The Caption This Photo Contest #101

The Caption This Photo Contest #101

Don’t be afraid, give a stab at Captioning This Photo if you can; here’s mine: “guy on left is thinking, what’s taking so long?”

Thanks to our previous WINNER!!! @dan-a-conda – Tranny Granny Caught with Bone Hanging Out of Dress – in the Caption This Photo Contest #99 and for selecting the Best Captions for last contest and the comment:

Thanks again for keeping the caption contest alive.

Winning Best Caption!!!

Sometimes You’re Better Off Catching A Tractor To Work@svarg26

As the winner, @svarg26 you get to choose the Best Winner for this contest and 4-5 Best Runners-Up. Shoot or tweet me a message with all your choices in week-s time. Good Job on the title!


Please Die Behind The Yellow Line – @dahorseurodeinon

After Waiting For What Seemed An Eternity……No Wait…It Was An Eternity@doc-undy

That’s The Exact Moment The Gang Rapists Turned Their Attention To The Homo In The White Dress@svarg26

En Espérant Que Leur Ticket De Bus Soit Remboursé@striknine29

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      1. Lol.. Of course Piggles… Y’know what else?… The chainsaw guy was just gonna kill the uncle, but when he heard they had the nephew too, he was like…

        …. “Alright then, MAKITA double…”

        … But the the chainsaw choked before it could get to the nephews neck… Bummer..!

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