Three Men Beheaded by ISIS on Chopping Block

Three Men Beheaded by ISIS on Chopping Block

Video released by ISIS shows three men getting beheaded. The condemned lay their necks on a wood chopping block, and a masked man severs the heads with a long, curved blade.

The video is heavily censored, with each moment of beheading cut out. Pretty much the way Islamic State has been doing it for a while.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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      1. I mean where is even the art? How bout the sword starts coming down then cut scene to ground and head falls into frame.

        It is clear, the greatest tragedy in the middle east is poor education in film school. I mean they are graduating these kids with advanced degrees in the visual arts and they don’t even know how light a beheading for dramatic effect. How could this be the will of Allah?

    1. Hoping they release the damn un edited version. I think they did it once before. The living head stuff of the guillotines is fuckin fascinating and I’d like to see those living heads in modern times. Fuckin sucks some old Al-Qaida video from 06 or something of a beheading showed lips move and nothing else. Come on man u know you barbarians are gonna lose at least while ur at it use the creativity while you’re still alive sigh..

    2. It’s because they’re retarded Muslims and the executioner has probably never used a sword before- it takes a good swordsman to perform a beheading in a single chop, whereas it probably took this guy several. ISIS don’t want to look stupid(er), so they edited it.

    3. The fucking dirty fucking scumbag bastards kill the killers family In front of him canny kill way ur hands you yella shit bag coz ur all faggits u wid get smashed Tay fuck one on one ya beasty bastards

      1. The US gives the death sentence to killers who have been exceptionally cruel or tortured their victims. If you kill a shopkeeper during a robbery you will get the chair, kill a cop on duty or serial murders. ISIS kill people accused of being spies, not believing the same strain of Islam or simply being a gay man etc.

        1. i m on for recording an execution with iron maiden.. the sound, the blood dripping… fuck that should be epic moment.

          (i always try to imagine during fight at this old time, all the knight coming back from war with injury from all those weapons, sword, maces and all… some should be really fucked up)

      1. imagine the screaming of people getting chunks of flesh removed by red hot pinchers, being stretched on the rack would be far from pleasant also. didn’t the Catholic church invent all those torture methods/devices? that organisation should have shut down a 100 years ago.

  1. Finally, a video from these retarded humps without finger pointing professional wrestling-type lectures!

    Names, dead man walking, ready, set, hack.

    Now if we can only get rid of the chicken shit censorship, and get the cartels appropriately equipped with similar recording technology, we’ll achieve gore-vana where beheadings are concerned.

    I can dream, can’t I?

  2. Chopped is a good show. Maybe they censored it to try and get on there and show off their cutting skills in person instead of through media devices.

    Far fetched? maybe
    Impossible? Nope
    Would be interesting to see on food network? YUP

  3. I don,t bother watching these I.S.I.S. teaser garbage censored video,s anymore!!! It,s like fucking this babe for three hours, and unable to cum. Very frustrating. Hopefully now that Shorty is back the Mexicano,s will continue to give us un-censored video,s The Real Shit! No offense to @ Ate, or African Angel, thank-you for your continued hard work, these fuckers just piss me off that,s all.

  4. Damn the “New Rules” that ISIS religious leader placed saying that killing videos can’t be too graphic really suck. I guess that there is no more point to watch ISIS videos. Only Zetas and the Gulf Cartel give us the only hope to see something “entertaining”.

  5. is it just me or how about that song though? i heard it plenty on BG before but it seems to have grown on me really bad this time, i was thinking about finding it and download the song somewhere but than i’m like fuck that i can’t get motivate during the day listening to this shit it probably have me thinking about people heads getting decapitated and what not, well anyway i just can’t get the damn song out my head now its fucking catchy got damn, Chiga La Chiga La Chiga La

  6. Whose decision is it to release censored execution videos? Did ISIS have a board meeting where they unanimously voted to edit out the money shots? And if so, why? Do they wish to seem less brutal? What’s the point of not showing the moment of impact?

  7. Whose decision was it to start censoring the execution videos? Did ISIS have a board meeting where the charter members voted unanimously to edit the money shot from the death scenes? What’s the point? To seem less brutal? Is ISIS worried public perception?

    1. My first two attempts at commenting disappeared as soon as I hit the post button, then re-appeared an hour or so later. Weird. It makes me look like some kind of a babbling dick. I don’t need any help in that regard, I do just fine on my own.

      1. Yeah, sometimes my comments don’t show up right away either, but I just figure if it shows up later fine, if not, that’s fine too… (of course I am not speaking of you or anyone else, but it’s not like *my* comments are worth anything anyway. :D)

          1. I didn’t mean I was going to quit posting, I just meant if a particular comment does not show up immediately I will just move on. As far as I know they eventually always show up. πŸ˜€

          2. Guys don’t ask what the key words are…I don’t know but sometimes they trigger a moderation approval….I may have just done it.

  8. I’ve had enough of these stupid sand niggers and their shit censored videos, I would’ve thought this site including the admins have as well. What is the point in producing these videos and censoring them? It detracts the whole scaremonger view I have of them if they won’t even show the key parts of a brutal act, and surely defeats the whole aspect of portraying ‘terror’. That is even if the videos are genuine!

    If they are indeed legitimate my only conclusion is that censoring out the beheadings is the perfect ploy to distract the viewer, in my case, of the barbaric crime being committed and instead focus on the fucking AWFUL music..

  9. You have to sit back and realize sometimes, that these “people” have been brutally slaughtering and massacring innocents since, well almost forever, and over what? Or better yet whom? Is it in the name of Allah? Yes it is. Organized religion leads me to feeling very upset.

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