Three Christian Teenage Girls Beheaded by Muslims in Indonesia

ReThree Christian Teenage Girls Beheaded by Muslims in Indonesia

It’s that Religion of Pus again… I mean Piss. I mean… fuck that!

There is a fake story about these photos circulating the interweb claiming that the girls were state beheaded after being caught masturbating one another. It may sound believable given that Indonesia is a hard core Islamic country so extremism is to be expected… whereas common sense not, but they were not executed for lesbian pussy play. They were plain and simple beheaded by Muslim fundamentalists for being Christians.

Four girls in total were attacked – three were beheaded, one escaped and survived but with deep facial wounds. They were on their way to school through a cocoa plantation when they were ambushed by a group of Islamic fundamentalists known as Jemaah Islamiyah. The girls were not Muslims, but Christians which in their minds justified the attack. It happened on October 29, 2005 in the Gebang Rejo area, Poso region, island of Sulawesi in Indonesia.

15 year old Theresia Morangke, 17 year old Alfita Poliwo and 17 year old Yarni Sambue were decapitated. Their friend – 15 year old Noviana Malewa managed to escape the attack putting the fact that she was young and agile to her advantage, even though she was against a group of six masked men armed with machetes.

The attackers left one of the girls’ heads outside a Christian church to show them Christians that Muslims mean business. The other two heads were left near a police station. A note was left with the heads that stated:

Wanted: 100 more heads, teenaged or adult, male or female; blood shall be answered with blood, soul with soul, head with head.

Three of the attackers, including Slamet Raharjo aka Hassanudin – leader of the group were later caught and sentenced to 19, 14 and 10 years in prison. Throughout trial they made sure everyone is aware that they were proud of this murder because it was their contribution to Muslim faith. Another man suspected of being involved in the beheadings – 38 year old Enal Tao was killed during an anti terrorist operation in Aceh, Indonesia.

Islam really has a unique way to spread the message of peace:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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139 thoughts on “Three Christian Teenage Girls Beheaded by Muslims in Indonesia”

  1. Religion sucks. It’s liked by sheep, and ran by closed-minded ignorant motherfuckers. God is as real and Santa Claus. When the retards get that through their heads Earth will be a peaceful place for all.

      1. Fuck you dude, if you dont believe in anything but yourself thats not my problem, leave the others believe what they want. This is a free world and you should be tolerant and not look like a tool who thinks science has all the answers, really dude, are you so stupid and brainwashed that you really believe we all come from one cell only ? ok now l would like you to explain me how the heck our planet is the only one with the appropiate conditions to produce life and let it evolve with the perfect conditions for human to develop. And dont come with the: “Ahh, there is life in other planets, but they are too far that,.. blah blah blah, ” On the other hand, those fucking muzlims should be put in concentration camps for once, they employ religion as a fucking way to kill, rape and hate everyone else they are the real scum of the earth, we should be allowed to exterminate them, or at least, make a new crusade to erase all trace of that stupid religion from the face of the earth, lets turn them into Christians, Buddhist or Jeovah?s Witnesses xD ,at least that way they wont be killing each other and beheading people just because they are the biggest ignorants who cant even understand their own stuff.

        1. being “brainwashed” by science…..that’s funny. last i heard, scientific findings and theories are backed by trial and error and experiments. the bible was written by several different people, many MANY years after those so-called events happened, when oral storytelling was more prevalent. storytellers tend to add embellishments, so even if there is some sort of truth in the bible, for all we know, the versions of the bible in our time could be completely different than what actually happened. for all we know, jesus could’ve been high the whole time, or a drunk. hey, did you know that noah’s ark couldn’t have possibly housed 2 of EVERY single species on the planet? even if there had been a huge flood, i doubt it had engulfed the whole world, and no matter how big the ark was, there were thousands of species and sub-species of each animal and insect. phew, imagine the stench of all the accumulating excrements 😀 how long do you think it took noah’s family to clean all that crap every day?
          oh and by the way, the ‘earth must be the only planet in the whole universe with life on it’ mentality is a very self-centred way of thinking. earth is NOT a special planet, by any means. the way i see it, we just got lucky that the planet we inhabit has the right conditions for life to flourish. the universe is so vast and endless, that i’m positive that there is more life out there. human technology is still advancing, i’m sure that one day, we’ll come into contact with an alien species, just not in our lifetime. hundreds of years ago, there was no internet, planes, phones, or any of the technology that we take for granted now. again, give human technology more time…..we’ll get there eventually.

          1. Good point reiko, asinya must be pretty naive to belive we are the only life baring planet among the infinite universe, you see this is what really gets to me with these brainwashed religious freaks is that they think they know everything because their religion tells them that and they think that what they been told to belive is the only way and everything else is wrong and even worse they claim to know what god feels and thinks so they belive they have the right to speak for god and judge others in his name, its such bullshit…asinya claims that we’ve been brainwashed by science lol well isn’t that grand…either way I’d much rather be brainwashed by truth and fact than be brainwashed by lies and deceit.

          2. very well said Reikoko! I don’t know how brainwashed religious morons can argue that. But then again,they always have an answer to everything. We are all wrong in there eyse because god told them so LOL. @Palrider, very well put as well.

          1. AHh ,so far you all have been saying nothing but shit about this matter, where are those scientific facts about life in other planets? and when l mean life l mean real proof of animals like dinosaurs, mamals, reptiles and even insects, not to mention vegetation and its diversity. Apparently more than one needs to do some research about statistics and probability, read the Drake equation. 1-5% of all planets are predicted to have the capabilities to sustain life. If by Earth-like, you mean green grass, all/some of our animals/similar creatures and plants, etc, I’d say it would be pretty low… The universe is huge, but we are derived from a series of “accidents”
            years ago.
            And where is that fact that proves there is no God at all?
            If the universe were designed and it included evil, then there must have been a purpose for that evil. However, according to Christianity, the purpose of the universe is not to be morally or physically perfect, but to provide a place where spiritual creatures can choose to love or reject God – to live with Him forever in a new, perfect universe, or reject Him and live apart from Him for eternity. It would not be possible to make this choice in a universe in which all moral choices are restricted to only good ones. Only because l?m a religious person that makes me the worst ignorant on earth?
            When interviewed by the Saturday Evening Post in 1929, Einstein was asked what he thought of Christianity.
            “To what extent are you influenced by Christianity?”
            “As a child I received instruction both in the Bible and in the Talmud. I am a Jew, but I am enthralled by the luminous figure of the Nazarene.”
            “Have you read Emil Ludwig?s book on Jesus?”
            “Emil Ludwig?s Jesus is shallow. Jesus is too colossal for the pen of phrasemongers, however artful. No man can dispose of Christianity with a bon mot!”
            “You accept the historical existence of Jesus?”
            “Unquestionably! No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life.”
            Here is another example: Dr Alister McGrath, who earned two doctorates at Oxford (Oxford dude, not the shitty institutions where you claim have “studied” !!) University, one in molecular biophysics, the other in theology. He described his spiritual and intellectual journey to the Christian faith in this way:

            ?At Oxford ? to my surprise ? I discovered Christianity. It was the intellectually most exhilarating and spiritually stimulating thing I could ever hope to describe ? better than chemistry, a wonderful subject that I had thought to be the love of my life and my future career. I went on to gain a doctorate for research in molecular biophysics from Oxford, and found that immensely exciting and satisfying. But I knew I had found something better ? like the pearl of great price that Jesus talks about in the Gospel, which is so beautiful and precious that it overshadows everything. It was intellectually satisfying, imaginatively engaging, and aesthetically exciting.?
            Ok now, these men of science , according to @thadrip, @frogsplat, @asshole aka @palerider and so on,,,, can be labeled as retards, only because these “ignorants” might have a more open minded consideration for religious issues and for God.
            Pick up any science oriented publication from popular to academic and notice how often the authors say something like, “this new finding disproves/challenges/stands on its head/etc our previous theory that…” With this in mind, why should we trust any scientific statement about God?

            Unfortunately, most people and even many scientists incorrectly assume that science is able to prove things with 100% certainty. But that is not the case. Thomas Kuhn wrote a book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions which has become required reading for many science students in their doctoral programs. He wrote,

            Few philosophers of science still seek absolute criteria for the verification of scientific theories. Noting that no theory can ever be exposed to all possible relevant tests, they ask not whether a theory has been verified but rather about its probability in the light of the evidence that actually exists.

            Since scientists are not able to have 100% certainty they must accept their conclusions by faith. We hope that they have good reasons to believe their conclusions but ultimately it is an act of faith. In a similar way, it is not possible to use science to prove or disprove God?s existence. We can only use it to gather evidence and ask, ?Is it more reasonable to believe that God exists or that God doesn?t exist??

            We don?t need to be intimidated by people?s claims that science has proved God doesn?t exist because we understand that science can neither prove or disprove the existence of God, only how reasonable it is to believe. I?m just saying, l?m not a fanatic religious person, l only take what l can from the bible ( the bible is not that evil and deceitful as you might think, but its easier to talk shit about something when you dont even have the time to take a look at.) and use it in day by day life, that of course does not automatically make me a better person or a saint, but it helps me in difficult situations, and at the end l feel in peace with myself and with the others.
            Fuck it anyways, believe what you want and let the others be.

        2. @asinya: i’ll start by making my stance clear: i identify myself as an atheistic agnostic. i am non-religious, and while i do not believe in god, or A god/higher being, i do not completely rule out the possibility, although i will admit, as i’ve gotten older, i become more cynical when it comes to religious topics, whereas when i was younger, i believed in a higher being/s (not necessarily a christian god) and reincarnation etc.

          now, you say that science cannot disprove god……but then what proof do believers in god have of his existence? a so-called holy book written by man and translated countless times hardly counts as proof, in my eyes. i have read the bible before (yay, forced christianity teachings in school curriculum), but i will also admit that i’m by no means, an expert – i just know the bare bones of what the bible touches on. i will also ask another classic question: if god created everything, then who created god? how did god come into being?

          no one said that life on other planets (both plant and animal life) had to be the same as life on earth…planets differ from one another, so their atmospheres are, of course, different. if any of those planets had the capability to sustain life, then who’s to say that those lifeforms can’t be alien (in every sense of the word) to earth’s?

    1. “It is liked by sheep and ran by close-minded ignorant motherfuckers.” Isnt that the same as saying liked by sheep and ran by sheep?? Correct me if I’m wrong Mark, but I thought close-minded ignorant motherfuckers is part of the definition of sheep.

      1. @asinya.. Did I hit an ignorant nerve? You type like a true religious asshole. Evidence? You have any? I do.. Open a book besides the bible and you will find some.

        @rebelk.. There is a difference in my mind, but you make a really good point. A sheep is someone who follows blindly. A close-minded motherfucker is someone who is not open to any new ideas, even if there is a gallon of proof they are wrong. AKA – a religious person – AKA – asinya up there getting all bent out of shape when they THINK someone challenges their dumb beliefs. I also believe a sheep can change..

        @everyone.. When you believe what is wrote in a SINGLE story book, you are selling yourself short. If you have ANY evidence there is a GOD, please fill me in on it. I will gladly read it, and consider it. I am a very open-minded motherfucker.

        “Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see.” – ThaDRIP

        1. Well put drip, although I for one do belive in a higher power im smart enough to know that I could never understand that higher power or claim too and that’s why I dont follow any religion but I do belive, in what? I don’t know, but I’d much rather claim to not know what i belive in than claim to belive In something that i know is false, belief in god is a good thing but all religion does is pervert and distort that belief into something else that is far from It. Just cause someone belives in god doesn’t mean they are stupid or ignorant the same goes for someone who doesn’t, but someone who belives in religion is stupid and ignorant because they are choosing to let others guide them and tell them what to belive in, simply put religion is the blind leading the blind with promises of sight.

          1. I am glad that most of the SOB’s are smart enough to see past the commercial bullshit of religion. GOD to me is a metaphor for something much bigger than we are.

            Saying there is not life somewhere else in the universe, or even in this galaxy is just ignorant to the utmost. Everything needs certain conditions to become complete, and we happen to be in that range of perfect conditions to be created.
            Thinking there is a being in the sky playing us like a game of SIMS is just stupid in my eyes.

            I do believe in something, I believe in LIFE. That’s the problem with religious freaks, they think there is somewhere better, but they know just as much as ANYONE else does..they don’t know…they don’t know shit, just like you and me. We live, we die. The End.

    2. The USSR was run by atheists.They made it illegal to follow a religion and murdered tens of millions in the name of their “belief”. My point is that religion isn’t the problem. Assholes are the problem.

    3. You said it right my man! enough with this religion bull shit! People who are religious is clearly using it for extorting money,killings and a reason for there pathetic life. Who is that weak and hurting as to beleive and put there hands in something they have never seen or proof exist? I think I have to correct you on one thing, I think Santa claus would be more real than this so called god. Think about it people, why do we have all these killings,murders, rapist, child molestors, people dying of hunger ect. if your god exist? It came from your very own mouth that he can do wonders, so why does he allow such things to happen. Why not make life wonderful,plenty of food, no such thing as bad people, everyone loves each other and so on. Because he has a plan LOL. He’s one sick mother fucker if he exist!

    4. Take a look at the former Soviet Union along with other examples of people killing in the name of atheism…that pretty much squashes your ignorant argument that religion is the cause of all violence. You demonstrate a main component of why we can’t have peace….intolerance.

      1. @Misfit I’m not christian – More of a strange mix of Thelema (Crowley)/New Age/Spirituality… I am my own god Sir, Heaven and hell exist within me and within the world (Not the after life), I believe you follow your true will (Your passion, what makes you happy) then you’ll be sweet.

        But thankyou again, They get me into all kinds of trouble.. O.o

        1. @miss.dominique holy fuck o.o ^_^ there is something I like about you that turns me on just like one of them fat kids that likes cupcakes < 3 but knows he can't have any because he has diabetes and if he eats them he will die o.o I want your awesomeness !!

        2. I find it funny when people make a bold statement that “there’s no such thing as Heaven and Hell” ….As if there’s any way of knowing that. Some people make the mistake of citing the fact that science can tell us much more recently as total knowledge. Newsflash, man still probably knows 1% of 1% of everything there is to know. We still have much to learn about our own oceans for instance, so how can we know if there’s an afterlife, if anything other than matter makes up the universe, ect… Let’s face it…science only looks for knowledge that fits into their preconceived beliefs in regards to anything that could be considered supernatural. Now the mythology of materialism reigns king.

    1. I would like to gather all the muslims in this world, take them up into space and release them(give them plenty of oxygen). that way they can die a slow death due to hunger or what have you. Personally I think if you are a muslim who don’t support your fellow muslims killing
      s, you are just as bad because your part of the clan. If you believe in muslims teachings and stand firm as a muslims, why are you any better then these evil doers who kill in the name of muslims teaching. In all the religion, I can only see one that is all about peace, Buhdis

  2. Asia has a problem with Islam
    Russia has a problem with Islam
    China has a problem with Islam
    India has a problem with Islam
    Europe has a problem with Islam
    North America has a problem with Islam

    When so many places on the face of this earth, made up of many different religions (Christians, Jews, Hindu’s, Buddhists, Taoist etc.) have a problem with your Religion.. It’s time to take accountability.

    Islam needs to be the first major Religion wiped off the face of this earth. Period.

    1. I believe that Islam is a very contagious and virulant force. It must be contain, but I don’t mind Muslims in their homelands, It’s their culture and ways and it’s their problem not ours.
      We just need Containment protocols like the past Crusaders.
      The Muslim in Europe… I shove them all back on Hitler’s Train if I could. Along with the Hooknostifarian people, and the Gypsys just for good measure.

      1. But Islam is a conquering Religion. Their own Religious texts preaches about spreading Islam all across the planet. It sanctions violence and rape against Kafir’s (Which means, anyone who isn’t Islamic).

        They tried this before with force, and the Christians answered with the crusades and put a stop to it.

        No one remembers why the Crusades happened, they just shovel it on Christians like “Your Religion did this!”

        If they didn’t Islam would be all over the world, and Europe would been a decaying wasteland like the Middle-East became after the infection of Islam set in.

      1. I got a special black balaclava for just such occasions, now if only I had a spare Muslim extremist lying around…if I had one I’d strap his ass down to a table and hook that piece of shit up to an IV bag just cause I don’t want him dying on me, then I’d peel the fuckers eyelids off and place a mirror right above him just so he can see everything that’s about to happen to his sorry ass, but before I really start digging into him I’d be sure to turn on the radio and tune in to K-BILLYS super sounds of the seventies and request Stealers Wheel – Stuck In The Middle With You.

  3. Look at Belgium. Quickly becoming the first Islamic Country in Europe, a founding member of the EU and where the EU headquarters are.

    This is what the EU wants to turn Europe into. Over 50% of new immigrants pouring into Belgium are from Muslim Countries/The Middle East (Turkey and Morocco the most; Moroccans being the main ones responsible for most forced-prostitution of Caucasian females in the Netherlands) and Africa (Congo, mainly).

    Over 95% of these have been made natural citizens, while only 78% of Italians have been (And it gets less for other Europe countries).

    Europe is absolutely fucked if they don’t break away from this. The utter destruction will be unbelievable. Look at how far London has fallen. Or the down-ward trend in Sweden, Denmark and Norway (Rape has gone up astronomically and so has violent-crime, committed by mostly immigrants from Muslims countries or Africa).

    The United States is already a lost Nation, with shithole city after shithole city because of specific demographics (Africans, mostly). Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, Oakland, Atlanta, New Orleans. etc.

    I cannot believe how many Caucasians are just sleep-walking into this. I’m utterly flabbergasted at my own race. Never been as disillusioned about it as I am now, not even when I gave up on Caucasian females.

    1. Muslims are creeping into society more and more. Muslim shops appear all over the place. What is much worse is that also evermoremuslis are civil servants, government officials and politicians . I had personal exoerience with them and can say that they are fraudulent, and they use their position to venture their hatred towards us. Moroccans (the ones with some brains) tend to study law, because that way they’ll know even more tricks to fuck with the laws and grab as much as they can from us. It’s true.
      There seems also to be a tendency to recruit burkas and such as new employees instead of Caucasians with better skills. Whatever’s behind this, it’s a sickening development and an infestation from the inside .

      1. The irony is that you still spew mass media crap. All Jews, All Christians And all Muslims are not bad. You do most of the work spreading hate like this. That’s your viewpoint, can’t do much but respect it like everyone else’s on here.

    1. That’s pretty racist. LOL. White people all look the same to them too.

      That one is cute and the other is NOT cute. There is a lot of Thai people here in Wisconsin, so I can see their unique facial features(I’ve had practice).

    1. If you read the Koran, you’ll see that violence and rape of Kafir men and women are just, and preached about as allowed if not demanded.

      It’s why Norway, Denmark, Sweden etc. are having such an up-tick in Rape. Muslim men are taught via their ideology that raping a non-Muslim woman is not unjust.

      Their Religion is one of conquest. It preaches a life-long Jihad until Islam has blanketed the world. This is why the Crusades happened (Islam was spreading and cutting off Christian access to Jerusalem and other holy-sites).

      The same thing is happening today.

      However, we live in a different time. Our ‘Leaders’ are cowards. They are spineless, they wouldn’t know how to protect their own kin if they had an entire arsenal of weaponry in their kitchens. They bend the knee to Islamia. Ergo why it’s spread so fast and so thickly in Europe (The EU is a champion of the cause).

      No. The only way to stop this stuff from popping up in your neighbourhood is the complete abolishment of the European Union (Effectively known as the EUSSR) and the complete and utter tearing down of your Government and Politicians.

      People roll their eyes at guys who say this stuff.. But I ask you – Have you seen London lately? Have you followed the down-trend in quality of life in Sweden/Norway/Denmark and watched the uptick in violent-crime, rape etc.? Have you not seen the chaos in Greece? The future of Spain and Portugal looks dubious at best. The EU needs to go.

      You can’t even fly your Countries flag in places like Sweden anymore.

      Caucasians only have so many places to run to, and if the USA isn’t safe, Canada isn’t safe, and Europe isn’t safe.. Where do we turn to? Russia?

  4. Hello , everyone – first post and wanted to leave a greeting. Not sure if there’s a welcome thread or not that I’ve overlooked , sorry if there is. I’ve lurked for a month or so now and finally decided to register. I enjoy the site greatly and hope to see more gore in the future. This is truly despicable by the way and I hope all of these extremist scum are eradicated soon. Thanks again for the awesome site.

      1. i thought you were a chick? or are you one of those shemen? anyway, this is reality, something that can happen to damn near any woman who has a baby. but, at the risk of being called a sheep, if enough of the female members want me to take it off i will because i don’t want to offend my gore girls 🙂
        respect, first and foremost

        1. i suppose @Jesus could argue that i was disrespectful for making fun of Portuguese, but no, Brazilian Portuguese as with Arabic, Thai and damn near any third world language does sound retarded when being spoken by a bunch of looky-loo’s gawking at dead bodies…stop being so goddamn sensitive about stupid shit

    1. That means dropping Nukes on Belgium, London, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Denmark etc.

      Nah, what it’s time for is civil-revolt all across the Caucasian world (Similar to the Arab Spring, funnily enough).

      But that’s something that won’t happen. Caucasians are to docile, to much like lambs. We’ll keep walking, head down, one foot in front of the other, never looking up at the slaughterhouse we are walking towards.

      1. I totally agree.Caucasians in America, which is where I am from are moslty brain dead morons. The problem is that these left wing liberals in the U.S. ultimatley stand for every fucking thing that is damaging our country. Immigration policies that welcome people in, border patrol around the Mexican border that has agents with their hands tied behind their backs. and will crucify anyone that has anything bad to say about different races and religions. I never will be able understand my country. If your a “minority” which is really caucasians like me but considered by the government to be black, arab, hispanic or some other kind of mutt, then fuck lets just give them a goddamn check and build a mosque where the twin towers use to be. Islam will be the destruction of this planet. If they are really a real religion in this universe I can assure you, Islam was created by the evil side of it. This planet has pretty much turned into a global war against Islam but nobody wants to recognize that the only way to stop this is by destroying civil rights. We really need to start fighting fire with fire instead of fucking around in Afghanistan and Iraq.

        1. Caucasians everywhere (With the exception of maybe Russia?) are weak and docile.

          Canadian, America, European etc.

          We are the weakest race because we let ourselves be.

          Led by Spineless, Cowardly, Race-Betraying, Nation Destroying, Pedophile Race-Mixers.

          The worst of us lead the best of us, and it’s a damn shame.

          Only thing more shameful is that the best of us let them.

      2. I just wish that Muslim never exist. I don’t mean to said nukes on every countries. But nukes on Arab countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. I will never visit Arab countries to meet morons.

  5. I hate Muslims. Any Muslim i meet in person, i refuse to speak to them, they all just need to die… Just my opinion. Killing someone just because they don’t agree with what you believe in? That’s stupid. Someone not agreeing with you isn’t ok, but getting a knife and beheading 3 young innocent girls is?

  6. Fuck islam…the shittiest and most horrible religion there is. Too bad Hitler went for jews instead of muslims. If that had been the case, the Holocaust wouldn’t have been so bad. Fuck Mohammoud. If I had been around 1400 years ago, I would have strangled him while he was still an infant. We would have been much better off without the mind-fuck of Islam (and christiananity, too) holding us back for all these centuries.

    1. Once there were 5 brothers known as:

      The Biggest Brother (Christianity)
      The Littlest/Conniving Brother (Judaism)
      The Insane Brother (Islam)
      The Mysterious Twins (Hinduism, Buddhism)

      The Insane Brother is the brother the others don’t want around. Not because they’re afraid of him, but because they know he’s unpredictable.

      So one time, the little cunt kept picking and picking at the Biggest Brother, who had a great deal of patience and humanity. Until one day, the Biggest Brother had enough, and he bitch-slapped the Insane Brother so hard, he whimpered and crawled back into his little hole.

      Unfortunately, one day the Littlest Brother (who was diagnosed with a disease at a young age), happened to fall in love and steal Insane Brothers girl on him. Since then, Insane Brother has been trying to murder the Littlest Brother. However, the Littlest Brother is also the Conniving Brother, so he uses the Biggest Brother as a shield.

      But the Biggest Brother over the years has grown weak and docile. See, he met a woman, fell in love and lost all his fight.

      So now the Insane Brother smacks around the Biggest Brother, and the Biggest Brother takes it.

      Meanwhile, the Littlest/Conniving Brother, uses his illness to play on the Biggest Brothers heart, to make him keep protecting him from the Insane Brother.

      The Mysterious Twins meanwhile, stay out of the entire scenario. They moved away from the Three Other Brothers and have limited contact. However, when they do come into contact with the Insane Brother, the Insane Brother always starts poking at the two Mysterious Brothers.

      The question is – Will the Biggest Brother ever find his manhood again, and bitch-slap the Insane Brother back to the hole he crawled out of? Or will he continue to let the Insane Brother smack him around, ending up in his death? Or the Littlest Brother keep manipulating him?

      And what about the Mysterious Twins? When will they bare their fangs, or are they as disconnected as they seem?

  7. I have not read all the comments, so sorry this was mentioned already.

    But in 2000, around that area, three Roman Catholic militants lead a attack on an Islamic school that killed up to 70 people. They were later executed, in 2006. This shit is becoming like soccer, if two teams duel in a fair, based on rules game, idiots who make no difference for the “teams” what so ever, will become violent because it’s in their best interest to do so. What I am saying is that religion aside, the actual culture and traditions combined with the code provided by that indoctrination system, that flare up these acts of violence. I am not defending religious beliefs, I am just saying they are bad when combined with stupid, poor looking to strike high idiots, and in part, it’s the West’s fault for not doing something about it. After all, we belong to the same race, some of us have the luck to live in decent societies, some of us don’t. If the youn people don’t get together, and rule this planet by the law of reason, dreams like find other galaxies with suitable planets to populate, is something we will never achieve. Make no mistake, eventually a large event will come along, and most of the humans will go extinct! Could be tomorrow, could be 100 years later, could be 1000 years in the future.

    1. Luck? It’s not luck. Our Ancestors built those Societies. They fought and died for them.

      And now we are letting them be ripped apart by disgusting traitors in our Governments.

      Islam fucked up the Middle-East. That place was the beginning of civilization, and Islam moved in and the whole place went to garbage. Rather than make progression forward, they went backward, and then stagnated.

      And now they want to bring this disgusting Religion to Europe, to Canada, to America.

      I say absolutely fucking not.. And if I have to say no with a bullet, a knife or a bomb then on my name, my race, my family and my Ancestors, I will.

      I wouldn’t go around killing Muslims though. That’s Counter-Productive. We need to hang our Politicians and Government. We can deal with this Islamic garbage afterward, but ridding our Countries of the polluters has to happen before ridding our Countries of the pollution.

  8. There is no way one can prove or disprove the exsistence of God. It is a matter of personal choice. I choose to believe in God. I can be friends with you and show you respect, whether you believe or dont believe, as long as you do the same to me. I didn’t see any requirements listed about this, one way or the other, when I made an account on Best Gore. Its an arguement that never convinces anyone on either side. We’ll all know for certain one day, won’t we?! Just sayin’…

    1. Well you should really give up the stupid claim that someone needs to disprove something you can’t prove. This is common sense, you can’t invent shit then run about telling people they need to disprove it or STFU! It’s idiotic to say the least!

      On another note,
      Actually two totally different people are more suitable to have a smart conversation than two people alike. It’s the importance and opinion diferences that makes things interesting, not the dull double characters than are symbiotic!

      That’s why smart people usually hate eachothers, they are smart enough to see that they could not have a meaningfull conversation with another smart person, and the little diferences in their personality is raised to major proportions in order to reasonably explain their distancing.

      But if the line is crossed, and religion becomes something that could hurt the society, or forbid reason, then religion must go!

  9. Who’s the puppeteer pra? The west? How far west? The USA? Islam? The Jews? The Wests fault. People have minds of their own. I’ll jump back into my Doomsday Bunker now. Curious thinking. The west is not the Ghost Whisperer.

    1. Islam has always been a violent Religion. The forced taking of Palestine to establish the Jewish State of Israel didn’t create it.

      It might have inflamed it, but it was always there.

      Islam is and always will be a Religion of conquest through violence. There own Holy Texts preaches this.

      I’m not friend of Judaism myself. I know what that Religion and it’s zealot practitioners do (They are the puppet Masters).. but Islam is as backwards as it is violent, and it always will be.

      Islam ruined the Middle-East.

  10. I don’t wanna preach about God or Bible here or either talk about science. not even religion..!!!

    If you don’t believe on something then don’t… it is your choice, as long as you don’t hurt anyone then no ones gonna hurt you back..

    “The only truth here is everyone or everything has its end here on earth or even in the outer space or universe…”

    Tell me if science don’t agree on this or
    Tell me if bible of christian or Islam doesn’t have any written about this in one of its page..
    Tell me if there is any of the atheist here don’t accept this…

    The only question left here is how you gonna live?
    Because in every action you do will gonna bounce back to you..

  11. wrong in every way not funny at all even if it was masturbation that would not make it right the ones who killed them and who ordered them killed need to be killed them self i wish i could i don’t have the money skills or connections or i would do it my self! FUCK THE FAKE RELIGION OF PEACE!!

  12. Just created account and logged in to remark that you guys comment really well. Reading the comments is something which I really like. There are a lot of intellectuals posting stuff which we would not find elsewhere like in social or news websites. Hats off to you all. These comments are very valuable I must say.

  13. Well how to say this… I’m an Indonesian and I’m a muslim and no, I’m here not to preach or start a stupid cyber-war (Cyber what?? Psssssshhhh…!) But one thing for sure… those extremists need to RE-READ the Qur’an… there are no line in Al-Qur’an saying that we have to kill people that’s not a Muslim. Damn, sometimes I hate religions even my own. And those muthafucka extremists need to be burned to the ground, no kidding. Oh and we have an old law, very old.. lesbians must be punished by taking their life.. but it never said it must be done with ripping off their heads.. but the law has been put down tho, so now it’s fine. One more thing, it said it’s in Indonesia? Can anyone give me a link where I can find the source of this news? I really need to know

    P.S. sorry if there are any gramar mistake, English is my third language

    #Peace, out!

  14. I find it funny when people make a bold statement that “there’s no such thing as Heaven and Hell” ….As if there’s any way of knowing that. Some people make the mistake of citing the fact that science can tell us much more recently as total knowledge. Newsflash, man still probably knows 1% of 1% of everything there is to know. We still have much to learn about our own oceans for instance, so how can we know if there’s an afterlife, if anything other than matter makes up the universe, ect… Let’s face it…science only looks for knowledge that fits into their preconceived beliefs in regards to anything that could be considered supernatural. Now the mythology of materialism reigns king.

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