The Raid of Zawba – ISIS Video of Attacks on Iraqi Positions Near Abu Ghraib

The Raid of Zawba - ISIS Video of Attacks on Iraqi Positions Near Abu Ghraib

ISIS has released a new video titled “The Raid of Zawba“. The video is a compilation of combat operations against Iraqi positions near Abu Ghraib.

ISIS killed several Iraqi soldiers in the raid, and captured two survivors. The two are beheaded at the end of the video, although the beheading is censored out. The video editors continue to use selective desaturation during the aftermath sequences.

I’ve tried to come up with an answer to the question – why soldiers surrender to ISIS, knowing full well they’re gonna get beheaded. It’s not an easy one, but I guess the powerfully human will to live prevails over rational thinking.

I imagine things like “maybe they will spare me” or “my comrades will show up and rescue me” must be running through their heads. Decisions one is forced to make in desperate life or death situations are difficult to comprehend by those who never found themselves in one like that.

We constantly see videos of soldiers – people used to real bullets swishing around their heads, and friends taking their last breaths in their arms – being led to the slaughter without the slightest attempt to fight back or escape. You would think that at the moment when all was lost, they would either use their last bullet to shoot themselves in the head, or charge the enemy with a live grenade, yet they don’t. If so many soldiers can’t pull it off, you can rest assured that it’s way easier said than done, and regardless of what you think, you probably wouldn’t pull it off either.

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    1. Longtime lurker signed up just to say this —

      Almost every IA Soldier & Iraqi Policeman that I met were and still are cowards. That’s how ISIS took Speicher/Mosul without lifting a finger.

    2. I read somewhere they give their prisoners drugs so they won’t scream and carry on. That still doesn’t make these monsters look humane. I don’t even call them animals anymore, because animals kill to survive and eat. These monsters have no souls.

      1. I allways thought they did that with all the poppys they grow. Shout them up with smack. If you watch just before the beheading . They look like they are smacked up head every were like a smackhead can’t keep his head up when stoned

  1. At 10:17 Am I the only one that thinks we have seen that guy or his twin brother murdered long ago ? They fake and edit everything so why not take clips of shit that happened long ago or that other people have done and pass it off as their latest conquest.
    Also was that sniper using tracer rounds ?

    1. Sure was rayf, those are used
      to give a clear visualization of target acquisition. Normally they are only used in belt fed ammo. However, in this case, as u can see, these hajis cant shoot for shit. Notice how throughout the whole video that take 800 yard pop shots and “spray and pray”. All typical behavior.

      1. Maybe it’s all Hollywood because I am sure sooner or later they will figure out where a sniper is shooting from but that tracer would point out your position on the first shot. I am no military man bro but that’s not standard practice for most snipers is it ?

        1. Not usual behavior at all. I’m guessing they probably broke down a belt of 7.62, used up all the ball ammo first, and what we’re seeing is them using the last of the ammo/tracers. Either that or maybe trying to ignite something. The hummer caught fire; not sure if that was from the RPG they showed being launched, or maybe some kind of incendiary fluid that was ignited by the tracers. Either way, Blayvier is right; these sand niggers are usually lucky to hit the broadside of a barn with the way they shoot.

          1. None of you have ever thought that it’s a rather standard practice to tag your enemies with tracers? Although i despise this ISIS group, they have years of combat experience. It’s clear they had the upper hand in this skirmish and the tracer was just lighting up hostile position for their own troops.

  2. It’d be funny as hell if someone did fight back in a video and they rewarded him by letting his ass go. “Congrats! You passed the test! You’re not a pussy. Go home!” (Game show winner music plays as confetti rains down)

  3. Indeed. The will to live is the strongest will imaginable, both in human terms and the animal kingdom. I imagine this is the reason why many see death in a comedic light, because to even contemplate one’s own death is too much to bare.
    It is always someone else, so it’s ok .
    Not for these guys though. They are holding out for a miracle, a divine intervention, because the shit got real for them alright. ( apart from the cutting, the vid cutting )

    1. @stomper – I’m thinking they’d rather go out as martyrs than suicide because of their religious beliefs. I still don’t get why they don’t fight back til the last second – which would seem to be ok according to their religious jihad. But some even denounce their version of Islam in an attempt to save themselves. That Wouldn’t be classed as going out a martyr in my opinion.

      1. @gramps.

        Their behaviour does seem strange, but I suppose, given the probable alternative, ie- suffer unspeakable torture, it’s understandable.
        The martyrdom issue. Well, who knows why they seem to suddenly change tack on that. Maybe they’re just battle weary and want to get the hell done with it all. And I guess it’s difficult to go out as a martyr when bound and surrounded with fully armed snackbarist’s.
        Coming back to clinging to life. Those guys had guns and could have Bud Dwyer’d themselves quite easily. But as someone said earlier, they cling to even the faintest of hope.

        1. Do you remember the one where the Muslims were killing the Christians in Africa and as quick as they would shoot one Christian another seemed to jump right up almost eagerly to be the next one to be shot ? Crazy shit man.

          1. Sorry @Ewes my bad so many murders and methods…actually they cut their throats…but it makes it even worse as they just meekly laid down and had their throats cut…they were not even in restraints.

          2. Oh and it was actually Christians killing Muslims…thought it odd a Christian let alone 21 of them would submit so meekly.
            Sorry about the hazy memory bro…long Daze n Knights lately.

          3. Yes, now I remember @rayf, they all walked to their throat slitting death and rolled into their mass grave dug in the sand, without batting an eyelid.

            That was surreal.

            And it’s OK bud, I know the feeling well.

    1. Yea that was the one I called at 10:17….but I thought it was longer than 4 months ago.
      Our time slide counters don’t match up LOL but that’s the guy.

  4. That yellow painted M16… LMAO! Someone has been playing CoD too much, eh? 😆

    Kinda sucks for that guy that managed to survive the building colapse in the rubble… just to be beaded by those parasites… meh. 😐

  5. Human are wired to survive. Add to that daylight suddenly becomes so precious when faced with death for most people. So they then think, shoot myself = definitley dead. Prisoner = probably maybe dead.

    The gap between those too options is full of daylight, lovely beautiful daylight.

  6. Have these guys ever created anything? All i see is destruction. They need to get their religion out of it and learn some skills. I have tried to see things from their point of view but i cannot get my head that far up my own arse……..

  7. at 1min13sec looked like a close up execution…. Iraq is fucked up , Ramadi lost to ISIS . Bush warned this would happen back in late 2007, but Obama knew better than both Bush and alot of high ranking mill.people , Thank you Obama for leaving Iraq, its much more save.. 🙂

  8. i bet it stinks in this country …and to be quite honest im bored of all this muslim shit i don’t think anyone in the civilised world gives a shit about these dirty towel heads or the fact that there always chopping heads because alah likes it or whatever ….nobody cares just napalm that part of the globe all they are is un-evolved inferior beings stinking up our planet

  9. well I counted 26 Iraqi soldiers killed. I bet a lot more in those buildings. I think we might see isis spring back and start to reclaiming lost areas and gain new ground. thay are learning.

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