The Caption This Photo Contest #101

The Caption This Photo Contest #101

Don’t be afraid, give a stab at Captioning This Photo if you can; here’s mine: “guy on left is thinking, what’s taking so long?”

Thanks to our previous WINNER!!! @dan-a-conda – Tranny Granny Caught with Bone Hanging Out of Dress – in the Caption This Photo Contest #99 and for selecting the Best Captions for last contest and the comment:

Thanks again for keeping the caption contest alive.

Winning Best Caption!!!

Sometimes You’re Better Off Catching A Tractor To Work@svarg26

As the winner, @svarg26 you get to choose the Best Winner for this contest and 4-5 Best Runners-Up. Shoot or tweet me a message with all your choices in week-s time. Good Job on the title!


Please Die Behind The Yellow Line – @dahorseurodeinon

After Waiting For What Seemed An Eternity……No Wait…It Was An Eternity@doc-undy

That’s The Exact Moment The Gang Rapists Turned Their Attention To The Homo In The White Dress@svarg26

En Espérant Que Leur Ticket De Bus Soit Remboursé@striknine29

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  1. ” No. I said TOOTH BRUSH. Not Chainsaw.”
    ” Can you take a little off the top?”
    ” Smile!! Last impressions are important too”
    WAIT!! I have something in my teeth, could you remove it? NO! NOT WITH A CHAINSAW, ahhhhh……….”

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