Three Cops Killed, One Beheaded by Drug Cartel Sicarios in Monterey

Three Cops Killed, One Beheaded by Drug Cartel Sicarios in Monterey

I think acts like this one send strong message to the Mexican cops. Drug cartels don’t fuck around and don’t like to be fucked with. Though it looks like in this case they targeted traffic cops whose job doesn’t involve meddling with the affairs of the drug cartels, unless of course they had some under the table activities they carried out as cops on top of their expected duties.

An armed group of at least 12 heavily armed drug cartel sicarios opened fire on a Monterey Transit patrol car killing three police officers inside. Two cops were in the uniforms, one was wearing civilian clothes. The latter was beheaded and his body left with pants down by his knees and a bare ass sticking up in the air.

The attack occurred on Avenida Paso del Águila (Eagle Pass Avenue) in Colinas de Valle Verde (Green Valley Hills), near the community of Genaro Vazquez.

The officers who were gunned down were identified as Robin Lara Garcia and Jose Luis Zuniga. The beheaded man was only identified by his last name – Azpeitia.

Witnesses say that there was a fourth police officers among the victims, who was spared instant death and instead taken away in a vehicle with narcos. I think this fourth man will have wished he was killed on the spot. Narco sicarios are not specifically known for handling captives with compassion.

The severed head was deposited on a bridge over the intersection between Rangel FrΓ­as and Lincoln. The killing took place on July 11, 2012.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. @Spank- You can sleep when you are dead. At least that is what its looking like for me. Gah….

            If you fall asleep, I am going to be ever so jealous…

  1. Its another day in Mexico, an old woman walking on the road, kids buying gums at the shop, a couple of headless corpses lying at the corner, a lazy dog itching, cars passing……..Beheading related topics were my favorite till these god damn narcos turned it into a regular practise, I will jump over and continue my way if I see a headless body at my apartment’s stairs.

  2. The song Piggy Pie by ICP fits this perfectly.
    In case you didn’t know, cops are referred to as pigs.

    “Three little piggies, to make a piggy pie
    There’s nothing like the sound when you hear a piggy die
    I might choose a gun, I might choose an axe
    The carnival’s in town, come and get your piggy snacks!”

    Anyone hungry for bacon? .w.

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