Tourist Enters Lion Enclosure to Inspect Poo, Lion Attacks and Drags Him

Tourist Enters Lion Enclosure to Inspect Poo, Lion Attacks and Drags Him

Tourist Enters Lion Enclosure to Inspect Poo, Lion Attacks and Drags Him

In South Africa, an older tourist was impressed by the sight of a lion pooping and decided to enter the beast’s enclosure to inspect the poop. The lion was pretty chill about the invader in his quarters, until the tourist triggered the cat’s hunting instinct by running.

The king of the jungle attacked the tourist, and dragged him into the woods by the neck, as a woman hysterically cried for somebody to help. I didn’t hear her yelling when the fucker began leaving the safe zone behind the fence and entering the animal’s realm because he thought it might make him look cool. I hope they shot the fucker, not the lion.

Props to Best Gore members @african-angel and @13lunt420media for the video:

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328 thoughts on “Tourist Enters Lion Enclosure to Inspect Poo, Lion Attacks and Drags Him”

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    1. Haha that cunt sniveling and crying is music to My ears. Whimpering and pleading for her false god to make it not so. Looked fat to Me.

      Fuckin a tear his fucking arm off and eat it, stupid fuck.

      Love you, Mark..

        1. The reason she was crying is one of the two main natures of women:
          1) Being assertive, entitled, and self-protective
          2) Not being able to hold your shit together when things go wrong.

          1. I rule out self-protective. It that was my dad – he’d never do that dumb shit anyway but – I’d probably cry too. No apologies. I don’t know what their relationship was but if it was family and a lion drug them away, yeah crying is acceptable.
            Women are just more emotional but honestly, almost 100% of times I cried, I was alone. So I wasn’t being entitled and nothing was falling apart either. I was sad about loss in my life. And if I was in public, I held it together until I was alone. I don’t want to be seen crying. It looks weak. @mrspock

      1. Should have ripped his fucking head off , that gorgeous beast had it’s freedom taken away by some rich prick who locked it in a pen for people to gawk at and then it dies for doing something that’s in its basic instincts … chase kill eat ? I hope the old cunt is traumatised for the rest of his life

        1. Goreman – Well, it’s the lioness who does the chasing and killing but I know what you mean. You can’t tame that kind of wild. It pisses me off. I’ll forever consider Tatiana the tigress in San Fran as the victim. Shoulda shot the assholes throwing shit at her. Still, you know she felt awesome that little while when she cleared that wall and attacked those bitches. A blaze of glory for the old girl. 😉

          1. Because she’s crying like a bitch instead of doing something. Go find help, go figure out a way to distract the lion, crying won’t save him. She was crying as if she’d just found out santa wasn’t real too.

          2. Right. I’d love to see how these tough keyboard guys would react seeing their mother being dragged away by a lion.

            Sure…. You’d stand tall like a “real man”


    1. Unfortunately the lion will not have a chance to do another poo, he is now dead. Stupid humans strike again and ‘destroyed the mighty beast in the wake of the grisly attack’. This is despite the fact the lion let go of the man and ran away, after a rifle was fired into the air. When will we ever learn?
      RIP Simba……

    1. Why so much hatred over the naivety of other people?
      So much badwill from most of the observers here, lol.
      Surely you’ve not done something naïve in your life that went unpunished?

      Lions are ultimately wild animals, and the keeper just forgot that. He went to inspect the poo for health reasons, he was just doing his job. And as he was probably known to the lion, he didn’t think it would attack him, but like I said, they are wild animals. No telling what they do next.

      1. Yes, but in this case, the Lion lost his life even though he did nothing wrong.
        I can assure you most of the people here have not caused someone’s death with their occassional naive behavior.

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            That person I was talking about was Uncle Dilf.
            I don’t believe he is under a different handle, unless he’s had a really big change of attitude. Probably just a lurker. It was definitely a he, his postings reeked of alpha male, lol.

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            I retired in 2015. My lips are sealed, for mental health reasons.

  1. In China, tiger parts and products are some of the most important ingredients in traditional medicine. Tiger feces have been used to treat boils, hemorrhoids, and alcoholism. That’s right would you like a cold beer or a nice cup of lion shit tea? Human feces aren’t left out, either, as they are used together with the licorice plant to make traditional medicine. China’s famous Ricola cough drops anyone?

    1. About 80 percent of Africans also employ traditional medicine for their health care. A lot of animal feces are applied for such treatments, including that of elephants, palm squirrels, chimpanzees, mongooses, lions, and cane rats. These animals’ feces are used for a lot of problems, such as gonorrhea, keloids, barrenness, and miscarriages as well as for spiritual strength and powers. Those niggers invented everything don’t you know.

  2. The old codger park owner definitely had a bad day. He turned his back on the lion and ran! I’m surprised ; one would think he raised the lion as a cub and it would think the man as family. Even if true,an animal is wild and its reflex action is to kill!!

    How strong are these lions!! I put that man at over six feet high,yet he was dragged like a rag doll!!! Wow.

    How did HERCULES Kill the Nemean Lion and bloody Androcles walked his lion around with a chain!

      1. Stew Pid is actually a south african dish, it consists of gazelle meat and vegetables and yam boiled for several hours over a camp log fire..Stew Pid pronounced stew peed

  3. But the use of feces as a weapon is not restricted to the tips of pointy sticks only. In 2009, Russian inventor Aleksandr Georgievich Semenov patented a weapon system that would allow soldiers inside an armored tank to literally shoot their feces at enemies. It enables soldiers in battle to defecate into an empty shell, into which explosives are then added. The shell can then be targeted at enemy combatants. Two things are achieved with this weapon of waste destruction: getting rid of the stinking feces and/or transferring that stink to your enemy. That has got to hurt physically and mentally. I thought only monkey threw shit at each other.

  4. Moron enters an area, fenced off for a REASON, then even more moronically, runs from a lion. You run from any wild animal, and you become food. Sorry, but I can’t shed tears for such stupidity. And get a gun? Fuck you. The lion was simply doing what lions do. As far as I’m concerned, the old man chose to end his life.

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  6. The motherfucker is a British national based in South Africa, Mike Hodge aged 67, who happens to be the owner of Marakele Predator Park in South Africa. He was mauled by a male lion in its enclosure for at least 90 seconds. He suffered neck injuries and was only saved after a shot was fired.

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      To conclude, hate the whites in Africa. It is as natural as hating the blacks in Europe.

  7. i dont like zoos at all, its not foolproof that they can escape either.. and this happens for our viewing satisfaction, but fuck zoos. actually zoos are cool.

  8. Come on BG. i just read that the old man was the owner of the lion park, and is recovering from head and neck wounds in the hospital. tourist sniffing lion shit?…….not so much.

    you guys can do better than that.

  9. This isn’t what it looks like. The Lion likes the man, he simply wanted the man to stay and play. That Lion was playing, if he wanted to eat him he would have mauled him worse than that.

  10. I hope that asshole who wants a rifle gets a rifle and puts the barrel in his own fucking mouth. Lion did nothing but be a lion. Stupid prick guy in there where he does not belong. That being said that was awesome footage. Drag that MF.

  11. Someone needs to shoot the “just in case” fuckboy and the crying-ass cunt. Gramp’s fault for doing something stupid.

    If you can’t shoot the cunt, and she looks halfway as decent as she sounds, unzip your pants and she’ll instinctively start blowing you until the ordeal is over.

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  12. For the narrative to this incident: You didn’t hear the woman scream when the dude entered the enclosure (only after he was in serious trouble) because if she screams, it just enrages/alerts the animal more as to the man’s wrongdoing and he would be even more likely to be attacked, other things equal.

  13. What you do is, take more idiots, take more lions, and finally take more cages and combine them all into a perfect way to dispose of said idiots.

    “As humans, we desperately need to inspect feline poop. Umm, it’s for the ‘studying’ that we do. Super important. For some reason, we just need this lion to be in this caged area, specifically for the inspection of the poop that’s laying around. What would we (humans) do as a species if we didn’t imprison apex predators to inspect their poop?”

  14. “Hey, I have a great idea! Let’s take a wild animal who only eats meat, put that animal in a cage, then wonder why that animal who only eats meat attacks our bodies of meat when we enter that cage we built for the cats. Then, if that’s not stupid enough, we then find a rifle and shoot that animal for doing exactly what we know it does – hunt and eat meat racks.”

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