Three Men Beheaded by ISIS on Chopping Block

Three Men Beheaded by ISIS on Chopping Block

Video released by ISIS shows three men getting beheaded. The condemned lay their necks on a wood chopping block, and a masked man severs the heads with a long, curved blade.

The video is heavily censored, with each moment of beheading cut out. Pretty much the way Islamic State has been doing it for a while.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

133 thoughts on “Three Men Beheaded by ISIS on Chopping Block”

  1. This one screams fake.

    A high production value with the actual acts cut out (just like the Jihadi John/James Foley video), brand new out of the box uniforms, brand new orange (American prison/Guantanamo style) jump siuts on the victims and lashings of bright red moulage blood poured all over the floor.

    Boston Marathon looked more convincing.

  2. Again with the ,i’ll just lie here and take it mentality, id be pulling my head away as he swung and shouting slurs and spitting at the fucker. They just accept it and lie there. Screw that, swing and a miss ya bastard !

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