Teenager Commits Suicide by Jumping from Unfinished Building in Iran

Teenager Commits Suicide by Jumping from Unfinished Building in Iran

A 19 years old man from Ardabil in Iran committed suicide by jumping from the roof of an unfinished building. The cameraman, albeit focused on the chat with a bystander, at least did not jerk when the teen took the leap, like people on the other continent tend to do.

Here’s the video of the fall. Props to Best Gore member @hyrican for this one:

The teen also made a video before taking his own life. According to @hyrican, in the video he speaks Iranian Turkish (not Farsi), and appears to ask for forgiveness from his mom and the rest of the family:

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      1. Ltfol….Awww, I was hoping he said somethin’ like, “My family disowned me and my friends n’ g/f have all shunned me, ‘cus I like to suck big black cocks, so now I’m going to jump off that building over there.”

          1. Lol, indeed it is. I doubt mama and the rest of the family will forgive him for that one. They don’t fuck around when it comes to sucking big black cocks.

          1. Isn’t the word Svarg an Indian term or name? And isn’t a person named Svarg(heaven) mainly Hindu by religion? I thought he was European. Not tryin’ to poke fun, just curious.

    1. iran is actually a pretty nice country and this is the azerbaijan province of iran. The ex-soviet azerbaijan (and armenian and georgia) were also party of persia before the russians took over those areas around 200 years ago. this guy is speaking azeri which is a turkish language.

    1. how is life in iran pointless lol. Iran is actually a really beautiful country and also a mostly safe and peaceful country. government is a crazy dictatorship but so are tons of countries all over the world as long as you don’t fuck with the government you’re fine. the country is beautiful and people are friendly, also there are all types of climates there, you can go skiing/ boarding in mountains, some cities get a lot of snow in winter, go to the south it’s more hot and north you’re by the caspian sea and north west caucuses mountains.

      1. Yeah I know that I’m just saying that his life is pointless similar to how most midwestern Americant lives are. Personally I’ve had a recent interest in Iranian ground pics provided by Iranians on google maps. Very clean, modern and green compared to Saudi Arabia.

  1. spiritually, i must be an extremelly shallow person. Cause, as long as i can get a girl to give me a nice blowjob, thats reason enough for me to keep living.
    I will leave the more elevated existencial issues to human beings that are spiritually superior than me. For me, receiving a nice blowjob gives enough meaning to my existence.

  2. See, I understand why some people would want to kill themselves but normally when they actually do it they don’t think about all the good things in life through the hardships we all have experienced; whether, we tend to remember the memories of those we care for yet as for them all others will remember the good things and the bad things we do and have done and it may have a positive, neutral, and or negative impact on those around them. I don’t know what was spoken in the other video before he jumped but there must’ve been something deep down eating them away to want them commit suicide, poor guy.

    The screams though hm I wonder what all those folks thought about as they saw or maybe they were too immersed in the shock to even be thinking during the fall but maybe before the fall they were thinking of something I wonder if anyone looking up tried to yell at him to convince him not to jump not that it matters now.

    1. Familiar writing! I don’t really check my activity on the weekends due to clockwork, and I can throw formality out the window! I’ve read some of the stuff I’ve written throughout the week and I must say it’s depressing. You’re e one who I friended this week, right? Nice to meet you and wonderful perspective! During the week I can get a bit sophisticated, but both of us are well spoken. Truth be told I cannot get over the way you see thins and the way you put it. You remind me of me during the week! Also I want your personal opinion, should I shatter my mask? Do away with sanity? Surely it would be great fun!

      1. I would say keep your sanity for it is truly something that needs to exist in the real world outside of BestGore, but if you want to shatter your mask whatever is that mask or better yet whatever it is you’re hiding under the mask is probably something you must come to terms with yourself acknowledging the consequences of removing ones mask via an shock site social website maybe be necessary for escapism, but I don’t know how the potential consequences of such removing a one’s mask in the real world would do any good or bad how moderate or extreme remember for we may be real or fake online that goes for the same offline in the real world but I will not force you of what you should or should not do I’ll leave that unto you my friend or fellow bestgore member.

  3. Another video has him getting interviewed in sepia tone and at times he nearly was shown on the brink of bursting in to a river of tears ; yet he contuses to maintain his composure and finishes with it . To me he looked more like another guy on the block , determined full of hopes looking up to life but sadly he took the extreme step leaving a trail of enigma as to what made him hate life and chose to follow the road which the cowards take.

  4. As fucked as this sounds, you have to go big or go home when jumping, do a stunt, not like you wont die either way, make it spectacular before people have to scrape you off the cement, put on a show or something, either way, good video.

  5. Drugs induced delirium, petty emotions, misplaced judgements, mental disorders, mid life crisis, a unforeseen glimpse of consciousness won’t help you defy the laws of gravity.

  6. If suicide is end of existence i would finish myself long ago.
    There is few saint elders who saw what’s going on with suiciders.
    One use to have vision where he watched many souls going up with angel protection while demonic entities claiming right on souls by mention what those souls did without repentance and confession.
    He saw vision of many souls traveling up to reach light while being questioned about deeds in life and many pulled down on that road(http://orthodoxinfo.com/death/theodora.aspx), while screaming for help.
    Then, he saw angel who watching soul of a man he protected while he was alive being taken deep in the dark pits of hell by black entities, and he asked him what happened? Angel with tears in eyes told him that this man just hanged himself. There is nothing he can do.

    I watched amazing interview with one Russian who find himself awakened above the body, after he fall asleep deeply sick(perhaps some Russian brother to translate it on English for good of many?) and
    here is that interview and his story:
    Unfortunately, not to long after this video he was found dead with both eyes ripped out, cigarette burns, tortured madly.
    Satanist were blamed by friends and loved ones.

    No matter how horrible life situation is, know that after suicide you’re in much worse. Do not do it.

  7. I guess I’m a little late with the translation, but either way, here it is.


    Cameraman: is he really going to jump?
    The other guy: please no, please no.
    Cameraman: if there’s one guy dead, then there might be others to follow.
    The other guy: *mumbles something I didn’t get*
    Cameraman: how exactly did he climb up there?
    The other guy: oh no
    *after those words the teen jumps off*
    Cameraman: hell…
    The other guy: is this really happening?


    “Today is the last day of my life. Let the world move on with it. What a pity. I just want the people that know me to forgive me if I’m judged. Forgive me mother, forgive me father. Father. I’m sorry that I didn’t become the son you’ve always wanted. Wherever you go, always be happy and be careful. Please forgive me. Mother, please forgive me. Let my friends be healthy and happy. Hello Makharun (I guess that’s the name of his friend). Tomorrow everything will be alright.”

    A little comment of mine: since I’m Persian myself I deeply feel for the guy since in Iran, family is the most important thing. I feel incredibly sorry for his parents for loosing a son, and since I’m not a believer and I know for myself that there is nothing after death, I wish that he made this last decision with a clear head.

    Rest In Peace, brother.
    Sabbahhi nöw ruuz sä boshu.
    Allah rakhmat saï.

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