Three Men Beheaded by Taliban for Opposing Sharia Law

Three Men Beheaded by Taliban for Opposing Sharia Law

Like their brethren, the Sunni extremists from Fake Syrian Army, Taliban are just as washed out Allahu Akbarists who believe that everyone who opposes Sharia Law and supports secularity, gender equality and fundamental freedoms is the enemy of Snackbar and needs to be executed. It’s only ironic that in Afghanistan, western forces fight these jihadists whereas in Syria, they train them, arm them and finance them. They are one and the same – both killing the innocent for the same absurd reasons.

Three men were beheaded in this video as a warning to every Afghan who would dare to oppose Sharia Law. Taliban want that message to ring strong and true in the ears of Afghans. Coming soon to Syria courtesy of Zionists, Saudis, Qataris, Kenyan, Hillary the Obtuse and their fellow war criminals.

Props to Best Gore member ThaDRIP for the video:

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158 thoughts on “Three Men Beheaded by Taliban for Opposing Sharia Law”

  1. Why do they always put that shitty music on beheading videos?

    At least the knives seemed sharper; maybe the Taliban learned something from the Mexican drug cartels and didn’t want to spend half the day cutting through the spinal cord.

          1. HEEY GUNKGIRL!!! 🙂 Sometimes it can be the Holy Quran playing, which must be sung as in a song. Or it’s the extremist groups trying to backup singers for Jennifer Lopez. LOL.

    1. So true, why does it always,take the mexican cartel so long to behead a victim and the taliban only seconds? The taliban finishes with the same knife while the mexican cartel always takes a machete’ to finish the job!

  2. On the brighter side of things, if you tie their limbs together using their flesh and threading it in place using their bones you could make an afghan out of it. Their heads can be used for seating while making the lovely creation.

          1. @Vic- Well while you guzzle that beer listening to ‘that’s life for you’ kinda music I am going to attempt to sleep.

            Who am I kidding, I am up to unfortunately witness A LOT more stupidity and ignorance than what is tolerable to me.

          2. And so it shall be! As long as you gush blood like a Kool-Aid Old Faithful… I don’t want to waste my of my beer-lifting-arm-energy on a dud.

          3. @Vic- Oh TRUST me! I will be SO EXCITED that I will squirt blood like a fire hydrant!

            Hopefully some will pour from my mouth.

            Blood taste like pennies.

        1. The long elevator trip down to the fiery pit, only plays the Muzak version of Karma Chameleon. Well gotta go now, Senor Piggy needs to get to his spinning class. He does not want to become the Notorious P.I.G.

  3. I find the title of the video “Taliban practicing Arab Muslim Values” to be an oxymoron. The words muslim and values seem to have no correlation seeing as how they kill innocent people and silence anyone who dares to have an opinion that conflicts with their violent and greedy ways.

    1. you forgote that the taliban akbur regime publicly admitted that they were sheltering the guys who publicly admitted having planned and executed the 9/11 attacks. That kinda provides more than enough casus belli, unlike the case of the WMD hoax in Iraq…

      1. yea they asked for proof while they celebrated in the streets en masse screaming alluh akbur, kinda a bad idea when you are facing the most powerful military complex in the world just looking for an excuse to waste you, but well, the akburs are not precisely famous for their rational thinking….some centuries back, world powers would raze entire countries for less than that, the akburs have it quite easy in comparison, they need them kickin around to keep the war business rollin

  4. the difference between mexican beheadings and allahu snackbar beheadings is that the latter are very good at it whereas mexicans dont know how to do the job.It also proves what it takes to be an allahu akbar terrorist.You need to be an expert in beheading anything that moves.But the only thing thats common between both Mexican cartels and Allahu Snackbar terrorists is that they are COWARDS.
    Its so simple to tie some ones hands and behead.Poor those who are at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    1. The snackbarians do it for enforcing sharia law…yeah shocking for a normal civilian but not as graphic like the cartels, they behead their rival for shock purposes, the sicker, graphic and more painful…the better as the usual beheading like what the arabs do isn’t as effective a threat for a rival cartel who are as sick as they are.

      1. True..And by looking at this video the people beheaded didnt even make any attempts to ask for mericy.If captured by any of these people i dont think there is a way to escape.One has to accept his fate raise the chin to give way to the knife..

    2. And that is precisely why I prefer the Narco beheadings, those guys are amateurs compared to the arabs, hence it looks more brutal and I’m all for that brutality. I agree in the case of the arab/taliban/jihadists/fsa/sand niggers – call them what you will – that their victims were unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time but for the Narcos, I don’t have a drop of sympathy. They get in that game knowing what can happen so fuck their stupidity, they deserve what they get……well most of them anyway, there is that one vid of the CJNG killing those two guys that simply appeared to have bought their weed from the ‘wrong side’ – who knows eh. Just keep on killing and filming it for us all to see, maybe time for another chainsaw vid, live dismemberment this time (like the axe vid but clearer, yes?).

      1. Well, it’s better than having rap music stuck in your head. It has taken me nearly 30 years of living in this country (the U.S.) to mentally condition myself to ignore that shit when I hear it. So, I don’t mind me some camel croonin’.

  5. It’s a wonder they don’t get their skirts all bloody on the bottom. You know like when you go to a public restroom and your jeans are too long? So i guess they have really good laundry facilities, to keep their whites white?

    1. @thefloppysock- Well bare you neck and kneel before me. I need some blood for ‘experimental purposes’ anyways.

      I will make sure I go extra slow.

      Would you like to be cut in slices or whacked in chops?

      If you have a low threshold for pain I would recommend ‘chops’ as it might go quicker, but you won’t get that ‘oh so orgasmic’ sound you call GURGLED by going by my recommendation.

      If you want to go in slices, then the GURGLE will most definitely be present.

  6. The song is not catchy. In fact, it stinks. Does not have a good dance beat. I’m just not feeling it. But, these guys certainly DO have the tools and skills for alternative career choices such as working in a butcher shop or a slaughter house:)

      1. -off topic-
        troop, AOL keeps resending errors after I send out a email to you, Are you using a reptilian-base email?
        I have caught you in the ACT SIR!
        Are you Reptoid#44500 lurking in the caves under the pentagon??

        1. @ PALE RIDER,

          Yes, that may be true in today’s world of high tech weapon systems that could easily destroy a citadel in five minutes or less.

          But back in there day, they were extremely difficult to penetrate by the low tech armies of the times.

  7. The first guy seemed to put up a struggle more than the last two, i guess in their situations you would just freeze knowing that your head is about to come off..brutal!! The russian soldiers beheading is still the one that haunts me to this day, more than any other one’s..

    1. Jesus,

      Maybe because Oblama is an idiot?

      I just wish we would stop sticking our noses up other Arab countries dirty shorts. It’s starting to get really annoying. Let them Ragheads kill each other off while we sit back an watch the show would be my take.

      1. The U.S. has always stuck its pecker in other countries’ pussies. Its what we’re known for. Obama’s just doing what he’s told. Somebody’s got to clean up the mess that Bush left. If you had a choice of country to live in which would you choose? The government will always suck, what difference will it make to me. as long as i don’t have to wear a burka i’m good!

    1. @Ego,

      I’m not sure if you’er just joking or being even the slightest bit serious in your post but if you are being even just a bit serious then your wish could easily be granted.

      All you need to do is get a one way ticket to Packyland, make your way to Afganland and find your nearest Taliban representative. Tell him that his religion and laws are the shit of the earth and that you wish to be beheaded. I’m absolutely sure that the Taliban will accommodate your wish accordingly.

      Oh, and don’t forget to let the Taliban know that we here on Best Gore would like a high quality video of your happy ending so don’t forget to bring an excellent quality video cam with you on your last vacation here on earth.

      PS, if you were just joking, then disregard my mindless blabber above.

      1. Ugh, Boatdude… Your crazy outline for suicidal tourism suddenly made me realize that a self-inflicted gunshot to the head isn’t such a humiliating way to go! Unless you fail…then the joke’s on you! Seriously, though. Somebody willingly putting themselves in the position of getting beheaded by Islamic extremists… Yikes. Doing that would take a serious lack of Pride. For someone like me, anyway.

        Even though you’re replying to Ego’s comment, you just scared my imagination. Now I must mentally pet it like a frightened kitten to calm it down.

  8. Beheading videos always make me cringe. I turn the volume down too 😮

    I guess it’s a good thing their faces are covered and the other 2 didn’t watch to watch their pending fate. I can’t imagine!

    1. And on the other side of things…..I’m waiting for that perfectly focused, high resolution, clear as a bell, upclose in thier face clip. i need to see the pain and tension in thier face. I wanna see thier EYES DIALATE! Oooh i got goosebumps!8D

    1. they already do it all the time in GUANTANAMO as a part of the of the torture-demoralizing-softening up process to wich the military and CIA subjects the suspected akburs to obtain info from them.
      I think I read something about CIA interrogators forcing their already tamed akbur victims to piss and shit in buckets with a Quran book lodged at the bottom

  9. Question, not trying to start anything either just looking for y’all inputs. Do any of you think if GOD’s LAW was that of the land instead of man made laws, do any of you think it would deter crimes for the most part ? Just curious ! Like rapes, molestations, car jackings, raberies etc????

    1. no matter what laws are in place, you still would have deviations in the brain functions of humans. mental imbalances and disorders, that cause some to commit anything from moral crimes to violent crimes. we all are born with some level of sadistic nature.

  10. Actually, from a Converted American muslim woman’s prespective of the Sharia Law, There is only 3 things a woman can’t do, that a man can do. She cannot fast or pray during her period and she must only marry ONE muslim man, whereas a muslim man can marry up 2 4 wifes who can be chrisitan,muslim, or jew. It’s the american propaganda that makes the Sharia Law is harmful and the so called ” Taliban or Jihad” Actually exist. Don’t you think that people in Arab countries are looking at us and saying the same things about the bloods and crips or the war against drugs? People have their own opinions about how things go down in Arab countries, but you have to rememeber that 99% of this IS CULTURE! there is no where in the Sharia where it says to hit you wide, or kill your brethren,or suicide bombing. All is not allowed in the Sharia or the Quran! Osama Bin Laden was a horrible muslim and made EVERYONE in the world think differently about Muslims. American media had a field day making up some stupid shit like naming an extremist group such as the ” Jihad or Taliban” jihad means ” Stuggle within oneself” and “Taliban” can be referenced like a gang name. Yes their laws are a whole lot different than ours but you can’t say that there is anything wrong with that. Have a good day guys!

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