Decapitated by Train

Decapitated by Train

You don’t mess with trains. Trains are bad ass, no mercy machines. When you get in the way of a train, shit will fly through the air and train will eventually spit you out looking like you went through a meat grinder. Funny how when you have a person run over by a train, more often than not they will have been decapitated. Somehow when a human ends up on railway trains, neck likes to save a warm spot for itself right on top of the shiny surface.

Not sure whether the dude stripped naked prior to laying on the tracks or whether he was accidentally in the way of the train and stripped afterwards by the mortician. His light colored pubes and chest hair draw too much attention. The way his head was decapitated along with large chunk of rib cage is creepy, but the red mark on his torso is not a cut (I think), just a really brutal bruise. Train did not pamper this dude.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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28 thoughts on “Decapitated by Train”

  1. .
    GREAT GOOGLY GORE. Now this is more like it.
    Wish they had more pics of dude.

    The guy WAS CLOTHED at time of death.
    You can tell this by the marks in his skin where the waist band to his underpants were. The tight fitting waist band made imprints and remained in place long enough after death for the skin to stiffen sufficiently which allowed the imprints to remain.

  2. No body in their right mind does this. Both my boss from my old work and my teacher killed themselves this way.
    I want to harden my heart and say they have done it by choice and tough titties.
    But it’s not like that when you have to go to their funeral and witness all the misery and loss. My heart goes out to this German dude’s family. I wish he had made the right choice by his family but I do not judge as I do not like to be judged.

  3. Abracadaver-

    Are you saying BOTH your old boss and teacher killed themselves by train? What are the chances. That’s just horrible. Death is one thing, but such a tragic and sudden suicide… I can’t imagine the pain the family goes through…

  4. Usagi, Abracadaver here with new screen name.
    Yes. BOTH of them chose to go that way and it gives me the chills to this day. Regardless, they both had personal and financial problems, and a long history of depression. It is horrifying when you think about it. My boss’s was a Catholic burial despite the suicide, which his family went through hell and back to obtain. To think the people I once knew ended up in bloody ribbons or a messy lump at best across the tracks really gutted me. Oh well, sorry to dump it like that
    BestGore did help me cope believe it or not, gore is a fact of life no matter how you look at it. It sucks, but it teaches.

  5. Wow, that must have been awful. There’s just not really much of a way to commit suicide elegently, especially by train. I’ve been suicidal before and I think this site has helped me too. I do not want to be found lookin’ like some of these people.

  6. Just going through the olds stuff. The train related deaths always surprise me that there aren’t more of mess.

    My great Uncle, a coward in my eyes wanted to get out of the army after he was conscripted. So he purposely put his hands on the track. Now he only has what look like lobster claws. Was always told when I was younger it was because he was chased after scrumping apples!

    He then had the cheek to turn round and say that I wouldn’t be able to hack it when I was joining up at sixteen. I love him to death but I’ll never respect him for that! He can’t even say it was because he was scared of going to war as we weren’t at war with anyone then!

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