        1. Hey @T.T. Type ” Beheading Close Up ” in the search box, the beheading in Kerkouk is a real cracker. Just make sure you are sitting comfortably, preferably with a couple of cushions on the floor to soften your fall ! πŸ˜‰

          1. Hey, Ewe :0) You are really trying to break me in quickly.. huh? LOL! I need to develop a thick skin. I envy all of you. I really do… you handle these videos so well. You obviously have something that I lack. I really feel like a dipshit being here. I’ll definitely search for what you mentioned. I just got done reading the comments for the “Eugene Armstrong” video. That’s what I do… I read what others have to say before I click the play button. :b And from what they said… I won’t be watching poor Eugene any time soon. Sounds horrific. You also have me laughing with the “cushion” statement. I hear ya! And you are absolutely right.. I’d probably be landing on them. I almost passed out when I watched a guy burn to death yesterday. I actually felt faint. My new screen name on B.G. should be “Giant Pussy.” LOL! But, anyways… I want to say that I’m glad to meet you :0)

          2. Take your time @T.T, I don’t wish you to faint.
            Nothing wrong with being squeamish at first, I felt dizzy first time I watched the Kerkouk one, almost toppled over off my chair, hence the cushion advice πŸ˜€ .
            I think your strategy of reading the comments is a good one, you can still get a sense of what happened.

            Anyway, welcome to the fold.

        2. I almost always eat while I’m browsing BG, just this morning I had scrambled eggs and bacon while checking out the most recent posts. The best part is when the gore resembles what you’re eating, for instance the guy smooshed by the sand truck really reminded me of melted cheese lol Welcome, take your time, and if you pass out and bash your head send in the pics!

          1. Hi there, Ive Got Issues. πŸ™‚ You are so funny! When it resembles what you’re eating?? Hahahaha! You crack me up! You know what would be really funny? If B.G. had a section where newbies, like me, could have recorded and posted their first reactions to what they were seeing. Mine would have looked like a comedy routine. You would have seen a lot of weaving back and forth, cringing, covering my eyes, plus, plenty of cursing… “Oh fuck”, “Holy shit”, “What the fuck was that?” And maybe.. just maybe… you could catch me bashing my head, in real time! LOL! But anyways.. it’s great to meet you, I.H.I. πŸ™‚

  6. Yes, Manowar96. I joined the site yesterday. I know it sounds idiotic for me to be here when I can’t even bring myself to watch an actual beheading. :b Maybe I’ll be able to watch something like that in time. Truthfully, I’m really afraid to see it. I’m a puss. LOL!

    1. Welcome T.T. most of us I would imagine were in your shoes in the beginning. I could not watch any of the beheadings and now meh…Don’t get me wrong it is atrocious but you get desensitized after a point. At least you did not start will the Eugine Armstrong vid but also like most here I can never get used to children or babies or fetuses suffer…dunno. I have 3 kids maybe that is why…

      1. Thank you for the welcome, Actarus. :0) I’m glad to learn that I’m not the only one that feels (or in your case, felt) afraid to watch a beheading for the first time. I’m really going to have to push myself “mentally” to get past feeling that way. And I strongly agree with you when you say that you never got used to babies/children being abused/killed. I know for a fact that I could never get used to that myself. I can’t even watch animals being tortured/killed. It makes me feel very sad to see the defenseless suffer and to see those that take joy in inflicting the suffering upon them. I guess the main reason I joined Best Gore was to fully understand just how heartless, cruel, sick, etc. etc. the world can be. I like honesty & truth, even if it is hard to swallow. I need time to absorb the visuals one step at a time. I’ll get there… πŸ™‚

        1. Animal cruelty is just sickening stuff, and there is NOTHING wrong with admitting you will not tolerate that shit. This is a good site @TT with decent members, and i don’t think anyone here would tolerate that shit with animals.

          you won’t see it here…….

          1. Hey, Dutchy :0) That is a relief. That is one thing that I will never, EVER watch! I can’t do it. I would be filled with rage. Then, you would see me in one of these videos. I’d be the one beheading someone. :b

        1. @TT: welcome !

          The first time I saw someone killed by another human being was on another site ( then I was hooked and ended up here at BG). I was completely in shock as every moral fibre of my being struggled, and i wondered if I should call the cops!! Not realising there are thousands of such videos, I thought I had just witnessed the only one and I would get arrested for
          watching a snuff film!!

          1. Hi, Dutchy :0) I really enjoyed your comment. I’m glad you shared that with me… you are very honest. :0) It makes me understand that my feelings aren’t completely abnormal. The problem that I have is that I seem to be struggling in my mind… I have forced myself to watch a couple of videos that were very hard for me to see. What I tend to do is wonder…
            Did that person really commit the crime they are being accused of? I’m always wondering if an innocent person was murdered. I watched a bunch of villagers set a man on fire. They watched him burn like it was nothing to them. The comments that I read said that the man’s brother raped a girl. But, why did they do that to the brother. He didn’t do anything to deserve that. I guess this is a hard lesson that I’m learning about the world. B.G. is definitely a learning tool. No fairy tales, no sugar coating, just straight up honesty here. I am really happy to have met you, Dutchy. :0) Thank you for your honest comment. :0)

    1. LOL! That is EXACTLY what I thought as well! Him looking around almost all excited with dicks all around him. Looked like a total smorgasbord that he didn’t know where to start!

        1. Thats what i was thinking ,one o the other ones had a yellow ribbon on his arm.
          I bet that soldier had good boots to take after he died,I know now why all the dead get their boots taken them guys are still running about in sandals.

  7. Areas near the Damascus international airport has been attacked by Israel according to the Syrian government.
    If this were true… it wouldn’t be a surprise at all.
    Trying to keep it under the radar… the Jews have been creating all sorts of discord within Syria for quite awhile now.
    The Syrian government remains in power despite their best efforts to bring it down… perhaps they’re losing patience.

      1. It’s called Christmas. I’m not surprised that a Jew would X out Christ.
        Vladimir Putin praises Alexander Solzhenitsyn for his writing on communist activities, despite fierce persecution for his anti-soviet criticism. Putin visits the author’s home after presenting the award to Solzhenitsyn’s wife at the Kremlin.

  8. Today, the ICC has upgraded Palestine as a separate state. In addition, the ICC has launched an investigation against Miserial’s act of aggression against Palestine.

    …with the recent launch of Miserial’s missiles against Syria, and the Russian currency going down the shitter, this could get interesting

  9. This could be an old video. Stop the video at exactly 02:00.
    There’s a guy with longest beard, cap and light color upper part of the uniform. Third from the left. Spotted on several IS videos here on BG looking the same and wearing the same uniform. Even think he was dead on some SAA army video posted by SyrianBoy?

  10. I think that ‘jihadi john’ is actually dead. I’ve determined this because he showed up in 3, maybe 4 beheading videos, then disappeared for a month or so then showed up in a mass beheading video that I believe could have been filmed before his death. Then you have recent videos like this and he’s nowhere to be seen.

  11. The Jewnited Nations didn’t need to confirm that Israel is linked with Syrian rebels.
    The Jews were stirring up the pot in Syria with various different rebel groups… that was quite obvious.
    The Jews and the ZOG in Washington DC are now given the excuse to bomb areas in Syria… now under the guise of attacking the Islamic State or ISIS.

    This is ridiculous.
    ZOG will eventually collapse in on itself because it is based on lies.

  12. Funny how at the moment he kills the kid, he spouts off about the Dictator, Obama. As his blade slices in to the soft flesh of the neck thru the trachea to the spine the kid had time to think about the great uniter. The King Obama.

  13. Ribbons are simple way to identify friend or foe.
    Islamist usually wear yellow ones. By default the ribbons should be green but they figured out green ribbons are hard to spot on uniforms. SAA are mostly using red ribbons.

  14. I like and admire this site as one can view reality here that the mainstream media just won’t air. Having said this, I disagree with the extreme liberal stance taken on many topics. I don’t believe Israel/Netanyahu is behind ISIS. IS executing Syrian soldiers is muslim against muslim. These guys have been at war since the dawn of time. It’s all they know and they’re not going to simply stop.

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