Three Young Men Beheaded by ISIS in Front of Transmission Tower in Wilayat al-Khayr, Syria

Three Young Men Beheaded by ISIS in Front of Transmission Tower in Wilayat al-Khayr, Syria

Titled “Descendants of Ibn Jubayr“, the newly released ISIS video features the beheading of three young men in front of a transmission tower in Wilayat al-Khayr, an Islamic State province encompassing the city of Deir ez-Zor in Syria.

All three beheaded men look young, but the second one seems to be only in his mid teens, or thereabout. He’s scared shitless, drools from his mouth and screams as the knife sinks into his throat.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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86 thoughts on “Three Young Men Beheaded by ISIS in Front of Transmission Tower in Wilayat al-Khayr, Syria”

    1. You’d think by now they would know their stupid head chopping videos aren’t getting them anywhere. They’re still stuck in the desert in their shitty ass clothes with their shitty ass music in the background. Jeez, spice it up a bit.

      How about beheading a goat while youre fucking it, now that’d be something to take notice of!

    2. I notice the lack of any kind of beard on the victims, and wonder if they are not Muslims, as Muslims almost always have them. Seems like a great many ISIS videos have them killing beardless men. No one seems to have heard anything from the Christian minority in Iraq for a awhile. I wonder if we are watching videos of ethnic cleansing.

      1. I have no idea about rifles but those boots may bought from China.

        Many of IS accessories, e.g. gloves, balaclavas, boots and some kind of vests are look similar to a Chinese-made products that I’ve seen in Taobao or Alibaba.

      2. American military gave it to isis , in fact American and Mossad Intelligence supplying all the arsenal to Isis. Via Turkish borders from an American Base in Incirlik/Turkey.! 30 thousand trucks convoy carrying weapons and ammos under so called medical supplies to syrian civilans were busted by a turkish prosecutor .. Don’t beleive me ?? Google it!! google the name CAN DUNDAR ARRESTED FOR LEAKING GOVERNMENT SECRETS!

    1. First , I am going need for you to Go to the U.S. Census Bureau, and look up the Definition of WHITE. go to IRS taxes, and look up the definition of white by the U.S. Government,,,, Definition is, Northern African, Middle Eastern, now ask yourself, are you white?

  1. So sad the sheeps still believing Isis act representing Islamic religion and faith.
    Wake up world, Isis is serving their Zionist master. Isis and AlQaeda is now at Israel’s borders yet they not attacking that country they claim as their main enemy.
    Isis also can peacefully using route in Bashar Assad stronghold to attack rebels position with Bashar’s regime support.
    Mark please clear this out. I thought you are natural and against the sick dirty games played by Zionist , Bashar , Isis, Iran , Russia and USA right now in Syria for years.

  2. Desire to see these unedited executions originally brought me to BG. Now I am used to it and just wondering how long the beheaded are conscious. The last one’s eyes were still fully open as they set it down on his back.

  3. Close-ups, slo-mo’s, multi-angle shots, music, a nice sound effect under the scream, great editing, crystal clear sound and vision. You can not ask for more. A top notch production as usual. Well done.

  4. God, at least these weren’t 20 minute long beheadings that were sloppy. Hate seeing those. The term “Sliced through it like a warm knife through butter” came to mind and now I’m just gonna sit back and re-evaluate my life some.

  5. They have to do those killings, they are just obeying orders from their masters, and the reason is that if they don’t, they will be raped so hard in their assholes, that’s for sure. Evil it’s above everyone, just obey now, and pay later in full, just wait for the time.

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