Thai Soldiers Ambushed and Killed by Muslim Jihadists in Narathiwat Province

Thai Soldiers Ambushed and Killed by Muslim Jihadists in Narathiwat Province

Restive Southern Thailand, including the province of Narathiwat where these photos are from has been ravage by Islamic insurgency for years. Where Islam goes, bloodbath follows. Jihadists have been so active in the south of Thailand, theirs counts as the most violent Islamic insurgency in a non Islamic country.

In these photos, Thai soldiers stationed in the south inspect the vehicle with slain comrades who were ambushed and killed by a group of Muslim Jihadists. One of them was also beheaded (a commander, perhaps?). Some pretty graphic headshots with brain spillage in the gallery.

Props to drccoco for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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39 thoughts on “Thai Soldiers Ambushed and Killed by Muslim Jihadists in Narathiwat Province”

    1. No, no. You mean without any logical or good reasoning, you forget, money and land or anything that contributes to obtaining large amounts of money is more than enough reason for war when talking about humans.
      Oh, and religion too, religion is definitely (yet pathetically) a good reason to kill others.

  1. Man, those crazy motherfuckers ambushed him good. You’d think that when a man is clearly dead, one got rid of him, but no, these guys will cut them to pieces so they can ensure the dead are…well….dead =))

  2. Violence is at its peak in these parts of the world all thanks to Islamic extremists who slaughter in the name of their blood thirsty god, why can’t they stay in their country and destroy each other in their desserts where the sands will bury them until the end of time?

    Thanks for the pics @drccoco, I swear I was getting withdrawal symptoms from not seeing anymore crushed skulls or pancaked bodies.

    1. not only muslims ,dont forget the south americans , oh and theres alot of lunatics/maniacs in north america aswell oh right cant forget europe there just as bad as the rest , holy shit stop acting surprised this whole worlds fucked up from terrorist in the middle east to redneck rapists in america dont just focus the light on one part theres just as many fuck ups / lunatics in any other continent in the world, except the IQ of the average american citizen is what 50? so i wouldnt be surprised in biased opinions on this website,

  3. They are supposed to be using AK47s and 7.62×39 Full Metal Jacket ammo. But the exits wounds are from a mushrooming bullet, not FMJ. Maybe the insurgents file the bullet nose down, like the Americans do. Most of them were head shots, so it was a sniper for sure.

    That shell casing (by his right hand) looks like a .30-06 or .270. There are no guns in the photos, so it could be the ambushed soldiers returned fire, and that is a Thai issue cartridge. In which case, it is 7.62×51 which is pretty much the civilian .308 Win.

  4. Thai jihadists, Sudani jihadists, paki jihadists, Chechen jihadists, Yemeni Jihadists, Afghan jihadists, Iraqi jihadists…infection spreads fastly as long as Americans and Europeans give them a reason to convert into a blood thirsty monster, certainly the infection will diffuse deeper very soon to Europe, we all will see those days and we then will think why the fuck we interfered with their internal problems.

    1. Rooster, man come on, it has nothing to do with the US or Europeans, if anything they’ll push us into blood mongers, I hope soon they push the world to commit genocide on all muslims and their worthless religion.

  5. That Thai military dictatorship better secure that rainforest quickly anhilating any akbur man, woman and children, before the foreign sexual tourists emigrate to greener pastures, like the philliphines and they are left with no one to scam, sell wives, etc

    1. Phatman I strongly beleive we have to leave them alone with their problems, I dont care Esad kills his people, or Fsa hunts Esad, most of the muslim armies are trained by European countries or Us…..leave them alone, let them exterminate themselves.

  6. If I could kill all of the religious fucktards, then the world would be a much better place. All religious people are evil. They created god to get away with rape, child molestation & murder by asking their imaginary piece of shit for forgiveness & clear their conscience. Brain dead imbeciles.

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