The Thailand Jihad – Violence by Muslim Extremists (gory pics)

The Thailand Jihad - Complete Decapitation Pic

The Thailand Jihad, WTF right? I was thinking the same. The first thing that comes to mind when you say Thailand is child prostitution, cheap virgins, backstreet massaging parlors, ladyboys and all that good stuff. People go to Thailand, because no matter how ugly and fat they are, they get quality blowjobs from hot, petit Asians for cheap. Apparently there’s more to Thailand than uncontrolled sex trade. Violence of Muslim extremists has also settled itself in the Kingdom of Siam. Below is a picture gallery as photographic evidence of jihad in Thailand.

History of The Thailand Jihad

Muslim extremists have been operating in Southern Thailand since at least 2004. Primary targets of their attacks are Thai Buddhists, but also other Muslims whose only crime is lack of support for The Thailand Jihad, as well as Thai military and police. While Islamic violence in Thailand barely gets media coverage, the jihad’s been ongoing and there are no signs of it coming to an end anytime soon. The goal of Muslim extremists is creation of an independent state that would be entirely controlled by Muslims following Islamic law.

While existence of The Thailand Jihad has been reported by mainstream media, there’s been lack of photographic evidence to go with the reports. The most likely reason is that mainstream media don’t like to publish gory pics. You know – it’s offensive, upsetting, morally wrong, fill in the blank. Just as Best Gore dot com. But let’s cut to cheese and leave bullshit behind. Best Gore is no mainstream fucking media – we report the facts as they are, without fluff. Truth somehow doesn’t end up being pretty. Truth is offensive, upsetting, morally wrong, fill in the blank. At least that’s what some say.

When it comes to The Thailand Jihad by Muslim extremists, these are the facts; this is what’s really going on: beheadings, torture, incineration, bombing, corpse desecrations, etc. Take a look at the image gallery below and be the judge for yourself. This is violence by Muslim extremists in Thailand. This is The Thailand Jihad in uncensored pictures (WARNING! Gory Images! Extremely Graphic Content!)

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Reich, when catholics killed, guess who they tried to kill? yep, thats right muslims, cause the jihadists were killing christians in asia minor that time, and only the catholics stood up against them.

  2. Catholics are not only responsible for killing Muslims…you can’t truly believe that, can you? Christian history is full of violence, many of the killings of other Chritians who they considered ‘deviant’ (i.e. anabaptists, unitarians, etc.) caholics and protestants in Ireland have been killing each other for years.

    I can’t believe you’re painting the Catholics as the good guys, coming to the rescue. This may have happened occassionally, but good grief.

    If the Catholics never did anything wrong…why did the pope apologize to Muslims for crusades against Muslim lands? You can end your ignorance and read about it here:

    I certainly don’t support these graphic killings in the name of Islam, but just ‘real’ Christians generally apologize for the crusades, real Muslims disagree with these blatant acts of terrorism.

    I’m a Muslim. And I’m appalled and disgusted by these images. I really wish people would quit targeting the religion of Islam for the acts of people going against its teachings.

    1. yeah you are,yes catholics have made bad things in the past(and still do),but there is a problem,catholicism is a very weak relligion that exists by putting their believers in ignorance,not even the priest know something about the bible,because if the crusaders,a true christian should know the Gods word tru the bible and walk in his path,and nobody should kill another human being not even in self deffense(you can deffend youself,but not kill),or else you are in big trouble with God,catholics dont do any of that.

      Islam in the other hand,teaches its good to kill the infidels,because they go to heaven if they do it,and if they kill other muslims in that process they are martyrs,it have been like that for ages.and the intolerance for other relligions is well seen,on every muslim country you go.

    2. yeah…..always blame islam….what the hell??? not all muslim was like that… i also from malaysia…we are truly peaceful country.. never heard any beheading or anything involving religion?? even chinese, indian and malay all cooperate together…and most of the chinese done their business well without problem…. how about the crusade?? ever heard dracula??? who was actually a figure which kill thousand of innocent muslim in the crusade and then the west change the reality to fiction said that dracula is a vampire and scare of cross…what a bullshit., he actually a real life who kill thousand of soul…who actually cruel?? what a bullshit… hiding a fact then create true lies???

  3. The pope apologized to the muslims for peace’s sake because you Muslims wouldn’t stop talking about it for hundreds of years!

    When the crusaders went to the muslim lands, they formally declared war and they killed enemy warriors in battle!

    What did the Muslims kill nowadays?!
    disrespectful fags!!! Always Picking up on the helpless ones! even your religion is fake! God’s favor is within Abraham and his descendants and his servants no matter how many times they earn God’s anger and we both know this.

    1. ur religion are the true fake..!! we already knows that GOD was almighty and yet u still consider jesus was GOD’s son?? how the GOD have son!! GOD is not human u stupid…. and why the hell u nail jesus on the cross then lifted him like that??? u cruel to ur own prophet and even hang him in ur church?. ur religion was actually the fake which even make a change in ur holy bible….. u really can do that? do u know what the meaning of holy?? and yet u still blame other religion…

  4. MagsG, wise the fuck up please.

    The crusaders formally declared war? OH! That’s alright then isn’t? You dippy twat. I somehow doubt the conditions for declaring war during any of the crusades were mutually agreeable for both sides.

    Even if they were, it hardly excuses the atrocities carried out.

    I hate ANYONE who would kill in the name of religion, no matter what religion.

    And by the way, shut the fuck up about God?s favor. You sound just like the Muslim fundamentalists. There is no god, get over it.


    1. so who create you?? if you say so…. and if you say that u didnt need religion…so if you die… juz wrap your dead body in the plastic bag and dump it…… because you didnt need any funeral…because u didnt need religion and god… what the use of ur life if u only knows to drink beers… fucking and getting fat???? so i think ur life is just rubish

      1. I think everybody should just shut the fuck up about religion there is no god…religion is just made up to make excuses for their doings, they have made up, all of this over thousands of years now you ”religious” people actually fucking believe…surely people cant be soo narrow minded, god was supposed to ”protect”, ”love” and ”cherish” All of us in the end everyone goes round fucking killing everybody…nice one congratulations dickheads, I think everybody should just smoke pot and the world would be a lot happier place xD xxxxxx
        Peace To You Too Dude xxxxxx

  5. Being in Thailand for four years, I kinda grasped the conflict they have there. Note that Malaysia borders Thailand, and South Thailand is close to Malaysia. Malaysia is predominantly Muslim, and no offense but some of these extremists do come from this area close to Malaysia. They operate like a sleeper cell for Al Qaeda SE Asia

  6. Was reading the comments above…

    yall shouldve just enjoyed the content rather than saying things about religions sheesh

    yall couldve been commenting and rating the gorey pics eh

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