Taxi Driver Decapitated with Hacksaw by Cartel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Taxi Driver Decapitated with Hacksaw by Cartel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Taxi Driver Decapitated with Hacksaw by Cartel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

In the city of Playa del Carmen, located in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, members of an unspecified cartel kidnapped and decapitated a man whom they accused of acting as a taxi driver for a rival cartel.

The notoriously Mexican bad quality nighttime video shows the sicarios using what looks like a hacksaw to behead the man. They then use the same hacksaw to dismember some of his limbs.

Props to Best Gore member @ramiroromo for the video:

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144 thoughts on “Taxi Driver Decapitated with Hacksaw by Cartel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico”

    1. the mexicans are not the brazilians. these men probably could have had a sharper weapon, but chose to go the dull route. unlike the brazilians who routinely use the dull blades. i’d like to think this is the case, anyway.

          1. Oh yes, as far as beheading goes sure, but all brown skinned Spics are vile, verminous cockroaches and violent animals. That’s all I’m getting at. Gotta admit, though, nobody lops a head off like a diaper head in the Middle East!

      1. Got to agree with @RitchardHead… Those camel jockeys sure know how to swing a sword or use a blade… Not bad for a bunch of sand niggers… And their video quality is ALLOT better… Accept fot the shitty arab music

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  1. Despite the bad quality, I like the usage of the hecksaw, although it wasn’t dull enough… . Anyways, they should have sawn the body parts off before beheading him or knocking him out with those silly machete slices, maybe the usage of certain drugs or chains would stop him from moving.

          1. Wait, you were replying to my comment with the 1:34am time stamp.
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  2. Am I tripping out or decapitee’s hat never came off of his head!?!
    I mean they kicked that shit at the beginning, they severed the head and tossed it, picked it up and showed it to camera and tossed it again and the fucking hat was still on the head…

    1. I was wondering about that too. I suspect they used a blade with 30 teeth per inch…..It’s counter-intuitive Pigs, but research shows that to lop a head faster than you can say ‘dentist’ it would be necessary to use say 18 TPI

          1. Ahh that brings back memories…..

            Hadda turn up the volume in the university ballrooms
            Hadda be written in library books, footnoted
            Hadda be in the headlines of the Times and Le Monde
            It hadda be barked over TV
            Hadda be heard in side alleys through ballroom doors
            It hadda be played on wire services
            Hadda be bells ringing
            Comedians stopped dead in the middle of a joke in Las Vegas
            Hadda be FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover
            And Frank Costello syndicate mouthpiece
            Meeting in Central Park, New York together weekends
            Reported Time magazine
            Hadda be the Mafia and the CIA together starting a war on Cuba
            Bay of Pigs and poison assassination headlines
            Hadda be the dope cops in the Mafia
            Sold all that heroin in America
            Hadda be the FBI and organized crime working it together in cahoots against the commies

            Imagine the wonderful poetry we’d have if Ginsberg had turned his talents to cartel ‘solutions’ ?

            ps….no resemblance to you or any of your relatives either living or dead in the references in this snippet.

  3. q – how many mexicans does it take to decapitate one “taxi driver”?
    a – who the heck knows with the quality of this video.

    i love you my mexican friends, but a better quality video would be fantastic.

    1. These millennials are a disgrace, with the power of Google at their fingertips, they’re more interested in pursuing Instagram, than using their heads to find more efficient ways to lop other’s heads off.

      1. Don’t forget gaming. The little fuckers spend 80+ hrs a week playing.
        They’re all kyphotic with atrophied muscles, and are pasty white from lack of sun, yet completely stymied when it comes to operating a trash disposal or dish washer, or even a manual can opener!
        And, for that matter, a hacksaw.

        1. I agree Dil Doe, the kids are in danger of keeling over and snapping their soft, weak bones from their vitamin D deficiency…rickets. If they should ever be forced outside to endure a few minutes of sunshine, they’d spontaneously combust like a flock of vampires in bad Twilight sequel..

  4. I think we should send Best Gore starter kits to each country complete with a hi-def camera phone with horizontal only mode. Brazil gets guns that don’t jam and blade sharpeners. Africa receives matches and lighter fuel. Mexico gets a book – Face Peels for Dummies. India gets lifetime supply of Febreze or clothes pin for the nose.

  5. I often look down and laugh about you people
    often, because the comments are sometimes really funny, but some do just implicate, that many of you try 2 be tough, cause they’re involved with gore and I also think many of you are, of course, but in some comments I see pussys tryin to act hard, cause they see gore on the interwebz.

    for these people,
    have you ever seen a person dying in front of your eyes?
    I did. And this guy was way younger than me.

    try 2 act tough in real life you fuckin faggots, cause life will show YOU not the other way around.

    BTW good vid, cartel always deliver
    good stuff LOL

  6. The others from the rival cartel are definitely gonna stay warned to try not to indulge in another one of those tactics of befooling the other cartel by by sending a wolf in disguise as the other cartel seems leagues ahead being outsmarts.

  7. As fuzzy as is that video, you may be sure it was filmed with a thousand dollar Iphone capable of megaton resolution. But perhaps .001% of people have ever read the instruction book (or read anything at all, for that matter) and can take advantage of it.

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